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06-18-2007, 08:29 PM
My band has two originals done and one that we are currently working on, the only thing is, these songs that i am writing are not very happy, one is pretty deppressing. One is about relationship problems, and the other is about not being wanted. We are not a death metal kinda band either. I want to write a happy type of song, but i dont know what to write it about. And i cant come up with a riff that is happy either. I need serious help.

06-18-2007, 08:32 PM
love songs maybe?

06-18-2007, 08:35 PM
What makes you happy?

Write about that.

06-18-2007, 08:36 PM
listen to happy songs by happy artists, and take notes.

06-18-2007, 08:46 PM
ok, but i still cant exactly write a riff
Led Zeppelin makes great songs like Black Dog that make me happy, but i dont exactly have the guitar skills of jimmy page (god) or the voice of robert plant so its hard for me.

06-18-2007, 11:58 PM
Sexual stuff. It's not happy, but it's not sad either. Just gets you going form my experience. I in no way endorse sexual acts though -- unless of course you're married. Then go ahead!

06-19-2007, 12:36 AM
Sexual stuff. It's not happy, but it's not sad either. Just gets you going form my experience. I in no way endorse sexual acts though -- unless of course you're married. Then go ahead!
[***Grants Weirdest Post Ever award***] :haha
Threadstarter: you can probably discern this for yourself, but I think I'll say it just to point out the obvious. Make it in a major key. Okay, just wanted to get that bit of advice out of the way.
Experiment with simple open chords. It's the easiest way for me to write "happy" stuff. You know, just basic progressions like G-D-C, stuff like that. It's easy to sing over, plus it's catchy.
As far as subject matter goes, that's really up to you. If the music is happy-sounding, you can probably get away with a lot of whacky lyrics. I wrote a song with my little brother called "Sale at the Supermarket" (the lyrical content should be self-explanitory) with a happy chord progression. Hell, I actually wrote a happy-sounding song with my bassist about a cat being dead!
Like eric said, write about what makes you happy. Admiring trees swaying in the wind on a warm summer's day. Prancing through a dewy meadow barefoot. Eating a delicious batch of your mother's five-star homemade chocolate chip cookies. Whatever!

Leper Affinity
06-19-2007, 08:07 AM
Major Chords ( as stated previously ) usually = very happy.

And sad songs do not = death metal. The death metal people usually refer to is usually based on the subject matters of religion ( anti-religion actually ), death, murder, rape, gore, and sometimes politics, hatred, and mythology/legends. Unless you are writing about a relationship to a corpse you found buried in your backyard which becomes reanimated and summons a million vikings to destroy your country and tosses all of the corpses in a moor, it probably isn't death metal \m/ \w/

You are probably thinking more along the lines of emo.

And what is wrong with sad songs? You shouldn't avoid an entire emotion when it comes to song writing. I play thrash, metalcore, death metal, avante-garde metal, and prog. death metal, and I still write happy songs, soundscape-type music, etc. when I feel like it, or when it comes to me.

06-19-2007, 09:40 AM
Paul McCartney really liked putting sad lyrics to happy music, so maybe you can try that. Like a few other people have said, major keys sound very happy, and hell, maybe try adding in some of your "depressing" lyrics, and see how it turns out.

06-22-2007, 07:20 PM
im a huge fan of paul,so i might try that. And i want to be original too, im gonna listen to some music from the beatles, espiecially the album revolver, it has a lot of very wacky happy kinda weird stuff on it that sounds great. Hopefully some inspiration from that?