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07-02-2007, 07:02 PM
i am going to be going to an audition sometime soon for an alternative rock band. i've got some green day down, cochise by audioslave, californication by the chili peppers, all the small things by blink 182, and a bunch of other songs. this is the first audition i've ever had so any and all advice is appreciated. thanx much ugers.

07-02-2007, 08:57 PM
Auditions will vary depending on the band. Here are 3 different types of auditions I have encountered recently:

1. The informal audition: Usually involves just jamming and getting to know each other. I auditioned someone the other week for a potential new project and when I walked into my current guitarists house, I saw this guy cooking fish for us to eat that he had caught that day! Try that at a former audition...

2. "Thanks for coming": I've had auditions before where they asked me to just play the requested songs and with very little said between songs. After we played the songs, all they said was "thanks for coming."

3. The intense audition: This usually occurs when I'm auditioning someone for a serious band that I am in. I'll usually ask them to learn all of our songs, a cover or two (even if we don't cover those songs... I tell them to learn them just to see if they will) and also some other basic exercises like playing to a metronome. I'll also take into consideration how they act and dress when they come there.

I've had some terrible auditions myself and the main factor about that was I showed up later because of rush hour traffic and they band was pissed when I got there. I've also auditioned someone before who brought with them a cooler full of beer and two girls who were obviously not very classy. I was so pissed at him (we knew him before) that I wasn't even paying attention to his playing at that point.

The band should have gave you some songs to learn, if not they are probably just beginning. My advice is to not get too stressed out about it and just "play it by ear."

07-02-2007, 11:04 PM
no it's just starting all i saw was a girl looking for a guitar player, bassist and drummer and keyboardist for a band. so it's really just starting.