[GP4,5, Midi] Uncatogorized Lively Short Happy Instrumental


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05-30-2007, 02:08 PM
Stupid title, but I don't come up with anything word-wise very well. This is just a happy little solo (think it's too short to be a song). It's fun to write lively stuff (especially drums for some reason, even though I'm no drummer).

05-30-2007, 04:27 PM
I liked that harmonic at the beggining.....
Well....I liked bars 2-5, and specially 13-15
I really liked this......sounds kind of happy....I think it sounds kind of like a Power Rangers theme or something , but that's not bad :p:
You should make this a full song....and make more parts for it...
I liked the drums too....I don't know if they are happy or not (it kind of hard to tell really) but add a nice touch to it.
Maybe my only complaint would be that at times the continuity kind of was lost....but barely really...
8/10 :)

Wanna crit mine ? (the last one in my sig if you can :) )

06-01-2007, 06:36 PM
Updated. Added a new section and improved some parts.

06-01-2007, 07:22 PM
That was pretty tight. I'm not too great with solos, but I liked that. All you need to do now is build an actual song around it.

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