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Get It Done
12-19-2007, 09:30 PM
Alright, I'm thirteen and in a band with another thirteen year old on drums and a fourteen year old bassist. We have played a couple shows around our area but nothing major yet. Our sound is turning more towards a poppy blues/rock feel (if thats possible) even though we started out wanting to be heavy rock. We are influenced by Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, and other classic rock bands that fall somewhere around them. The bassist is heavily influenced by Flea and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in general. I am a classic rock disciple but I do get into the newer rock and alternative, like The White Stripes and Coheed and Cambria. I, being the guitarist, comes up with most of the chord progressions and has written all of our five completed originals. I am also the vocalist. The drummer is getting into a lot of the new emo music, but he is very open-minded and likes many different genres. What I don't want everyone on this forum to do is say something like, "You are thriteen and way too young to be in a band, you probably suck." That is just stubborn and immature in my opinion. We are doing very well for a band of any age and I cant wait to record some of our music, but we have to take baby steps since none of the three band members have much money. Maturity is not an issue either because all of us are very real about what we are doing right now, and we aren't letting egos get in the way of anything we do. Anyway, to get to the point, this is our setlist for our shows.

Lead Based Paint (A very upbeat original that would get a crowd going)
White Room (Cover, originally done by Cream)
Californication (Cover, originally done by Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Blues improv (We do a breakdown in the middle to introduce ourselves)
Secrets (A soft starting song that builds up to a heavier ending, original)
Wild Thing (Hopefully gets the crowd into it again, very recognizable of course)

Then the other two members go off and i do two acousic songs

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (acoustic cover, originally done by the Beatles)
There Will Always Be (acoustic original, very melodic)

About a ten minute intermission

Kashmir/The Ocean/Moby Dick (This is a Led Zeppelin medley, we only do about half
of Kashmir, all of The Ocean, then about a three
minute drum solo.)
Live It Up (An upbeat, feel-good original)
Jumpin' Jack Flash (cover, originally done by the Rolling Stones)
What Do I Have To Lose (A slow but heavy sounding original)
Woman (cover, originally done by Wolfmother, it usually gets the crowd into it
because of my relentless screaming into the microphone.)

Song 2 (90's cover, originally done by Blur, its very recognizable. If you don't know
the song, you'd know it if you heard it)

12-19-2007, 09:38 PM
my band only plays originals
but thats cool i guess

12-19-2007, 09:58 PM
That actually looks like a pretty cool list. I'm especially insterested in the Zep Medley.

Get It Done
12-19-2007, 10:27 PM
Yeah, me and the bassist really like Zep and we were trying to decide on either the Ocean or Kashmir to cover, and we decided that if Led can do 20 minute medleys, we can do at least 9 minute medleys with a couple of their songs. It comes out to about 9-10 minutes when we play them, depending on how long the guitar solo on the Ocean and the Moby Dick drum solo.

12-19-2007, 10:41 PM
That's a very long setlist.

Get It Done
12-19-2007, 10:46 PM
not reallly? we have used it all in all of our shows, except for the birthdays parties that we've played.

12-19-2007, 11:45 PM
not reallly? we have used it all in all of our shows, except for the birthdays parties that we've played.

Well if you guys are the only people playing I guess it's a good length.

12-20-2007, 04:51 AM
if i were you, i would end on an original. However, maybe that would be best if you had recordings of your original, because otherwise people wont be able to go listen to it. So my suggestion is that when you get round to recording your songs, end your set list with an original.

Otherwise, it seems like a pretty cool set list.

Get It Done
12-20-2007, 09:03 PM
We are trying to record some of our music VERY soon. By the way, is 25$ an hour a good price for a professional quality studio? We were thinking about buying a recording system and recording the stuff ourselves if we couldnt find a cheap studio. What are your thoughts on this?

12-24-2007, 09:31 PM
looks like a good setlist

12-25-2007, 12:28 AM
Wow that's a good set list. I don't think you'll get any doubt because of your age, 'specially if you don't have one of those high pitched pre-pubescent singing voices. Even if you do...dude the set is made of win.

12-28-2007, 06:43 PM
That's a pretty good set list. Your Zep Medley sounds pretty cool. My band used to do a Zep Medley:
- Rock 'n Roll (to the end of the solo)
- The Ocean (to the a capella part)
- Immigrant Song (through the second chorus)
- Stairway to Heaven (the pickup at the end)

Always went over well.

12-28-2007, 08:48 PM
We are trying to record some of our music VERY soon. By the way, is 25$ an hour a good price for a professional quality studio? We were thinking about buying a recording system and recording the stuff ourselves if we couldnt find a cheap studio. What are your thoughts on this?

I would go with the "home studio" thing, because after you buy the gear you can record whenever you want and not feel stressed on time like in professional studios.

12-28-2007, 09:17 PM
^I disagree

Its good to have gear at home, for demoing songs and trying out ideas and stuff. But if you do not have the knowledge or skills in recording, you will not end up with a good sound. In the end going into the studio makes a lot more sense if you are anywhere serious about what you are doing. I have a nice home studio, and know a lot about recording, but I will still always vote on going into a studio if you don't know what you are doing, and plan on doing somewhat serious work.

$25.00 seems reasonable, I wouldn't know what you are getting out of that, but I imagine you should be getting a good product. if you budget out a few days, say 10-20 hours, than you're looking at something like 250-500 total to get those 5 or something songs done.

Get It Done
12-29-2007, 07:58 PM
ya well i was just talking to my dad about it, since im thirteen i have to do pretty much everything through him, and he gave me some suggestions. He is pretty knowledgable in the music business and our bassists dad is a roadie, so he has some connections and knows what hes talking about. When I talked to them they said that we should buy a PA first, and i agree, our PA is barely loud enough to get over everyone in a small place, and it has sub par sound. But they also suggested going to a studio and recording maybe 3 of our best songs first, that way we have something to give the people who are going to book us. The last two places we've played they asked for a sample disc, and all we had was a video of us playing at a birthday party. The camera had a terrible mic so it didnt sound good, and it was our first "real" shows, so we were very nervous. There was like a hundred people at this party. What do you think abot this idea?

And no I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to recording. So if anyone could give me any tips on recording that would be great.

Get It Done
01-03-2008, 08:29 PM
We also just learned Sunshine of Your Love, it is so recognizable and easy that we had to learn it.

01-03-2008, 08:44 PM
Sounds good... get a soundclick etc. would love to hear you guys.

Get It Done
01-03-2008, 09:25 PM
i was about to make a soundclick page a coule weeks ago but then we decided that we were going to change our name and it would be stupid to make a page like that right now. I want to record some of our music so frickin bad.

01-03-2008, 10:11 PM

Get It Done
01-07-2008, 11:29 PM
haha, we are going to just scope out the studio pretty soon, as in next weekend. We are going to record there as soon as we can, so i could have some music up to give you guys within the next month, ill keep you posted. And no, i dont have a pre-pubescent voice that is really high. The music teacher in my chool is a super low baritone, he ranged my voice at a high bass. Explained by saying that i could go low bass and i could go decently high, but my comfort zone is a high bass.

How do these go in order?
Ex: (starting from the lowest to the highest, i dont think im right?)

01-07-2008, 11:49 PM
bass, tenor, bari, alto, soprano.

pretty sure thats right.
bass is lowest i do know that.


01-10-2008, 03:41 AM
Bari is definatelly below tenor

01-10-2008, 03:42 AM
BAss, bari (other way maybe), alto, tenor, soprano

01-10-2008, 09:49 AM
Looks like a pretty good setlist. We have performed Song 2 as a closer before as well, as I do particularly enjoy howling "WOOHOOO" into the mic.

Get It Done
01-16-2008, 10:42 PM
ya, haha, the bassist, who is usually backup vocals, does the woohoo. it was hard for me to do the woohoo then change the tone of my voice so much to do the lyrics to the chorus. But we were playing this one show at a festival, and there were about fifty people actually watching us, other people were just walking around, and we could hear the crowd doing the WOOHOO. it was one of the best feelings ive ever had.

01-16-2008, 11:20 PM
Nice set list.

Any chance of getting that Zepp medley recorded? I'm curious as to how it would turn out.

01-17-2008, 12:44 AM
You seem like good honest kids, here's a secret that no one will tell you though.... playing cover songs that aren't immensly popular ISN'T suicide. You guys don't have to play obvious songs like White Room or Sunshine of Your Love... want to cover a good Cream song? Play like I Feel Free or something. Sure a lot of people wouldn't recognize it, but do you honestly think that people will care? Do you honestly think that if you played an obscure cover, people would think "WAIT! I DON'T KNOW THIS SONG, THIS BAND SUCKS ARRRRRRGHHH!!" I mean c'mon, thats ridiculous. If its a good song, and you play it well and deliver it well, everyone will be into it, and half the people will think its original material (which only helps you out) and the other more musically inclined half will give you props for covering some good shit that they normally wouldn't hear and not just White Room or Sunshine Of Your Love. I personally hate when bands cover really well known mainstream songs unless you're putting your own twist on it.

So basically, my whole point with this rant is, don't just settle for covering really cliched boring well known songs (which your setlist seems to have a couple), make it interesting.

And for you guys up there^ the order from highest to lowest goes:
Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass

01-18-2008, 03:40 PM
If you're gonna do woman by Wolfmother just do Roadhouse blues by the doors, they sound exactly the same.

01-18-2008, 04:45 PM
Good setlist, and easy to trim down when neccesary

Get It Done
01-19-2008, 01:09 AM
i dont think that we could get that zep medley recorded. We are going to have a meet and greet with a studio owner on sunday, but on our budget we just wanna do our three songs and get out before we have to pay too much for hours and stuff. We arent recording on Sunday, just setting up another date for us to record. When we do record, we are on a tight budget, so we are gonna just get our three best songs done and get out. If we really want to, we might just run through that zep medley real fast and make it more of a demo than anything.

Get It Done
01-20-2008, 11:33 PM
we met the studio owner today, real cool guy. He gave us the low down on what its all gonna be like, hes really intelligent and knows what hes talking about. The studio is being renovated and they will be done with that about the end of Feb. So we will hopefully have the recording done by March.

01-21-2008, 07:08 AM
That sounds pretty sweet.

Whats your band called?

Get It Done
01-21-2008, 02:19 PM
We dont even have a damn name, but we were thinking of a couple. We gotta figure out the whole name thing soon.