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06-13-2007, 06:44 AM
Hi, in here everyone can share their worst experiences on stage .... mine was when i was playing Metallica - one , ( i was paying in my school) , then a teacher that was in charge of the sound ..... sadly..... pulled the CABLE OF MY GUITAR...then after i saw everyone was staring at me ,because i had a battery in my distortion pedal , when i was switching between clean to distortion .....i had no sound , because of a TEACHER so i was hammering with my foot on the pedal very nervous until i noticed that it wasnt worth it , and that teatcher said ęit's time to go homeĽ because he didnt like metal ....



Feel free to share....


06-13-2007, 06:47 AM
well, playing metallica... wow. originality!
But yes, the teacher was an ass.

06-13-2007, 06:55 AM
I would've embarassed the teacher in front of the audience somehow

06-13-2007, 06:56 AM
Originals pwn n00b got a problem?

06-13-2007, 07:02 AM
I had to play in a school band... I was drumming cos the guitar was too boring and ended up drowning out everyone else... Maybe not too shocking but the teacher was pretty angry at me. I haven't done many gigs

06-13-2007, 07:47 AM
my worst gig experience... i was playing pearl jam's "last kiss" on our school with my band... everything went wrong... our vocalist is hyperacidic and it stroke him at the exact time as the song, the drummer, although he is awesome, did not know the beat, the rythm guitarist did not strum his guitar, only me and the lead guitarist sounded straight... maybe not me, coz i can't hear my goddamn bass amp... so only the lead guitarist sounded well... people just laughed at us... but that gig gave me lots of experience on how to set up a stage...

06-13-2007, 09:38 AM
i was playing a show at my school once and my band was super unprepared.... guitars wer going out of tune right beofre we went on ... last minute changes.... we jsut werent ready but we went on anyway.... well as we were out there playing shout att he devil... easy but fun song,..... my guitar strap cums right off!.... but luckuly there was an amp that i could use.. but holy **** that spooked me... the gig was pretty ****ty and we couldnt paly after that cus it threw everything off,....

so i bought strap locks and am never going back!

06-13-2007, 04:53 PM
in my old band, we had one gig where halfway through our first song, my cab stopped working, and for 20 minutes we worked on fixing it. finnally chris from ASIS was just like, look use my rig, so we completly switched everything, guitar, cables, head, cab. everything. and nothing. it still wouldn't work!!! so we tried switching back to my original setup and it worked was the weirdest thing. we had time for one more song and rocked the joint though with our last song. still don't know what happend. strange.

06-13-2007, 05:59 PM
My worst gig was when the sound engineer decided to take control over my amp and levelled all my settings insisting he'd control it from the sound desk. I had no monitor and I couldn't hear my guitar at all on stage. It wasn't a good gig at all

06-13-2007, 07:19 PM
A few years ago, I answered an ad for an originals band (that shall remain nameless, probably forever... :D ).

They gave me their promo pack and a copy of the CD. Pretty professional, one guy said he had been friends with Cinderella back in the day, and one guy had done a stint with Foghat (you always take this stuff with a grain of salt ).

I told them I would check out the CD and see if it was something I could get into enough to commit to. I also agreed to check out their next gig the upcoming Saturday night to check the vibe. I thought, this is cool, I'll get to really see what this is going to be like before making a commitment.

I get home and check this promo pack out. Pretty good quality photos, although one photo is captioned with something pretty obscene and this does not go over with the overly jealous wife I had at the time, nor me for that matter. It just wasn't very professional. Later I found out that the band thought this stupid, disgusting caption was quite clever. :rolleyes:

I could only imagine what this was going to be like.

So I take the CD and learn it over the next couple of days. The stuff was like retro, but definitely hard rock. Alot of it is standard quality, but a couple of songs are really good and I come up with entertaining basslines I'm pretty proud of that fit within the tune.

Because the bass was barely audible in the mix anyway. I figured I had some creative license.

I show up to the gig to see them play. They tell me their bass player is out of town and I gotta play the gig.

I'm ambushed, and I'm sure this has been planned the whole time.

Well I knew the tunes, I like to be prepared. Plus none of it was very hard. So okay, the place is a dive and there aren't too many people there and the songs are original so if I screwed up no one would really notice except the band and they weren't in a position to be too hard on me :) . Like I said the stuff was pretty easy anyway.

The gig goes pretty well, band is pretty tight, they like the stuff I've added and subtracted to the basslines. They want me to join permanently. They've got 2 more gigs coming up in the next week. The first is in a pool hall, the second is a third round in a Battle of the Bands on a Sunday.

I tell them I will help them through these gigs and do rehearsals as necessary for the week but beyond that I'm not making any promises. They agree and schedule a rehearsal a couple of days later.

It is at this rehearsal that I see that I'm going to spend the next week with reckless morons.

One guitarist is has been so strung out on something that he just looks at you like a hound dog on its last leg. The front man and the other guitar player (Mr. Foghat) are ready to kill/maim/whupass this guy. There are several verbal exchanges, and then a black eye is given and duly recieved. Meanwhile, I'm desperately trying to keep me and my 1973 Azure-glo Rickenbacker 4001 out of the battle zone that encompasses the tiny rehearsal room.

I guess I should have quit right there. Heck, they didn't even pay me for the first gig.

Nope, 2 gigs to go.

2nd gig at the pool hall.

We have two bands open for us (surely you jest :haha ).

One is a band of young guys who do pretty well. Place is pretty full. 2nd band plays, phenomenal bass player, very cool.

Over the three hours these guys have been playing, the rest of the band has imbibed quite a few beers. I've had only my normal limit of 2.

Mr. Foghat has decided he must have greater amplification for his instrument and so he adds another half stack from the opening act and now he has a full stack, and I find that I must stand next to this monstrosity --- less than a feet away.

Guitar players :rolleyes: .

Somewhere up north (where these guys were all from) it was decided long ago the "headliner" must be louder than everyone that has opened. No, not louder....LOOOOOUUUUUDERRRRRR! To hear myself, less than two feet from my 4x10, I had to have my Hartke 3500 running at 8 or 9.

Yes, I was squashed and could move very little.

I watched the place literally empty itself before the first song was over.

For all you guys just getting started, this is a bad thing :D .

A terrible, embarrassing, sloppy, sophomoric, and EXTREMELY LOUD performance.

Again, I was not paid.

Okay only the Battle of the Bands to go....would I survive? Did I care?

Sunday night couldn't come fast enough. Keep in my, all this time these friggin' morons are hounding me to join permanently. And the former wife....well she's giving me hell at home sure that I'm cheating on her out there in the world of rock and roll.

Another thing for the new guys, bring your girlfriends to your gigs, it will help especially if they're the jealous type. Even if your in band full of morons.

Okay, on to Sunday's Battle of the Bands :headbang:

I arrive seperately, promptly at 6. Ready to load in, play three tunes, load out and hasta la vista baby see you never. I urgently lobby these guys to play early, I have to be at work early in the morning and this venue we're playing at is over an hour's drive home for me. I did a favor for you guys by dealing with all this crap all week, do something for me.

Nope. We're scheduled for 12am, midnight. Voluntarily. Scum.

I spend the next 6 hours or so trying to snooze in my car....they spend the next six hours drinking in the club.

Somehow it's midnight and were loading on to the stage. A soundcheck quick! Ride the E for the sound guy to get the house level for my bass. Again, I'm somehow jammed in between a crash cymbal stand, the now exceedingly drunk strung out guitarist's amp. And he himself? His head stock pointed directly at the body of my precious 4001, always less than a foot away.

We're on!

The drummer has lost all sense of time, he's drunk. I struggle to find his groove. Finally give up because his kick just keeps changing.

First song is over. Almost there.

Mr. Foghat, also very drunk, decides to play the opening riff to "Slow Ride". Over, and, over, and, over.

What the hell?! WTF?!

I wait patiently while this goes on for far too have a limited time in a battle situation.

2nd song. Again the drummer seems to have forgotten the song, and a Les Paul head stock smashes into my Ric. Now, I want to kill the strungout drunk hound dog.

We make it through. Over done with.

Let's, get, the, hell, out, of, there.

Outside the venue with the gear, I'm waiting for an extra hand with my 100lb 4x10 cab. This chick comes up to me and asks me to sign a copy of these bozos' CD.

I gave my first and only autograph. :rolleyes:

The front man helps me with the cab to the car, we have my head perched atop as we walked throught the parking lot. He's pushing hard for me to join permanently....I'd rather join Culture Club.

And over goes my head onto the parking lot, thank god it was in its shipping box.

Get a road case you young guys.

And if the band that wants you to join seem like morons....they probably are!


06-14-2007, 03:23 AM
The worst experience I had was a few years ago when a newly formed band of mine had this huge appearance booked at a Sam Goody Music store. It was in the middle of Christmas season, so it was set to be packed. We had a habit of practicing our stage routine before gigs to get pumped up. During the practice, I accidently dropped my MIDI controller and it broke. I tried another MIDI controller, but I was new to MIDI interfacing and couldn't get it to work with Reason. So the show must go on.... I ended up playing on an old skool DX-7 the entire time. The show actually didn't go that bad, however one of the band members from the band we invited to play with us asked me DURING THE SHOW "Are you almost done?" Rude huh? See what Dutch Apples has to deal with?

06-14-2007, 04:32 AM
I was playing some gig a couple of years ago and the marshall I had at the time blew all of its power tubes mid song, as it turns it was because of the power being supplied to my amp (and the PA and most of the other stuff) was being supplied by a crappy generator (apparently to save money as the price of fossil fuels hadn't skyrocketed yet) which decided to surge, of course had I known about the situation before hand I would have used a surge protector but of course the venue neglected to tell me, after hooking up to a backup SS head I had we continued playing until an arc of electricity shot out from my bassists vocal mic and knocked him unconscious. Remember kids, never, ever plug your equipment directly into the outlets at a small venue, always use an industrial grade surge protector.

06-14-2007, 06:23 PM
The band I "manage" - 2 Jars and a Lid - had a gig last weekend. They had a two hour slot at a graduation party. Everyone was their with their mom and their girlfriend, and five songs in . . . . the singer's voice went out.

It was horrible.

Then, some other guys stepped in to sing one or two songs at a time, to help fill in the gaps. I got to go last, playing bass on a half dozen songs and singing on "Lonely Train."

It was awesome.

A situation is only as bad as what you can make of it. Although getting unplugged would cause me to kick somebody directly in the nuts. Getting electrocuted - well, that's just a photo op amongst the guys I jam with.


mr moustache
06-19-2007, 04:33 PM
hmmm. last year at the school talent show: we are all set to go last, playing sweet child o mine. so before any of the other acts had started, i had tuned the guitar. it was an epiphone sheraton, that the music teacher at my school owned. reallly really nice guitar, unbelievable sound.

but: he had restrung it over the weekend (we were playing on a wednesday)

we get up onstage to play the song. and i go into the opening riff, and something sounds off. i thought, i must be playing it wrong, so i looked down and concentrated on my fingers, same thing. it sounded awful. we finish the intro, go into the verse, then chorus and then the little guitar solo right after the chorus. that is when i realize that the g string is like a whole step flat. so i walk over to the bassist, and say my guitars way out of tune, what should i do? she tells me to tune it.

i unplug, and run over to the electric tuner thati had left somewhere onstage. this was before i could tune by ear. so i start tuning. suddenly the rythym guitarist is yelling something at me. it sounds like hes saying "your sitting on my amp!" and im like, "yeah im sitting on your amp" (because i was). i didnt think that it would cause him any trouble. so i sort of retune and plug back in and all, and we finish the song, with my guitar being only slightly out of tune.

after, we get offstage and the rythym guitarist tells me that he was yelling that i was sitting on his chord, and it had cut his sound, because i had accidently pulled it out of the jack in the amp. so he didnt have any sound either.

it was a pretty bad show.

06-22-2007, 04:25 AM
i was playing a gig at this guys birthday's party, and hes in a band with all of us go up on the stage, and when we start to play smells like teen spirit(i had been playing for only3 monthes dont judge me!) he tells me he wants to play the solo because its hes B-day(i usually play the solos).so we get to the solo, and hes like ****ing it up!he just does everything on the wrong notes, goes out of tune, not in the rythem


Ghost Sky
06-23-2007, 03:24 PM
So, back when I was in my first band (in high school) we were all set to play our friend's big weekly party. So, we get all set up and whatnot and we play our usual set of original songs and deftones covers. The guitarist, who had recently hooked up with this extremely annoying girl from our school, had decided to invite her and her extremly annoying dad to our show. Under normal circumstances, this is fine because parents usually bailed 3 songs into our set anyway. :D Not this guy. Mr. Extremly Annoying gets EXTREMELY drunk (yeah, a 50 year old guy hanging out with teenagers...) and starts yelling at us to "PLAY SOME SKYNERD!!!" At which point, I tell him in no uncertain terms to "f*ck off"... This guy grabs my mic (the cord was wrapped around my hand still, so my hand went with it) and starts screaming "WHOO! HOUND DOG MOTHERF**KER!!!"...

Not my best moment.

Anyway, the guy whose party it was ends up having this dude escorted out of the place...

06-23-2007, 08:15 PM
Mine was the last gig we played...(WARNING: LONG POST)

My bands old singer invited my band to play at his birthday party with his band and another band. Our 3 bands always play together and we enjoy the other band (not so much my ex-singers band.)

We find out that my drummer joined my ex-singers band because my band dosen't play metal. OK, fine he still comes to our practices so its cool.

Its the day of the show and they told me to get there at 4 or 5 I think. I get there and I'm the first one. My old singers band was there before so they had the stage set and were practicing. Now, keep in mind were playing at the kids house. He is f***ing loaded so hes in the richest neighborhood around.

I took a seat in some chairs they set out on the grass to listen. First, the band sucks. The kid cant sing for his life (thats why we kicked him out) or play guitar. So hes doing some song where hes screaming and soloing. I also must add that all the amps are set to 10 and the drummer (who is very good) can't be heard.

Let me do the math for some of you. Million dollar area + 3 amps set to 10 * horrible band = pissed rich people.

So the kids mom comes out saying people are complaining. OK, turn off the amps go in and eat food. Fast froward to the actual party/ show.

One of the teachers in my school is in a band and came to the show. We did not know this. Before finding this out our line up was, My band, ex singers band, and the other band. As soon as the teacher comes the ex has to change the lineup so that his band goes first. Since the kid is a spoiled brat we just let him go first so no one fights.

OK, time for the bands to play. Before the first band went on I set all the amps to a good level. Were playing outside at like 9 so people are resting inside their homes at that time. So the amps are set to a loud but calm level. Band gets on, do a quick check of the sound. The ex gets PISSED at me for changing the levels of the amps. He starts yelling at me for 20 mins about it. Then turns the amps BACK up to 10 then they play.

By the time they are done...hour long set because every time they start a song the "singer" got mad about something and they had to start over. So do that math i did before and add in that its 10 at night with non stop as loud as it can go and s**t music.

My band gets on and we turn the amps back down. OK were good. We start playing and 3 seconds into the first song (Grab the Devil By The Horns- Sum 41) the ex singer comes on stage and starts turning the PA and amps down to like 2 saying it was too loud. Before he did that it was loud enough to hear on stage, now me, guitarist, and singer are standing in a circle trying to hear the amps over the drum. THEN (as if it could get worse) the ex singer comes into our little "hippy circle" we made around one speaker to hear the music and YELLS into a mic he turned up to 10 that he wants to sing the chorus to one of our songs (were still playing when hes doing this by the way.)

We told him no and the kid goes CRAZY. He turns off my amp, kicks the leads amp. Knocks down his OWN Gibson SG so it breaks a string and chips a bit of paint. His parents are just watching this all happen and not trying to calm him it at all. After his tamper tantrum we all just kinda stood there and my drummer counted us off and we finished the set. Got off, packed our stuff, drank the monster he bought for the bands, and left. Were not playing anything else with him or at his house again. Turns out the cops were at the house after we left because of the noise.

So yeah, anyone think they can beat that?

Oh and by the way, I invited my girlfriend to this to see my band for the first time. Wounder what she thinks of us...

06-23-2007, 11:20 PM
My worst gig? Probably a few months ago.

My ex band was playing at a local club. We did alot of metal/hardocre stuff. Well our singer comes drunker then ****. (We're 15/16/17 BTW) and hes all like babbling. So instantly we know he cant sing, and worse, he passes out. So I get on stage and tell the audience "Hey our singer cant sing, and we need someone who's good and knows our songs."

So this kid, about 14 comes up, and we get alittle skeptical, but hey, we give it a shot.

So we get on stage, warm up, then we jump into the opening riff of our song "Dance With The Devil." At this point, our singer comes out, and is screaming. He's tripping all over the place, and then he knocks over our rythmn guitarist's marshall stack. It falls, and breaks.

Lets just say, the guitarist beat the **** out of him.

We ended the gig there. Apologised, and latter hired the 14 year old as our singer, after finding out he was great.

06-24-2007, 10:12 AM
We played a charity gig with a couple of bands we knew, they were all quite light, and the metal-loving audience is just standing there for most of their stuff.

So, my band gets pretty confident, we had pretty much tore up a gig the month before in front of a new audience, so we think that this could be another good one.

However, halfway through our second song my 300 watt Ashdown bass combo decides to blow. Because I play with an active bass, the first thing we assumed was that it was my bass, as my amp was only at 1/2, 3/4 volume.

So, I get given the bass of one of the other bands, and no sound, so eventually we change the amp to some crappy 120 watt number which can't be heard at all. No drama though, let's just make sure we stay air-tight for the rest of the set...

No. On one of our originals, our drummer completely forgets the order of the song and adds in chorus and verse riffs all over the place. We look a shambles, me and the guitarists are desperately trying to cobble something together over the top of his rapidly-changing beats.

Surely there's no room to go wrong in our self-titled song, which is literally one riff being shredded over by our two guitarists? Oh yes it can. The song kicks in and they both just stand there, looking at each other. It seems that neither is going to start playing, so I yell "bass solo" to them and start razzling away. I give one of our guitarists a nod for him to begin his solo as I finish it off, and he just stands there. They've both now got their heads down, and are just playing the riff over and over...With horror, I turn to our drummer and signal for him to finish the song. Which he does, thankfully.

Okay, last song, it's another original, with a big rock out ending finished with a drum solo. The song thrashes through nicely, however it's when we are playing the last riff of the song, when it goes wrong AGAIN. Our drummer is meant to start his solo after four repetitions, and after the eighth or ninth he's still sitting there, happily tapping away on his drumbeat. Eventually it takes the whole band turning round and shouting at him for him to start, and this is after we've been playing the riff through about twenty times.

There was a high point though, as the guitarists and I decided we would play a cover of Foxy Lady to end our set in a more dignified manner, and our drummer comes back on to give a good improv performance on the kit. I'm kneeling down trying to hear myself play halfway through, and fall onto my back. The crowd responded well to me lying on the floor looking at them upside down, and the cover goes very nicely.

So, complete loss of face averted, but one of the guitarists and I left the band soon after.

06-25-2007, 03:25 AM
I'm in a band with me(lead guitar), rhythm guitar/vocals, bass and drums. keep in mind we've only been together about 3 months, the bassist is a joke and the rhythm guitarist thinks he is way better than he is cuz his parents buy him whatevetr the hall he wants.

We were playing our first (and only so far) gig at some sort of a junior high graduation party taht some trust fund kids decided to throw. We were playing four covers: Woman, Sunshine of your Love, Voodoo Child, and White Room, in that order.

Woman went very well although the singer had to use the DJs mic (which was the original plan, seeing as we suck) after that cuz the PA system that HE(and only he cuz we knew we wouldn't need it) bought was a POS. as it turned out, this mic didn't fit into his mic stand, so we recruited one of my friends to hold it, that's right, HOLD IT, during the song, which wasn't a big deal because he at least took some attention off the "singer."

We then went into Voodoo Child, which went great because I played that song myself and the "singer" just "sang" (he was drastically off). After that, he had a problem with his wah pedal, so I played the intro to little wing during the break. that was great as well.

Sunshine of your love followed this, thus starting the downward spiral. WE played great at the start but the "singer" lost the riff in the middle of the solo and continually messed up until the end of the song, when his guitar started to feedback wildly after he played an extra measure.

Then we were about to play white room when the "singer"(f*ck it, let's call him "Mike") completely lost his Wah pedal, obviously rendering that song pointless (since i needed mine as well, i couldn't lend it to him). He then got all pissy cuz trhat was the only song where he played a solo (if it qualifies as that), and we were forced to cut it. I thought that's it we are officially fooked but...

that kid who was holding the mic told me to play any song that i knew really well and that at least the drummer could figure out too. I then played Hey Joe by myself until the drummer (who is actually really good) caught on. then he started improvising a song to this one girl who was really upset cuz she was going to boarding school and would most likely never see us again. that saved it a bit for mike and the bassist (who had no idea what was happening the entire time :D). though the drummer and i did good and got a crapload of compliments afterwards, it sucked and i would kill mike if he wasn't one of my best friends... :wtf:

all in all it could have gone worse (in fact, compared to some of the other stories in here, it was great :rolleyes: )but we DEFINITELY need a bloody singer

06-25-2007, 05:24 PM
Hmm, well we havenít really had too many bad experiences. The worst would be back when the band was full of twelve year olds and we played one song at a *shudder* school trip disco, which consisted of four chords and the most basic drum beat youíll ever encounter.

But Iím not counting that because we were twelve. Worst experience with my band as it is today has to be the school charity appeal we did. Some twat decided to mess around with our levels during our performance - the result were twangy guitar solos, drowned out brass and far too much bass. It also didnít help that the audience didnít pick up on our first tuneís abrupt ending - there was no applause, just silence for a goodÖ 7 or 8 seconds.

06-25-2007, 05:34 PM
It wasnt that bad but yet the worst ever happend. We played outdoors and I was chewing a bubblegum. I sing chorus so I figured out that before it was time for me to sing, I had to spit it out. We played Slither - Velvet Revolver, so it was kinda hard and rough you know. And I tried to make it look cool, spitting out my gum. But it got stuck on my lip before it went out so it only flew about 1 meter. Didnt even come off the stage. Must have looked really silly...

06-26-2007, 11:18 AM
we had a gig once and it had been really badly set up by one of the other bands playing in the first song we played i couldnt here a thing i was playing so i really had no idea how it sounded, then they turned my amp up so much i couldnt here anything but me our drummer and bassist could hardly here themselves playing and its hard to stay in time when you cant here the drummer and bassist lol so it went pretty badly then we went out and got pissed lol

06-26-2007, 09:02 PM
well I haven't had any really bad playing mishaps but at our last gig we played in this armpit of a town and 12 people showed up (not counting family because their always at our gigs). The worst part about that was that we set up this massive PA that my dad had from his glory days ... 3 hour set up.... and 30 minutes before the start my bass cab's input stopped working....but luckily we had a backup PA sub that I used...Then we rawked hardcore so it all worked out in the end.

06-11-2008, 03:21 AM
Can a worst experience also be the best show you've played? Because that's what happened to me.

My band was playing a show at my school for an annual thing to close out the school year this week and we rocked the hell out of the place, but it was still my worst experience. We played four songs and I'll just go down everything that went wrong

Sliver (Nirvana Cover) - We didn't practice this song much so we opened with it. I came a couple bars early with the whole notes in the third verse, but I caught it before anyone else did.

Santeria (Sublime Cover) - We showed up ten minutes late, so we didn't really have much time to set up, so we used the amps and drum set that the school provided. I saw a Marshall 2x12 so I automatically went for it. Anyway, we start playing Santeria and it sorta turns down ALOT in the intro and this really screwed me up so i totally killed the intro to the song. Then during the verses it would randomly turn off on random chords. Finally in the solo, it shuts down on me in (IMO) the most important part of the solo, and then comes right back on. A couple of people said it was our best song though.

Original - Me and the bassist then switched guitars and we did a sort of sublime influenced song. Nothing much went wrong in this one except that the bass amp was too quiet, and a bunch of people were telling me to turn it up, and I did, but it still wasn't loud enough. It was kinda sad, because I had a REALLY cool bassline in that song.

Hate to say I told you So (The Hives Cover) - We absolutely rocked the f u c k out of this song! It was our best run ever even though I screwed up a lot. Right before the bridge part with the bass soloing, my A string snapped on me, and if anyone knows how to play this song, they would know that string is important as hell! So anyway the bridge comes up and I start talking to people and their screaming and yelling and **** and it was just awesome. Some people even told we sounded like The Hives, which was totally awesome.

It was by far the worst experience I've had, but it was also the best show I've ever played, a lot of people told us we were the best of the four bands that played there too.

06-11-2008, 09:25 AM
easily worst gig experience ive had

my band was headlining a bar gig

everythings going ok and were playing a song that goes from the whole band playing distorted to me playing clean by myself, everything starts fading out and i step on my pedal an start playing, but theres no sound! i hit the pedal a few more times and still no sounds. Im like WTF? id let one of the support acts use my stack and thought theyd changed my settings or something but it turned out my lead had decided to die at just that time. Had to find a new lead and then start off from where we finished.


06-11-2008, 10:53 AM
That's an easy one.

was playing a gig in some random town hall in the middle of a ned-infested town. The crowd consisted of like two people and the rest of the bands playing that night. halfway through our first song the drummers bass pedal breaks. all other bands refuse to give us a replacement. gig over =[

06-11-2008, 12:39 PM
mine was my 2nd show ever. it was at a high school talent show...yeah i know. we aere a 4 piece ska band, i had been playing guitar for like 6 months and we did the imperial march from star wars and an original.

half way through the original i dropped my pick, its not like it just landed in front of me, i flew baclwards, how that happened i dont know but it landed under the kick drum.

it was pretty bad.

06-12-2008, 12:06 AM
Once I was trying out my brand new Gibson guitar and got really involved with the music without straplocks. Needless to say the strap failed me and the brand new gibson fell to the floor and i had to pick it up. I was also the only guitar player in my band. Luckily we didnt ruin the whole song. I still get made fun of to this day.

06-13-2008, 11:12 PM
There was the time the lead singer/guitarist started ragging on me for some reason to the audience. I think I had been giving him crap before the set began about some of his more annoying habits that the band had discussed as things he needed to stop when "talking with the crowd." He was obviously crossing lines and he knew it, and even the crowd could tell he was pissing me off. Finally I had enough, and I had some water at my feet, and I threw it at him.

I'm not sure how we finished that set out, but we did. But there was definitely a very tense few minutes as he wasn't too happy to get drenched.

06-14-2008, 02:16 PM
Years ago, we got booked at very short notice to play at a pub called the Town Mouse in Burnley, and no one turned up. It was completely empty and we played our first of two sets to our roadcrew.
The landlady came up to me and started screaming at me because the place was empty, so I asked her who the promoter for the gig was. She said 'What?' so I asked her who had organised the gig.
She said that she had, it was her who had contacted the band and arranged for them to play. I asked if she had recieved the posters I'd sent her and what she had done with them. She said that she had, and that she had put them up around the pub.
The problem was, the pub was notorious for being empty and we had been booked because we were known as a good draw, to try to gain them some income, so if she'd put the posters up in a place where no one went, no one would see them.
I asked what other promotion she had done and she replied 'None.'
So I said 'So basicaly we're playing a gig that no one knows about, which you, as the organiser and promoter have completely failed to promote?'
She told us not to bother playing the second set and tried to pay us off with £50. I told her that the agreed price was £200, which we would halve, making it £100, and that if she didn't want to pay that, she could expect a solicitors letter regarding the matter of breach of verbal contract.
She paid the money, and we split for the pub up the road, The Carlton.
Anyhow, while we were there, the landlady of the Carlton mentioned that the band she had booked for the following week had just canceled and asked if we could fill in. Which we agreed to do.
The following week, after she had put the posters up in the pub and around town and placed an ad in the local newspaper and contacted the guy who did the rock show on our local radio station, who happily plugged the gig on his show, the place was rammed full to capacity.
I noticed that the landlady's husband from the Town Mouse had turned up for a nosy around, so I said over the mic. 'We played at the Town Mouse last week and no one turned up, is it us, or is it the Town Mouse?' To which someone shouted out 'Neither, it's the landlady, she's barred most of us.'
The guy walked out red faced and the last I heard, they'd gone to run another pub somewhere else.

Another similar case but with a much different outcome was when we played at a fairly large club called The Metro in Rhyl, North Wales.
We had agreed to play for £300 and they had arranged for a local support act called Kobe and also hired a PA system.
When we got there, we met Kobe who said, 'Have you seen the state of the PA?'
It was a 100w vocal PA with one microphone. Probably OK for a small pub gig but drasticaly underpowered for this venue.
Still, we had no other option but to make the best of it, so we turned it up as loud as possible and sat back to watch Kobe, who were exellent, but like at the Town Mouse, no one had turned up because no one had promoted it. Also, Rhyl is a holiday town and it was the middle of winter.
The guy who had organised it was much different from the Town Mouse landlady however. He came up to us and actualy apologised for not promoting the gig.
It turned out he was having some sort of dispute with the guy who owned the club and was happily running the place into the ground on his behalf. :eek:
He handed Kobe and myself an envelope each with our money in them. The guy from Kobe came up to me and said, 'Hey, we've got an extra £100 in ours.' so I checked our envelope and there was £500 in it, £200 extra.
We decided to go tell him that he'd overpaid by £300, (it was tempting to just take the money and skidaddle, but we thought better of it) and the guy just said, 'Hey, it ain't my money, what do I care?'
We laughed our arses off for the entire two hour journey back home.

06-15-2008, 12:29 AM
somehow the snare drum didn't end up at the venue....we had to use a cardboard box instead....

06-15-2008, 12:47 AM
Okay, not my own story, but a story of my friends':

Okay, last year's talent show. I was MCing the event (student council President), and a group of my buddies decided to play a song in the show. Well, they had no drummer, and the singer couldn't sing worth Jack $#17. They pick "Adam's Song" by Blink-182 to play. Ugh. I like Blink, but not that song.

I sit in with them during their rehearsals at their houses and at school (being a friend and fellow musician), and they sound okay. The bass on that song is almost nonexistent it is so simple, but the bassist makes it sound pretty good. The lead guitarist can play, but he has no energy to it. As for the singer/rhythm guitarist, God bless him, I don't think he even knew what was going on.

They make the cut, doing pretty well in the audition, and prepare for the talent show.

Talent show day:
I am frantic. I have to make every little piss ant happy, including the teachers. The vice president forgets all her lines, so I have to help her. I was supposed to handle the audio, but in all the confusion, one of my teachers ended up doing so.

They are the last act to go on amidst tap-dancers, lip-syncers, and other pitiful acts. I really hype up their performance in my introduction for them. Well, the Lead guitarist is so apathetic, that he is off half a beat. The teacher turned up the bass WAAAY too loud, so it drowned out everything else (which, incidentally, may have been a good thing). As for the singer/rhythm guitarist, halfway through the song, his already off-pitch voice starts to crack and he is strumming the rhythm part COMPLETELY off track.

By the end of the song, everyone in the audience is laughing at them. I try my best to downplay it and to move on, but everybody got a kick out of it.

In the final judging, they didn't place, and the singer comes up to me, all pissed, and asks me why. I just have to tell him honestly. He is mad at me for about 3 days and then takes up the drums.

06-15-2008, 02:26 AM
In the final judging, they didn't place, and the singer comes up to me, all pissed, and asks me why. I just have to tell him honestly. He is mad at me for about 3 days and then takes up the drums.

Ever wonder why drummers are such flakes?
Drums are a last-resort instrument, anyway.

06-15-2008, 08:17 AM
somehow the snare drum didn't end up at the venue....we had to use a cardboard box instead....
The drummer from Buddy Holly and the Crickets used to play a carboard box instead of a snare, he even recorded like that. Have a listen to 'Everyday' and you can clearly hear it.

06-15-2008, 01:24 PM
The drummer from Buddy Holly and the Crickets used to play a carboard box instead of a snare, he even recorded like that. Have a listen to 'Everyday' and you can clearly hear it.:haha that's awesome.

I'm going to suggest that to my drummer. We're going to put together an experiment side project and that could sound cool.

06-15-2008, 05:58 PM
This isn't a bad experience from my point of view but it deserves to be written somewhere

The best thing we did was the last day of high school in assembly. We had 5 people in our band(singer,2guitars,bass+drums) 3 of which knew our real intentions, (me on bass, singer and drummer)
After nearly one minute of playing schools out the three of us stopped, leaving the two guitarists playing. Our singer went behind the curtains and pulled out his dads old warwick and i went over to the amps to pretend something was wrong.

I was in fact turning off the amps the guitars were in. The drummer shouts eat this mother f***ers into his mic. and me the singer and him all start to play Municipal Waste's 'Born To Party'.

If you don't know the song, poor you, they chant MUNICIPAL WASTE IS GONNA **CK YOU UP over and over at one part.

We made sure OUR amps weren't in the plugs near the teachers so none of them could stop us very quickly.
But low and behold they don't try to stop us. We were in front of some 1500 pupils and 60 teachers, amongst were the headteacher and the two school governers (aged 60+)

We glance around and apart from the two guitarist, who i still owe an apology, everyone seemed to find it hilarious. Most people were stood up screaming and enjoying themselves.

We all have a great memory and i will take it with me to the grave. I didn't even think our singer could even play but apparently i'm mistaken. We'r e now trying to find a new drummer cause he sorta had a car accident and broke some limbs(i think he's faking)

You are my hero.

Retro Rocker
06-15-2008, 06:46 PM
*big post*
That's not so much a bad experience as it is you guys kicking arse, as usual.

06-15-2008, 08:15 PM
My worst experience wasn't really THAT bad, but it sucked:

I was playing Cupid's Dead by Extreme with my former band, and I used my Line 6 PODxt Live during that show. I plugged it in an amp which was used by one the band playing before us, and I forgot to change from the distortion channel to the clean channel. When we started playing, my sound sucked ass, and I didn't now what the hell was wrong. My playing was good, but it sounded ****! When I found out that I forgot switching channels, I felt humiliated... Although I wasn't, lol.

I actually had one more bad experience during that show, but just a small one. I just started playing the intro part of Windowpane by Opeth, and I forgot to press the correct channel on the POD. Good thing that I switched fast, because I was already on the correct bank, so I just had to tap my foot fast on channel "A". ;)

It'll never happen again!

06-17-2008, 02:43 AM
Some of my friends played a talent show at my high school, and the guitarist and bassist stopped so the drummer could have a solo. Apparantly, the drummer forgot and it was silent for a second. It was pretty funny. Watch the video, 3 minutes, 15 seconds in.

Professor Grill
06-17-2008, 03:12 AM
Not the worst here, I'm sure, but in a battle of the bands at a school about twenty miles away. A few things went wrong.

First of all, two thirds of my band go to the school that I go to (not the one where the botb was) and we had to get a lift over there at lunchtime. Anyway, a problem at their end meant that all of the sounchecks were delayed by about an hour. When we got there (on time for our original soundcheck) they didn't seem to understand that we weren't late atall.

And then the guy running it (he was about twelve, maybe?) wouldn't let me use my own keyboard, despite me not being able to play on the one already there because I had no idea how to use it (and nobody seemed to want to show me...) and because it did not have the voices that we needed.
And they wouldn't let my drummer use his double bass pedal, despite the fact that most of the bands playing there also required a double bass pedal.

So we soundchecked (not a proper one, mind you, just playing a song) and all was well.

But then when we started playing that evening, I noticed that the speakers which the keyboard was playing through (which were used as monitors for the souncheck) were pointing towards the crowd, about ten metres in front of us, so none of us could hear the keyboard, meaning we went out of time etc.
It was awful.
T'was sabotage, I tell you.

But then about two weeks ago, we had our best gig ever. I made a slight timing error near the end of the last song, but I don't think any

06-17-2008, 07:42 AM
Once I jumped up on my amp and played for a bit before jumping back off just spontaneously. At the end of the gig my band speeds up the same chords over and over until we end, a big kind of freak out finale.

So while were doing this I decide to jump up on my amp again, this time however my heels don't land on it fully and i start falling, taking the amp with me. In mid-air I managed to stabilise it and land reasonably well.

Luckily the camera was focused on the singers crotch when that happened.

Gundam pilota09
06-18-2008, 02:09 PM
my worst gig was about a year ago. first the night before the drummer and rythym guitarist decide to hook up and get drunk(the drummer was a girl) and come showtime they are mia. so our rythym sections down to a lone bassist and i have to do my best to fill in for the missing rythym guitarist. destipe the lack of drums the strugling singer and the thin sounding solos the first few songs go over well with the crowd but during a cover dammit i believe my g string decides to break. i manage to force my way through the song(thank god for three chord rockers) and swap my strat for a 335. an brand new gibson 335. out of nowhere the second its case opens it begins to rain(the gig is outdoors) I'm having a heart attack as i notice the canopy we're under has many leaks. we go through a few chordy songs to draw attention away from our missing rythym section. after a couple covers i turn around in horror to see that my gutiar tech left the case for the 335 open right under a leak. my case soaked things can't get worse can they. wrong the wind starts to pick up. we don't think anything of it at first and go into our last song my generation right as i strinke the final chord the wind erupts into gale force knocking over the canopy on of the support bars knocks over the pa and i close my eyes in terroras i see a huge speaker cabinet falling towards me. i feel a jerk on my left side but open my eyes the cabinets lying next to me i think i'm safe but one look at my gutiar says otherwise. it clipped the headstock coming down and shattered it. the moral of the story is don't have a realatinship within a band. if two members of your band start going out leave imediately. also never play outdoor gigs!

06-18-2008, 03:58 PM
The last gig I played was definetly the worst. Before we got on the bassist and the drummer both got extremely drunk, so the drummer however good he was had no conception of rythm at all. And then the bassist saw a friend in the crowd and decided to throw his pick at him and scream HIGH 5!! By this point I was sitting with my head in my hands. The drummer sat for around 10 or 15 minutes setting up his cymbals and tbh I don't think he knew where he was. Then as soon as we started playing it was just noise all the way through. Mine and the other guitarists playing was perfectly fine but the sound was just terrible. But I'm not gonna blame that, cos frankly we sucked anyways. I then proceeded to leave that band:)

06-18-2008, 06:05 PM
go into our last song my generation right as i strinke the final chord the wind erupts into gale force knocking over the canopy on of the support bars knocks over the pa and i close my eyes in terroras i see a huge speaker cabinet falling towards me.
That song HAS to be cursed, it's the one when pete townshend lost his hearing in his left ear.

06-19-2008, 03:32 AM
This is quite a bad one, but it's all pre gig and the gig was rather sick (because two bands didn't turn up we ended being the headline acts :D

We had to sell 50 tickets for a gig in a pub. They give us only a few eerks to do this, not really a problem until we realise everyone has either bought a ticket off another band who we know, weren't gonna bother coming, were gonna pay on the door and say they came for us or lost thier tickets and we had to get them in on spare tickets which we still had. At this point the person running the gig talks to us and says that if we don't pay him £141 by the time we go on stage that we will be thrown out of the venue and not be able to play the gig/ At this point there is chaos with all the people that came for us and a couple of the other bands protesting in our favour saying that things didn't add up properly and some people just had tickets that they didn't pay for. At this point a good friend of ours go's at takes out £140 from her own bank account and gives us the money to give to him. It was possibly one of the most stressful experiences i've had in this band. But then it got better as (as i alluded to earlier) the 2 bands that were supposed to go on after us didn't turn up (presumably as they couldn't sell any tickets and they couldn't be bothered to go through all the same chaos that we did). This made us the headline act, then because this we just thought "**** this ****, if this si the lst time we are gonna be able to play at this venue then we will go out with a bang!" We played a brilliant set, every one of our original songs we put on show, the response was great, the mosh pits in our faster songs were brutal and it was just a rather great gig.

06-19-2008, 05:29 AM
Ahh...I was playing with a band from school, and we got the opportunity to open for Zero Degrees And Falling, a punk band who are pretty well known around NSW...I was organising the gig with a youth worker, did all this promotion around town, posters, local radio ads, newspaper, personally invited about 70 people to the gig, got lots of responses, and so for all the world I was expecting at least 50 people, more like 100 to make it to the gig, and I said so to the boys from ZDAF. The guys (who I was kinda trying to impress, 'coz they were the first relatively well known band i'd played with) said "hey that's not bad for a small town, well done man"...Needless to say, a local football grand final was moved to that day and time, and the other organiser in her wisdom decided to put some little girls dance routine on before the bands...What little crowd there was promptly decided the gig was ****e and left...the crowd ended up being about 7 of my friends...soo embarrassing!

06-22-2008, 04:19 PM
My worst experience was when we played a charity concert with few other bands. We were third or fourth to play, but since there were no tickets as we know it (it was charity, you donated as many as you wanted on entry) there were lot of people that should not be near this place and kind of music at all. Anyway, by the time we were to play, most of them were already drunk and did everything to spoil everyone else's time. Our main purpose on stage is to entertain, so I did some stand-up-like speeches between the songs, the guitarist was telling jokes while we were tuning, but the drunk guys just yelled at us, trying to point how not funny we were, and when we played - why do we need to get off the stage. We didn't actually play bad, it was the crowd that made it worst gig ever.

06-23-2008, 08:12 AM
One time, at my old high school, we played "Kick out the Jams" by the MC5. They didn't like the Motherf***ers part. I'm not allowed back there after 5 years.

Another time, we had a show downtown, and our opening act got busted pounding malt liquor in the bathroom, so they couldn't play. We had to go on at THEIR scheduled time, so none of our friends were there yet, and we had been getting high on pretty much everything all afternoon. Bad night.

06-23-2008, 09:14 AM
First gig ever; May 2000.
Bass player's active bass battery terminal some how got pushed in so the battery wasn't connected. Rhythm guitarist broke a string and had to use a Parker Fly which had frets too close together for him. Drummer was dropping sticks all over the place. My guitar just wouldn't stay in tune due to the heat from the lights.
All that being said.. it was still hella fun!


Only our second or third gig ever was supposed to be this proper rock club. Turned out it was a working mens club and we had kids running round infront of us the whole time.
It was just us and these 2 guys that played folk/country tunes with the aid of a drum machine. Ahem, free beer though; nevermind!


I recall one gig where our rhythm guitarist and drummer thought it'd be clever to completely untune my guitar before getting on-stage. That then threw me out a little and I ended up missing out a whole verse in the song straight after.


Another band I was in at the same time as my main band had a gig about 3 and a half hours drive away. By the time the other bands had done and we got on-stage, we ended up playing to the bar staff and no one else. They'd also lied about us getting petrol money.


Turning up to a place where we were told they had a stage and sound engineer. We got there to find that the "stage" was the space left after we helped them move the pool table and the "sound engineer" was the barman who turned the jukebox off.
Then came the added bonus of having only 1 power outlet to power EVERYTHING.
Good job we always go prepared for the worst.


Another general annoyance to do with gigging. More and more places are popping up where you get on-stage and then out comes a decibel meter and you have to keep below anything like a decent overall volume. Seriously; always check this before trying to get a gig at a venue.

06-23-2008, 06:10 PM
So, at my band's last gig, back on May 30, we were booked to play the school's battle of the bands. We are a popular band among our class, and could of got 40-50 people to come to it. a day before the gig, we are rehearsing, and it turns out our drummer, talked back to his mom that morning, and said his punishment was that he couldn't come to the rehearsal. I told him to come anyway, since he lives close, he biked over, and the band was all there. We get down our cover of "Seven Nation Army," and then go to attempt an original that I wrote.
Our singer said she cannot sing it, because the amount of meters in one line of the verse don't add p with the amount of meters in the other line of the verse, and said she cannot sing it. I'm pissed, so now we are out an original. I would sing it, but it was hard for me to sing and play it at the same time. So I ask her if we could learn a song she wrote. It turns out she can only write choruses, and when I was going to write a guitar part, she wanted it to sound like Japanese Thrash.
So we were out an original for the battle. Everyone goes home, and the drummer leaves before anybody. As I, the bass player player, and singer are leaving, my bass player gets a call of his phone. He says that his mom is punishing him for coming to the rehearsal, and won't let him play the battle. We are pissed off, because his mom could of gave him another punishment or at least let him play, and punish him later. We were all devastated.
the next day at school, I tell everyone we aren't playing, and I get home at 3, and I'm just down, so I go to sleep. At 5:30, I get a call from our singer, who lives a half hour away, and asks if we are playing. If I told her we were playing she would of brought another 20-30 kids to come. I tell her no, and I go back to sleep. I wake up at 6:30, and go play some guitar. at 6:45, I get a call from our bass player, and he says that the people putting on the battle say they need an extra band, because a band dropped out , and they will let a drummer from another band drum for us. I agree to it, get my Tele, Les Paul, Hot Rod Deluxe, and pedals together, and my bass player arrives, and I load up the car.
We get to the school, behind the auditorium, and 5 of our friends help unload the gear. We talk to the drummer from the other band, and I tell him, since our singer isn't there, that I'd have to sing. So we were doing an original, "Johnny B. Goode," and instrumental version of "Bulls On Parade." Two hours later, we are called onto stage, and I look at the audience. If I have told all the people that we were playing, we would of packed the place, but instead there were only 30 people there.
I get p to the microphone and apologize to audience that only half of the band made it. We go into the original, and it goes real good, except our bass player is just stupid, and when we got to part where we exchange solos, I would take a solo, then he would take a bass solo, then I took another guitar solo, and all of sudden when I'm playing the solo, he starts playing the chorus of the song. I look at him, and he has no idea what he's doing wrong. The song is over, and we get a thunderous applause from the small crowd. We go into "Johnny B. Goode" next, and when I'm about to sing the second verse, I sing the third verse, and right at the end of the second verse, since people noticed my mistake.
I say "Oh ****, I made a mistake, I'll make up for it don't worry," and then I go into a kick ass finger-tapping solo. for the third verse, I sing the second verse, and then we end the song, to let you know my bass player played all the notes to the song wrong. Before we went on, he had to ask me what the 3 notes were in the 1-4-5 progression, and he jotted down "Bb Eb F" on his hand. We were about to do our last song, where the bass player took over on guitar, and I played bass. He always wanted us to play that song live, but our singer was never good enough to sing it, and he can kill switch, and wanted to show it off.
So we do the intro, and right when he does the solo wah part, he plays it completely wrong, because he thinks all power chords are played with one finger, and he wasn't in Drop D, so it sounded awful. when ti came time for the kill switch solo, in rehearsals, I told him not to use the wah for the 'white noise' effect, he kicks on the wah pedal, and horrible banshee-screaming distortion fills the auditorium, and all 30 people cover their ears. We end the song, and after a minute of cleaning my pedals off the stage, I go up to the mic, and say "Thank You," and every applauds. It turns out later that night we won 3rd place, but my bass player says that we did a horrible job, because he's been waiting so long to play that song, and the solo, and he screwed it up. So I yelled at him saying that he was the only one who did bad, because he didn't know the songs and screwed up the solo. I had a great time, he didn't. But, for the band, and our drummer not being able to show up, and the singer being difficult with originals, it was bad, but we dropped the singer, and I'm working to make things better.

06-23-2008, 06:15 PM
we're playing some dive that kind of out of the way beyond the suburbs, and apparently they where using their own gas powered generator, and well, that's not good for live music. So anyway we start playing and the second song there is a power surge and the fuse and one of preamp tubes get's blown, so I switch to my SS back up amp, no problems there really. Then two songs later the bassists microphone shoots out an arc of electricity and knocks him unconscious (this was due to faulty grounding don't know how much the generator played a part in that), needless to say we ended the gig right there and called an ambulance

06-23-2008, 06:57 PM
One time at camp we decided to play in front of the parents and kids, we were the junior leaders and we decided to represent the theme of global warming.
To get the kids into it I was like "HEY WHO WANTS TO HEAR A RACECAR!", as I had just gotten my guitar with a floyd.
Of course I did it, but I started to pull up and I felt a stinging sensation on my arm.
3 of the strings snapped, so I walked over to the rhythm guitarist and used his guitar.
It was really out of tune too -.-
Sigh that was after I played guitar for 3 months...too early to start gigging -.-

After that fiasco (its almost been a year since) I'm getting a trem blocker -.-
I've also polished up on my guitar skills a lot -.-

06-23-2008, 08:23 PM
Worst Experience? When the dumbass sound guy didnt put the monitors on, and just Cranked the signal to the crowd, leaving me to hear abousolutely nothing out of my amp. So i turned it up, still couldnt hear much, but the Crowd sure as hell could! And because i couldnt hear myself, my Solo was out of tune, and sounded pretty bad until the End when i fixed it up.

Then i cranked my Amp, Finally able to hear, getting ready for the outro solo...And my singer sings one verse to many, right over my solo. The band nearly froze up completely in cofusion, and i missed my solo.

I was Pissed

It was 2 Days ago.

06-26-2008, 02:33 PM
Some of my friends played a talent show at my high school, and the guitarist and bassist stopped so the drummer could have a solo. Apparantly, the drummer forgot and it was silent for a second. It was pretty funny. Watch the video, 3 minutes, 15 seconds in.
1 second? More like fifteen.

06-26-2008, 10:01 PM
I would've embarassed the teacher in front of the audience somehow

how about when he says "it's time to go home", you reply

you're right..your mom might get impatient/catch a cold// is waiting



06-27-2008, 01:35 PM
my girlfriend broke up with my 10 minutes before we went on. a random cable among my 13 pedal s decided to die, as did the power connector to my amp, so my amp proceeded to die every few minutes and then turn back on. And then someone in the audience fell on my pedalboard turning on various pedals, although considering my effects loop stopped working, nobody really noticed...
it was a bad gig. we played alright though and i guess thats what counts.

06-29-2008, 01:48 AM
Ah my Horriable list of fact my band has never really had a good gig. So let start with the first gig I ever played

It was a battle of the bands. We were excited we had to "originals". Original as in I play C major F major G major. OK so we get everything there I'm using a line 6 crap amp that a ss 50 watter. Oh I can't forget that my guitar desides to break like 20 mins before the show. So, My crap guitar that I would normally use dies. So I use my friends guitar, but what I didn't know was that his volume control actually worked.?. and he set it to Zero.

So we get on stage after like 6 hours of waiting though the lamest teenage pop-band I have ever heard. The thing is we get placed last not because we are the "best" no they actually forgot that we came and they just remembered it. I turn on my amp strum the guitar an the soothing and enraging sounds of silence echos loudly. So I say to the front man "Stall!!!". So in was turns out to be a act of pure genus they start to take request for theme songs of TV show and sings them with the saxophone player(I'm not f***ing with you.). They sing the Family Guy Theme, and the Pokeimon Theme. I have the owner of the borrowed guitar fix it. Who was in the crowd.

We start and get into the song get half way though the song. Then the front man shouts out "Pants down solo little J.J. Punkenstine". Zip guess what comes off, no it not his hat (Note: This is in a school.)(Ok, he had pants on under the ones that he takes off so you can't see anything, but it freaks out everyone there.)

Then we pressed on into the next "song". I use Song in a loose way. How loose you ask? Looser than your mother at a backstreet boys concert (I'm Just messing with you.). So that ends badly because at this point in my guitaristness, I didn't know how to write guitar part. So that end our set (All two songs)

At the end the judges there gave us comments on our "Playing".

Here's what they said:
"?" 9/20
"Is this even music?" 13/20
"Unlike the living (That was our band name at the time.) , more like unlike the deaf!!!" 5/20

But hey, even though we suck it up completely we still didn't get last place. :peace:

06-29-2008, 07:21 AM
Having the worst sound-technician (who was infact only light-operator, but took the second spot aswell :S). He bitched about how we shoudl turn down the guitar at the soundcheck because it was too loud, when we could barely hear it onstage. Both guitars was very low, and almost only bass and drums when out, we would hear later on.

Also in the middle of the gig, or towards the end we do a cover of MOP and our drummer ****s up and reguses to start over quickly again but throws his drumsticks away and stops completely. A little too bitchy. And the lead guitarist, ignorant to tune his guitar before performance, assuming it's in tune after having been in the bagage for an 1 hour ride. He lost his tuning some bit into the concert.

And the crowd was basically nothing great. Really boring. Consisted of people standing towards the walls in the dark corners, and one group of youths that moshed but went out for 5 minute breaks all the time :S

ganto's ax man
06-30-2008, 10:30 PM
It was our first and only gig coming up. Relay For Life at a high school and so we were practicing a TON like the week before. So The Saturday before we have a loooonnggg six hour practice and I end up losing my voice.

I am the vocalist.

Friday rolls around and I still was no where near 100% naturally, and I was awful. It was so embarrassing. It was our first gig together so I was nervous anyway, dry throat, etc. It was awful.

As for my guitar, this is better. I recently got a huge tube amp from the 60's from my aunt. And it doesn't have a ground so it frequently would shock me. So I spent the first half of the show getting shocked. Every time I touched the microphone I got shocked. Then I go to switch the polarity and I put my guitar on the guitar stand and it falls out of the stand onto the floor...

dear god. not my guitar. please not now.

It checks out ok. It's miraculously in tune. We continue. We play an original song and I notice the guitar is not entirely in tune...but I'll fix it later. We play another song where I don't play guitar at all so it sits for 5 minutes or so.

Next song I pick up the guitar, and I start this song by myself on guitar. HOLY CRAP IT IS OUT OF TUNE. I spend the entire song trying to not play/tune it... it was a disaster.

As for the rest of the gig it picked up and wasn't as bad, but my vocals were still atrocious. People apparently even told the bass player that we were all really good except the vocalist is crap. :) yay...

You can actually watch the whole gig on youtube hahaha just search for "ganto's ax" but make sure you also watch the regular video from when were performed at the talent show because it's much most tolerable/accurate. hahaha

Heres the breakdown:

My Name is Jonas/Weezer- Awful vocals bad lead guitar
Nothing Else Can Follow/Ganto's Ax- Slightly out of tune guitar pretty lame vocals
Message In A Bottle/Police- Not too bad...
You, The Excuse/Ganto's Ax- GOD AWFUL
Foxey Lady/JH- Probably best of night, saved the show
TR/Ganto's Ax- Good Metal Song, there are little vocals so it was good
Take Me Home Tonight/Eddie Money- yeah...vocals
Life This Way/Ganto's Ax- Not too bad, great ending song, vocals are still lame

06-30-2008, 10:55 PM

No offence, but you don't have much of a natural singing voice. Most of the vocals were out of tune and didn't really flow. Your voice was obviously there, but you didn't hit the notes. A dedicated singer would definitely add a lot to the band. Just some constructive criticism there.

Foxey Lady was ok but the guitarist killed the solo with his shredding.

07-06-2008, 03:10 AM

No offence, but you don't have much of a natural singing voice. Most of the vocals were out of tune and didn't really flow. Your voice was obviously there, but you didn't hit the notes. A dedicated singer would definitely add a lot to the band. Just some constructive criticism there.

Foxey Lady was ok but the guitarist killed the solo with his shredding.

Fuck you, I GUESS.

07-06-2008, 03:27 AM
Fuck you, I GUESS.

It is criticism.

Grow up.

amazing FretMan
07-06-2008, 04:21 AM
it was my school talent show roughly 500 people were in the crowd (none of them listened to rock they all listened to rap)

my electric guitar broke 2 strings (im a lefty) and i was gonna play stairway to heaven

my friend gives me his right handed acoustic guitar (luckily i can play everything i know upside down haha)

the pa system wasnt on and the drummer thought the drums to stairway started at the very was pretty hectic haha

EDIT: oh and i got booed off and laughed at

07-06-2008, 06:03 AM
Last sunday was my first show, and I forgot my strap. I almost dropped the guitar off my lap(playing acoustic on a stool) during the first song. It was really embarassing.

get ta led out!
07-06-2008, 09:46 AM
Hoping this happens to everyone,but my first time performing for people was with my freind,we did sorta a GH style battle(haha yes i know,kinda lame) and we wood take turns playing the rhytm to whole lotta rosie.So wer the last act in this talent show,and everyones heard us play before,and they tell me im better than him.So i shoodnt be nervous,right?well i get on stage and my hands freeze up.I coodnt do any fast runs or anything because they refused to move.However,we asked the crowd and i still completly beat his ass and all the guitar players said i did fine.So,maybe its just being self critical?but still worst ever.

07-06-2008, 10:38 AM
I've had a few bad ones in my time.

The most embarrasing one for me was when i went to an open mic night, i was going to sing lead vocals while playing for the first time ever, i had practiced at home, sounded good, so i was pretty much at ease. Then i had a few drinks, at that time i didn't know my limit, so i was pretty drunk, and i knew that i would probably **** it up but my friend psyched me up to do it just before i got called up, so anyway, i went up there, started playing, the intro went fine but then it went into the verse and i realised it was me who was meant to be singing, so i rushed to the mic and started, i wasn't doing too badly but i heard myself through the moniters and didn't realise that was me singing, and then i started panicing and ****ed up the rhythm, then the vocals, then the other guy took over in the second verse after i gave him a wtf look.

With my originals band we had a string of bad luck at 3 gigs in a row, mostly due to my equipment. On the first one it was going great and i was loving it until i changed my guitar (it had a vibrato arm on it which i needed for that song), the song came in, i started playing but my guitar seemed to be lacking something, i didn't know what it was, so through the whole song i was struggling with my guitar, i wasn't even playing because i was trying to get to the bottom of the problem, then we got to the end of the song and i said over the mic "i hate technoligy, that guitar is officially ****ed", i haven't used the guitar for gigs since then.

The second gig we played was at the same venue with our friends band, the venue also said they liked our stuff aside from the technical issues at the last one, so anyway, we got there for sound check and we didn't know what the running order was (there were 2 other bands playing there as well), at first we were told we were just before our friends band who were headlining, then it turns out we were the opening act, which dissapointed me a little but i didn't mind as i still would have enjoyed it, so anyway, the doors opened, and bareley anyone came in, so we were playing to a pretty much empty room (aside from the other bands watching us and a few family and friends). I was using a gibson les paul that was on loan from my friend, now this guitar had modified pickups and i keep a very bassy tone on my amp, now its just a guess but i think it made my amp feed back, but whatever it was, there was a low pitched hum all the way through the gig, so that wasn't too enjoyable.

The last of the bad luck was the gig we played before our last one, sound check was at 7, the gig started at 8.30, we were headlining. This was at a pub which was open all day (so people were there during soundcheck), now, my bassists other band were on just before us, but they seemed to take ages to soundcheck, so we didn't have a soundcheck and had to adapt our sound when we were playing the real gig. We had a terrible start, my bassist had a big amp which was next to mine, i use a vox 50 watt valvetronic, at the other venue it was fine but thats because it was mic'd up, but at this gig it was overpowered, it was horrible, i had about 10 people at the front shouting at me to turn it up, even though everything was whacked up already, then my vocalist started trying to mess with the amp, we abandoned the first song, i moved over to the other guitar amp (which was more powerful) with 2 people carrying my pedals behind me like some sort of caravan, then i started playing again and it sounded good, so the rest of the gig went fine.

07-06-2008, 02:57 PM
It is criticism.

Grow up.

Prove it.

07-06-2008, 06:15 PM
What the **** is that supposed to mean?


07-06-2008, 07:16 PM
Warning for the '**** you, I guess' I comment. Control yourself man.

07-06-2008, 07:22 PM
Nothing wrong with his singing voice whoever said that, just poor intonation. Frankly theres no such thing as "a bad singing voice".

amazing FretMan
07-06-2008, 07:53 PM
Nothing wrong with his singing voice whoever said that, just poor intonation. Frankly theres no such thing as "a bad singing voice".

with the music out there today....i think everyone sings bad haha...even me...but oh well thats just ones opinion

07-06-2008, 08:15 PM
Frankly theres no such thing as "a bad singing voice".
Whether someone has a good singing voice or not is purely a matter of personal opinion.
Opera singers are reputed to be the best singers in the world because of the hard work and training it takes to become a good opera singer, which I can appreciate, yet to me, it's still painful to listen to.
Similarly, the death metal style of growling into a microphone is something that very few people can do without damaging their vocal chords. To do it properly takes either a lucky natural talent for it or dedication and years of training, yet that too is painful for me to listen to.
That doesn't mean that I don't respect either of them though. I can't sing in either of those two extreme styles (well... not for long anyway) so who am I to criticise?

07-07-2008, 01:16 PM
The sound technician went to take a coffee break when he found out we had no bass player, enough said

Retro Rocker
07-07-2008, 01:45 PM
The sound technician went to take a coffee break when he found out we had no bass player, enough said
Why were you playing a gig without a bass player?

07-07-2008, 02:23 PM
Why were you playing a gig without a bass player?

yeah thats what I want to know. Thats like swimming in a pool that has no water in it.

07-07-2008, 04:18 PM
I had a bad gig experience last Thursday. My band was playing two songs at a small school gig, and the songs were at different times in the show. So anyway, I wasn't able to get my DSL401 to the gig (no transport), so I used the year 7 band kids AVT. Well, the smartass doesn't tell me that when you turn it on, it is already on clean, no matter what settings it was last on. So me being an idiot just turns the amp on and assumes it is on the overdrive channel. Needless to say, A Favor House Atlantic on the clean channel sounds bad. :(

07-09-2008, 12:03 AM
yeah my worst experience..

well my band did great, we made all original stuff,

it was the crowd that sucked,
if you could call it a crowd, it was my band and 3 bands opening for us so we felt kinda cool... it was out here in bellflower california in the ghettos of the ghettos haha. well the band before us was trying to steal our drummers **** and trying to start fights with me, so when we played they all left and all their girlfriends left so it was like us and 20 other people

it was a small show because all our supporters lived like 60 miles south. haha