Mellow acoustic/clean piece... [PTAB]


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12-26-2006, 11:48 PM
Hm. I must say, I am somewhat unsure of where to go with this now... I have a main lead down, and a few variations, now I want to do something else, but am not sure what to do...

12-26-2006, 11:55 PM
forget it and move on

12-26-2006, 11:57 PM
:rolleyes: O yeah, thank you for your positive comment. I actually want to do something with this, along the lines of finishing it.

12-27-2006, 12:26 AM
Hm... I'm not sure. It's quite dissonant.. seems kind of swirling and disjointed to me. I think you could build up the dissonance and keep building with more guitars and maybe some simplistic piano figures, and then finally resolve it with a nice, powerful chord progression.

Crit mine?

12-27-2006, 12:51 AM
I dunno, I'm coming up with stuff but its a lot slower than with my metal pieces....

12-27-2006, 02:04 AM sounds pretty off. I'd say scrap it, and start over...i like the kind of theme you're going for, but those notes don't fit well...

Try for actual chords? That'll always work, instead of the whole random-open-note thing. And if not, if you want to keep it all open, i suggest an alternate tuning? Drop D/C won't really cut it, i mean like Open G or something.

Crit mine, if you'd like? :)