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04-14-2008, 05:55 AM
This is my band's first song, although still a work in progress, I thought I would post it and see what you thought, crits are welcome and will be returned.

PS. This song was made in guitar pro, using RSE. The volumes may be off when listening with MIDI, so just use RSE, sounds better anyway.

04-14-2008, 08:34 AM
really nice, spooky :p ...sure the vocals will give it more accent...
but i have a suggestion, in the bar no.76, in the piano track...try B instead of A#...i think it suits better

04-14-2008, 08:57 AM
yeah man, cheers, that b does sound much nicer, the vocals are a mix of black, death and clean singing so it takes out any repetetiveness that the song may contain.

04-14-2008, 11:35 AM
crrit and listen

niiiice intro, good and spooky, i really like it

good boom as the band enters, good rolling drums

next bit, veeery heavy, insane drums o.0 are they possible?

riff2 and enter piano sounds very gothic, good so far

re-intro, personally i dont like the piano, but it completely fits

finale, excellent ending


crit "Hellbound Believer?"

04-15-2008, 06:39 AM
cool man, u dont like the reintro piano? thats the bit i love most, what is it you don't like about it?

04-15-2008, 02:02 PM
REINTRO(PIANO SOLO) HOLY S***(in a good way) , I LOVE IT!!!

04-16-2008, 01:21 AM
That riif 2 was very Emperor sounding, in fact to be fair the whole song was along those lines. not the piano interlude though

04-16-2008, 03:29 AM
haha, yeah, been told that before, emperor is definately a major influence, as well as dimmu borgir. :devil:

04-16-2008, 12:58 PM
Nice strings, but the drums are too fast. Add more bass drums, and less snares in the middle of the song.

04-16-2008, 01:11 PM
with this type of music, the blast beats are essential in black metal, without them its just not the same.

04-16-2008, 01:15 PM
I'm no expert at black metal, but just half-speed the snare. maybe you could play with with electric/acoustic snaring.

05-06-2008, 04:26 PM
your band got a myspace page or anything :P lol

05-07-2008, 03:39 AM
unfortunately no, we're just lazy, still haven't decided on a name yet :rolleyes:

05-07-2008, 03:43 AM
Not bad, the intro build up is too long with a few mistakes but when the guitars enter it sounds good.