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05-16-2007, 08:55 PM
Here goes another one........
I started it one week ago and finished it today (I added those strings, that although weird, they don't sound as bad as I expected).
I made the bassline, then the guitar part, then the drums and then I kind of improvised the breakdown part, I will improve it later.
I think I messed things up at the bridge, but it doesn't sound too bad in my opinion.
Some parts don't sound very good, I think I have to check them later.


05-16-2007, 09:36 PM
To be honest with you man, this is actually the first song of yours I kind of enjoyed. The chorus was the best part, but I think you should have done some different note rhythm w/ the dead notes. The part after the first chorus was really bad w/ the off-key notes. There were actually quite a lot of off-key notes throughout. Dude, before you write any more songs, take a while to learn some scales and chords and stuff. If you learn scales, it'll help you a lot with your song writing. If you don't take the tie to do that, you'll have a hard time progressing musically with your songs. If you just write what you think sounds good, and there is a note that doesn't sound right, having that knowledge of scales will help you to fix it. Just take the time to learn them and instead of writing a new song every day that's mediocre, you could take a month to write an amazing one. Not trying to put you down or anything man, I'm just giving you my opinion on how you could improve. Good luck bro! :peace:

05-16-2007, 09:55 PM
^Thanks for the crit!
I'm learning scales and keys and chords little by little (generally using Internet, cause all of my friends don't know anything about theory and in my lessons I don't learn theory for now) and its kind of difficult to understand, and as it is in English (and as its in ASCII and charts and that hard to understand stuff) then trying to understand new concepts is quite hard, but I get use to it with time :) ....