Random rock piece.. [GP5, MIDI]


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05-26-2007, 07:07 PM
just a random thing i did when i was bored, i started drums, but cant really think anymore, so I'll finish it latter. I wouldnt say its even a full song, just like a interlude thingy

05-27-2007, 06:04 AM
Hey man, it sounds really nice! The intro is really good, i enjoyed it. But to make it sound even better, after bar 12, you should add fast drums and the 2nd guitar playing something like this:

Of course with changin the chords. :)
Chek it, imo it would sound better.
Okay, bar 26 seems to be okay, but try change those high notes to normal power chords. I like the delay that enters later. Sound great. :) But change one note in the bar 29 from 16 to 15. Those pianos playing later are ok. The only thing that i didn't like, was the outro. Seems to be too long.

Overall, nice. :) You setted the RSE very good.

Crit mine? Trash+hard rock in sig :D

05-28-2007, 08:45 PM
that sounds great
i especially liked the whole outro part although it was a bit lengthy
If you added a heavy part after that with amazing drums you'd have a hell of a song (one step up from an interlude, i guess)

crit please?:)