Two songs! Trash+hard rock


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05-21-2007, 10:22 AM
And another songs from me. :) But this time they aren't finished, i wanted to know what do you think about them first. :)
Trash song - inspired by the Kill' em all album by Metallica. I think i got the right mood in this song. But it lacks the first solo and i think i will change the second solo and make it longer, because i'm not happy with the one i've made.
Hard rock - hmm... quite "happy" riff, i think. I've only made 3 riffs for now. Tell me, if it's worth to write the whole song. :D

Two gp5 files in the .zip file. ;)

Please crit!

Oh, and if you have Rse, in both songs set the rhytm guitar to metal-james, lead to metal kirk, acoustic drums, and default sting bass!