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04-06-2008, 02:41 AM
Hello guys!!!
new long power metal song...
i think its amazing!!!
pleaze crit...

Raizer Sabre
04-06-2008, 05:31 AM
o.0 wow...just wow. i was completely blown away by this one, had elements of folk, power and i think even some symphonic black metal all thrown into one long song. i love how you even managed to incorporate vocals in there too, although i guess its cuz you're russian that i didn't understand them, but no matter, they still sounded good. i also love that windy sound effect you threw in during a few of the short, heavy-ish breaks like at bar 34 for example, i couldn't work out how you did it cuz there were no other instruments filling it in. there were actually a few parts i thought sounded so good i nearly cried lol. overall, as i said, i was totally blown away right from the start, 1000/10 for this one, very well done indeed

04-06-2008, 01:34 PM
Outstanding job. The song is perfect, no flaws, it's absolutely an excellent piece.The intro melody is excellent and really great way to open the song, the Structure is perfect, the changes of atmosphere are perfect, the bridges are awesome.
There is no flaw in the song, nothing to change in my opinion, the song maybe lengthy but songs that are lengthy should be very entertaining with many sections but still with structure, and this one just blows me away that it's length doesn't matter.

Excellent work, 10/10

oh... THAT guy
04-06-2008, 03:04 PM
That was fucking awesome, man! I took GCSE music and I have to write a composition which is a 'popular song with elements of traditional folk music' and this has really inspired me. It's completely perfect in every aspect of a folk metal song.

Matt Chavie
04-06-2008, 04:05 PM
It's pretty great, the intro sounds like it was taken from something else though. The strings were my favorite. With all the bells it sounded a little too happy. The waves sounded like the applause on most keyboards. I like how you carried the theme throughout the song. This was very very long which is good or bad depending on who you are. Bar 278 was a little abrupt. But like I said one of the parts sounds like something else, and it's not my style. So 8.5/10. Crit either of mine if you would, they are in the T&C forum titled "I Left My Horse In Tarmitta" and "The Cukoo Clock Of Doom". Thanks,

04-07-2008, 01:35 AM
:eek: I think I just **** brick due to the awesome epicness of this song, and this is definitely one of the best song I've heard in here!

The intro was, for me, a bit too sudden. You started to use high notes right off the bat, which although sounds good there, imo could be improved if you did a build-up there. I noticed that you carry the theme over the whole song, which might be good or bad depending on the listener. I, for one, am fine with it, but it gets a bit stale at times. From bar 158 onwards it gets a tad repetitive and stales a bit, as you repeated themes from prior parts for too long. I was also expecting some sort of solo that never came :( .

Aside from that, bar 278 onward was pure gold. The breakdown, although came a bit too late, serves as a great way to contrast the song and to lay the foundation for the solo, which is really cool and epic-sounding might I add. After that, it pretty much just flows perfectly, into what seems to be an orgasm for the ear :p: .

Overall, despite the cons, I still would give it 15/10 if I can :) . Crit mine please? It's also an epic metal thingy, and I would appreciate if you could give me tips on how to improve it to your level :) .

04-07-2008, 07:38 AM
simply amazing, 'nuff said.


10-26-2008, 02:48 PM
****ing amazing