Getting videos onto UG.TV?


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01-02-2008, 04:48 AM
So the UG/TV section is great and all but I would like to put a few videos up that I have made for the message board, (mostly the recording section.)

I finished one video and plan on getting the second one done before the end of the month and then I have a third one to do.

Video one is on audio interfaces and how to record to your computer and keep that good quality.
edit, you can see the first video linked in this thread:

Video two will be about low budget recording and using a stock sound card and adapters to get your guitar or other instruments into the PC.

Video three will talk all about MTRs, (multi track recorders) for those who don't own a PC or want to record out "in the field".

I sent a PM to Zappp a while ago and so I'm hoping he will get back to me on the subject...but I thought I would post a message here to get info from others as well.