Please dont ask... (GP5 + MIDI)


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02-07-2007, 10:21 AM
i dont know where when or why i wrote this but i did and its one of the strangest combination of genres ive ever heard. :confused: :D

Edit: I changed the song a little bit and added a solo...i think its finished :D
Edit: I actually hate the second solo thing so ill be changing that soon ;)

02-07-2007, 10:38 AM
wow :eek:

02-07-2007, 10:42 AM
sounds amazing.

02-07-2007, 04:45 PM
What elaborate comments! But seriously thanks for the replies.

02-07-2007, 08:40 PM
Umm holy shit that was amazing. the intro was extremely well done and the guitar and choir ahs sounded great with the piano. then when the song really kicked in the piano gave the guitar great harmoney and ballance.

The only thing i could think that would make this song any better is give it a defined solo. something melodic and mellow but still technical. add that and wow you would have one of the best songs on UGs forums

02-07-2007, 09:28 PM
wow i really didnt even like it much at first but apparently its worth it to record...

thanks again for the replies :D

02-08-2007, 02:59 AM
well there isn't much to critique on. maybe make it less repetitive (measures 43-56). but i still love it as is. very nice use of the piano. drums were great, nothing to say there.
a second solo might also be awesome, over on of the piano parts (measures 61-72), a smooth solo and maybe some (quiet) harmony to go with that.