Latest Clean/Heavy Guitar Riff. 4 Riffs inside! Crit 4 Crit (GP5,GP4,MIDI)


View Full Version : Latest Clean/Heavy Guitar Riff. 4 Riffs inside! Crit 4 Crit (GP5,GP4,MIDI)

05-18-2007, 06:55 PM
Alright this one has 4 riffs inside. I think they work well together but i could use UG's opinion. Please rate it out of 10(each riff or the whole thing).

Please post a link to the stuff you want me to crit.


EDIT: only midi now. btw this is a really, really rough version and it only has 3 riffs

05-18-2007, 10:59 PM
I don't know why you just didn't turn the time signature into 4/4 divided in two
measures,......maybe there's some reason behind it?

First riff-It sounds very good, and I liked it a lot,it has an evil fell ......8.5/10
Second riff-I liked it, it has good timing, but its kind of too slow, and it sounds kind of familiar......8.7/10
Third riff-I liked the chords, but some dead notes sounded kind of weird, but it was good too.......8/10
Fourth riff-The riff itself sounds very good, until it is repeated, cause I also think the timing at the end of each riff is not well done, well, I think there is some 32th note or something at the end of the riff that doesn't make it sounds as it should be, so if you fix that, its all set..........8.2/10

The timing of GP was very weird indeed, and I was just going to rate your riffs 4/10 and such :haha

As for the whole thing, I would say that between riff 1 and 2 it flows nicely, between 3 and 4 too, but it doesn't flow very well from 2 to 3, or that's what I think.....

Anyway, I have a question,........what do you end up doing with these riffs you make? cause I haven't seen real songs from you over here.....or at least I never heard one....

05-18-2007, 11:42 PM
Hmm... The riffs themselves sound good for the most part, but it didn't seem to flow very well.

0:00-0:19ish, sounded pretty good, but the transition to the next part was a bit muddy. Sounds like theres an extra note or two thats out of place.

0:21-0:33ish, This would probably sound a lot better with another something going on in the back, making sense of it a bit. Its got a great build-up feel, but feels a bit unfinished.

0:35-onwards-I dont like that hanging note that begins the riff. The rest seems a little plain to me. Maybe a variation on the repeat would make it a little better.

Anyways, keep up the soft stuff. (And maybe give my song ( a little listen when you have a spare moment?

05-19-2007, 10:52 PM
Alright man, I imported the midi to give you a more detailed bar by bar crit, so I hope you don't mind

The first riff sounds pretty good nothing really to complain about there.

The next riff is too slow in my opinion, I think you should speed it up, and the chords sound a little weird, but it sounds original, which is a good thing. In bar 6 I think you should have the chord be a quarter note, then add some notes leading up to the little downstroked arpeggio. Other then that it's good.

The distortion riff sounded off-key to me w/ the note on the 6th fret on the g string. I think you should change it to the 5th, because it sounds bad when it goes out of key. If you changed to acoustic guitar, I think it'd sound pretty good to, insatead of distortion.

Dude, you have written all of these riffs and I'm suprised you haven't written a song yet. You should make a song instead of all these ideas, cause when I get going in a song, I make stuff up as I go, and that's usually the stuff that sounds the best. So just write a song man, I'd like to hear one from you, because your riffs are good.

As just a few riffs, I'd rate this a 7.5/10, but you could improve on it man, just those places I mentioned, and add on to it. It's all just my opinion though, so you may think otherwise. Good luck man! :peace: