Problem with text line under my name.


View Full Version : Problem with text line under my name.

11-12-2007, 12:17 PM
Underneath my name, like displayed when I post on forums and such, it's got my name, JesseLaceyIsGod, and then right under it, it says UG newbie.

I went to my settings and edited my profile and changed my headline (that's the same thing, correct?) to UG's Jesse Lacey stalker.

but it still say's UG Newbie?

what do i do to change that?

11-12-2007, 12:24 PM
control panel, edit profile, custom user title

hope this helps

Till From Kenig
11-12-2007, 01:52 PM
that's the same thing, correct?
No, it isn't. Headline is just for profiles, but by default it's equal to custom user title in forums.