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sixteen times
01-11-2007, 09:25 AM
As I'm sure your all aware, Bloc Party's new unreleased album, "A Weekend in the City", has been leaked onto the internet, although aparantley not in it's finished, fine-tuned, set-to-release form. (Release date : 5th Feb.)

I, for one love it. It has gone in a more electronic, edgier sound, whilst still keeping the Bloc Party sound that was defined on Silent Alarm.

Now, any real fans I'm sure will know about Silent Alarm Remixed, which I think I love even more than Silent Alarm itself.

Question is, do you think there will be A Weekend in the City Remixed? Of course there will be bootleg mixes and the like, but I mean a full, remixed re-release of the original. I certainly hope so.

BTW: For those who have heard A Weekend in the City, what do you think of it and how do you think it compares to Silent Alarm?

EDIT: Don't worry, as a true fan of the Bloc and having followed them all the way from their Union days, I WILL be buying this album when it is released as I think they thoroughly deserve whatever cut they are getting of my 9.99.

P.S. Yeah, I know there's already a Bloc Party thread, but "omg do you like, like Bloc Party?" and a misspelt title made me think I may as well make my own with slightly higher aspirations and actually a point to it.