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05-16-2007, 09:48 PM
sorry if i sound like a complete n00b or whatever, (which i really am when it comes to this stuff), but i have no idea what i need to get good recordings down for my band. we have 2 guitarists (acoustic and electric), bass, drums, and keyboards.
i was wondering what sort of stuff i need to buy to make my own demo... i've been looking at digital recorders, mixers, mics, everything, but i'm not sure what all i'll be needing.
i don't want to spend a thousand dollars or anything, but i want decent recordings for once (rather than a video camera on top of a trash can....which is what we actually did).

any help in this category would be greatly appreciated.

05-17-2007, 05:21 PM
First you'll need something to record onto, but I think thats more of a personal preferance. Either anologue (tape) or digital (computer). This will also depend on where the bulk of your money goes.

Another big part of the cash needs to be spent on a decent mixer, especially if you're recording to tape or a computer program that doesn't have one built-in. You'll need at least 8 channels. Alternatively, if you get a Mac and Logic you'll could use a pre-amp instead.

OK, in terms of microphones you really need some good quality drum mics that should come in a pack of eight. These will go on all of the drums and two will be placed further away as room mics. Then you'll need a good dynamic microphone for recording amps etc... I recommend Shure SM58s. Finally, you will need a good vocal microphone. Look at Rode or AKG mics depending on your vocal style. (As extras, you'll also need XLR leads, mic stands etc and a pop shield for vocals)

I may have missed stuff... But I hope that helps

05-17-2007, 05:33 PM
Alternately, and somewhat on the cheap side, you could the following:

Buy a decent mic from your local shop - even get one from RadioShack (Shure actually makes 'em, but they've got the RS logo instead)
Download Audacity ( and Hydrogen ( Have your drummer put his parts together in Hydrogen
Record the guitars, bass and vocals (using the mic and Audacity) in sync with the synth drums
Go back and record live drums, using these to replace the synth drums in the mix
Equalize, mix and render as WAV
Once you have a handful of songs done, burn a CD

Using this method, you've spent less than $100, and you've got a fairly decent demo, which you can use to advertise your band with.


05-17-2007, 05:34 PM
this really is more of a topic for riffs and recording. i will say this though, spend some money on good condenser mics and i recommend pc based recording. i have spent about
$150 - instrument input device
$250 - 1 phantom powered condenser mic and 1 shure sm 57

i will be using fruity loops for drums and samples but for live drums you will also need additional mics, i think guitar center has a kit for drum mic'ing for $300 ish also you need a good mixer 8 channel for drums, these are generally another $250 + (and i don't know that i would trust a $250 8 channel mixer)

check your local pawn shops for mixers you might be able to get a good deal

05-19-2007, 09:40 PM
alright, thanks a bunch guys!