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Trash Frog
03-06-2004, 11:05 AM
Well since there is a ultimate guitar thread and an ultimate bass thread i think there should be an ultimate accessories thread. Include any accessory items(pedals, cables, string, etc.)

Here's what to include in your post:
Name of Item
Who It Is Made By
Style of Music It Fits
Why You Like It

Well get going!

Keep it clean - I'll have this stickied

Spam, unrelated posts, or posts that simply do not have enough/relavant information, or give a poor review will be deleted.

Please keep this thread filled with posts STRICTLY about gear. Questions can be asked in PMs. Once again, unrelated posts, WILL be deleted, and users warned.

03-06-2004, 11:19 AM
I officially endorse this thread, great idea!

To get it started, I'll do my Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah-Wah.

Jim Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal

The wah is activated and de-activated by pressing the wah forward all the way, forcing the pedal to push down a small button under it. There is no on/off switch, just 2 jacks for chords and an unusual adapter.

I bought it for $50 used.

The wah has a ridiculously poor sweep, there is no midrange at all. There are really only 2 different sounds, high treble, and high bass. The sound doesn't change gradually, there is no gradual sweep or elegant transition from bassy to middy to trebly. When rocked all the way back, it sounds like any wah all the way back would, but then when it's about 30-40% forward, it sounds almost exactly the same. From about 40-60% forward there's a slight midrange which is really more trebly than anything. From about 60%-fully rocked down, it just sounds ridiculously icepicky and trebly, and if left in that position it would seriously cause major hearing damage.

I'm off to radioshack today to buy a bunch of random stuff to mod my crybaby, and I'll report back with the results.

I hope this thread catches on, it'd be a great help to people who would actually bother to read it.

03-06-2004, 11:21 AM
Name of Item- MXR Blue Box
Who It Is Made By- MXR
Features- Output and Blend
Cost- 130 list, 75 street
Style of Music It Fits- I don't know
Why You Like It- It's wierd as hell, it's an ocatve down distortion on acid basically.

Like I said earlier, this is an octave distortion. It switches randomly between 1 and 2 octaves, so you can hit the same not 5 times and not get the same sound twice.

The best way to describe it's sound would probably be a malfunctioning Atari. I use this pedal to just to confuse people really.

It can't be used for any real purpose but to get people to say "What the hell was that?".

This is by far my favorite pedal.

03-06-2004, 11:55 AM
Boss DS-1
$40.00-50.00-dont remember the price but its no more than that.

I love this pedal, it has as much as distortion you want for metal. And you can always turn the distortion down. it has an output and input and an adapter jack. And it has great sound for rock like guns n roses and zeppelin. Its a GREAT pedal and very very cheep.

Backup Guitar
03-06-2004, 12:26 PM
I think I'll continue on the DS-1.

For anyone who thinks they need an OD-20 drive zone to get a blues distortion, you are wrong. This pedal handles a great trebly, raunchy blues distortion with ease. Getting true overdrive can be a little difficult, but it certainly handles a lot of great stuff.

My favourite setting is having the tone just past 12:00, and the Drive at full. Then, on my amp, I have the mids at about 5-6, treble at 7 and bass at 5. It's simply a great, heavy sound. I use it with .011 gauge strings and whole step down tuning, and it just works amazing. It brings my squier strat and frontman 15 amp to life.

EDIT: I have a soundclip of me playing through the DS-1 straight to the computer. Clickhere ( to have a listen. The settings are: Gain at full, tone at 12:00, level at 12:00. Of course, when put through my amp, it does sound a bit more contained. I'll also be submitting my DS-1 for modifications to Robert Keeley, and I'll be sure to update you guys once that comes through.


03-06-2004, 12:46 PM
Behringer V-amp 2

Made by - Behringer

Features - Amp modeling, Cabinet modeling, Effects

Cost - $130 USD

Style of Music - Any style. It comes with 125 presets that range from Blues to Metal to Funk as well as just so f*cking wierd sounds.

Why I Like It - The V-Amp 2 fits any style of music I have ever tryed to play and pulls it off amazingly. Its distortion is amazing (especialy when set on one of the two rectified amp models). The effects are great and very controlable. There is a seperate reverb control which v=can be use at the same time with up to two other effects, distortion, and amp and cabinet modeling.

I also think that people should include any problems with the product.

Problems - The foot switch that comes with is is pretty much sh*t. But they do sell a MIDI foot controller that can be used with it. However it is another $130.,sameday/v-amp2_big2-0bd547b8cc6b1ce92c74bb95e809ae8e.jpg

03-06-2004, 05:16 PM
BOSS TU-2 Chromatic Tuner $80-100 US

-Handsfree operation
-'Stream" meter for easy accuracy
-Seven modes for easy options
-Seven-segment LED

This tuner is great for many reasons. One thing that I like about it is it's handsfree operation. Simply step on it, hit the string you want to tune and it will show up on the meter with unbeatable accuracy. You can't forget it's design either. The TU-2 is extremely compact, just like all of BOSS' pedals and extremely durable too. Whether you plan on using the TU-2 for gigs, or just for home use, it is a very ideal buy.

03-07-2004, 03:53 AM
Name of Item : CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
Who It Is Made By : Boss
Features : Compact chorus pedal, High and low filters, E.Level, Rate and Depth controls
Cost : £32 (Pre-owned)

This great compact pedal gives a range of chorus tones from mild and natural, to clear and penetrating stereo chorus.I bought this pedal from e-Bay for £32 and it has proven to be truly a great buy, i use this mostly for my clean playing to add another dimension to my cleans but i also use it with distortion to add that 'nother dimension to my tone.

Backup Guitar
03-10-2004, 11:44 PM
I'm voting we're allowed to post strings. Let's hope nirvanaozzie "officially" endorses that.

Brand: D'addario
Type: XL Nickelplated steel, .011 - .049
Cost: 6-7 bucks, tops.
Description: Well, I've used other gauges of D'addario, and these certainly take the cake. I use them on whole step down tuning (what else?) and they're amazing for chord work, acoustic playing, and even fast soloing. I mainly stick to pull ons and hammer offs, and it works great all around. Compared to the old fender bullets, and even d'addario 10's, these just sound great. And you can't beat the price of these strings. It almost has an "alive" sort of feel. Meaning that the sound isn't flat at all... it almost shimmers. Say, I play a low powerchord on the typical distortion settings, these things really pull out some great crunch. Wonderful fast action, and I don't seem to have a lot of hiss when I run my fingers along them. The high strings have great high end clarity, while the bottom strings are booming with power. Great for any type of rock to jazz. You can also get this gauge with a wound third string. Make sure you read the package carefully, as I once accidentally bought the wrong set and had to go back to the music store to exchange it.

I also use D'addario because of the environmentally friendly packaging. And the players points. One more string package till I get my Vandoren coffee mug.

03-13-2004, 01:09 PM
Originally posted by Backup Guitar
I'm voting we're allowed to post strings. Let's hope nirvanaozzie "officially" endorses that.

Brand: D'addario
Type: XL Nickelplated steel, .011 - .049
Cost: 6-7 bucks, tops.
Description: Well, I've used other gauges of D'addario, and these certainly take the cake. I use them on whole step down tuning (what else?) and they're amazing for chord work, acoustic playing, and even fast soloing. I mainly stick to pull ons and hammer offs, and it works great all around. Compared to the old fender bullets, and even d'addario 10's, these just sound great. And you can't beat the price of these strings. It almost has an "alive" sort of feel. Meaning that the sound isn't flat at all... it almost shimmers. Say, I play a low powerchord on the typical distortion settings, these things really pull out some great crunch. Wonderful fast action, and I don't seem to have a lot of hiss when I run my fingers along them. The high strings have great high end clarity, while the bottom strings are booming with power. Great for any type of rock to jazz. You can also get this gauge with a wound third string. Make sure you read the package carefully, as I once accidentally bought the wrong set and had to go back to the music store to exchange it.

I also use D'addario because of the environmentally friendly packaging. And the players points. One more string package till I get my Vandoren coffee mug.

I gotta get 3 more for a shirt :p:

I use the same gauge and they cost me $3.33 per set.

Ok my review

Name of Item- Dunlop Straplocks
Who It Is Made By - Dunlop
Features- Locks
Cost- $20? I paid 20 with installation.
Style of Music It Fits- All of them
Why You Like It- My guitar doesnt fall. They have never failed me yet. Really easy to use, too.

03-16-2004, 10:25 AM
[B]Name of Item: Zoom GFX-8
Who It Is Made By: ZOOM (duh)
V.A.M.S. Circuitry
Custom Distortion (that OWNS, there are endless possibilities)
69 effect types
Metal body
Intuitive interface
Patch memory
4ch equalizer
MIDI compatability
and a LOT more
Cost: 279.99 USD
Style of Music It Fits: Any style... it's a freaking multi-effects processor, it's MEANT to fit more than one style
Why You Like It:
The main reason why I like this pedal is how customizable it is... Each effect has a multitude of different paramaters which are easily (if you read the manual) tweaked to your liking. On the same line as tweaking, it has "Manual" mode which allows for quick and easy tweaking allowing you to step on the footswith to turn on that specific effect.

Soundwise, it's completely killer. I would have to say that this excels in the 'Modulation' effects, though they are all good. Every Mod effect is crisp and clean and easily edited, as I said before.

Though overall the mod effects are the best, in my opinion this pedal has some of the best distortions I have ever heard. I can easily get Opeth-esque distortion (from songs such as To Bid You Farewell and Black Rose Immortal). I can also get such smooth distortions as though used by Satriani (Why, for example) and Vai (For The Love Of God). Classic distortions (Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top) are also easily obtained.

The reverb/delay effects are also very good, but I hardly ever use delay effects and I use my amp (Peavey Delta Blues 210) when it comes to reverb.

Great pedal for the price :cheers:

guano wape
03-26-2004, 09:31 AM
Name of Item: DOD juice box

Who It Is Made By: DOD

Features: slight warm tube overdrive stimulator, boost ur allready driven sound so it sounds like a tube drive..
pulp (bass) tang (treble) juice (gain) sweet (level) knobs

Cost: 70 euros

Style of Music It Fits: most styles, when played only whit the juice, it sounds kinda bluesy.. fits every stile...

Why You Like It: long sustain if used for boost of ur drive channel... good foor long melodic solo's... also sweet when playing long (power) chords.. sweet sound, good overdrive when played alone with juice box..


03-27-2004, 01:25 PM
Boss DSD-3 Sampler Delay

Has four controls, the usual delay things, level, repeats, time and a control to select between the long and short delays and the sampler.

Cost me £52 from eBay

I suppose it could be used for most kinds of music really, delay is a pretty common effect. I like to set my delay length to about 600ms, my repeats jus past 12 o clock, and my level at about 12 o clock, for a nice atmospheric wash, which can also be used to build up a bit of a wall of repeats and playing. I also enjoy messing with the sampler. As its only 800ms, it isn't a lot of use musically(I only got the sampler version because they tend to go for less on eBay than just the standard dd-3s), and you can only really get one bar at the most sampled, but i prefer to put in loads of overdubs, staying in a key, but not thinking about what i play until it just builds to a solid wall of sound, which can be very fun, especially combined with feedback etc. Once you have this wall of sound, its then possible to use the time knb to manipulate its pitch and just generally creat fu<C>cked up noise... very fun.

Also, the pedal is a lot darker than the picture makes it seem....

03-27-2004, 03:58 PM
Name of Item WH-1 (Original Whammy Pedal)

Who It Is Made By Digitech


3 modes: harmonizing, pitchchanging and a 'detune' mode where original signal is mixed with the slightly (Shallow) or strongly (Deep) signal.

harmonizing mode offers the following intervals (they are in reference to pitch of original signal):

[ pedal 'down' / pedal 'up']
-1 octave / +1 octave
-5th / -4th
-4th / -3rd
+5th / +7th
+5th / +6th
+4th / +5th
+3rd / +4th
+b3rd / +3rd
+2nd / +3rd

these are the pitch changing modes:

['down' = unchanged signal]

+1 octave
+2 octaves
-1 octave

and there are the two 'detune' modes as described earlier.

Input; 'Dry' output, 'Wet Added' output'.

rotary switch / knob to change mode, bypass switch (true bypass as far as i know); expression pedal (very smooth rocking motion! much smoother than any wah you'll ever try).

the pedal only runs of an external 10V digitech made power adapter.... these are rare; the previous owner of now my WH-1 had to get one shipped form US, and to this day i use the WH-1 with taht power adapter and a voltage changer.


if you want the originals, prepare to spend some serious buck. I got mine for £240 ($400) - and i actually got a good deal.

Style of Music It Fits

hard rock, metal and shred would be best i think.

It is a pedal which is almost like a new instrument - its very hard to use it and get MUSICAL sounds out of it, and not 2 octave shifting jibberish thats out of key and just horrible.

If used well however, it can really create interesting and exciting sounds, to see what i mean, check out these songs:

Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name [solo] - one octave up

Joe Satriani - Cool #9 - in various places, one octave up mode too.

i mean pretty much any Tom Morello (formerly of RATM, now of Audioslave) has WH-1 in it. other famous users of the WH-1 are Edge of U2, Steve Vai, Steven Carpenter.

Edge in fact is obsessed with WH-1's, when he found out they will no longer be made, he went out and bought ANOTHER 9, just in case if his one breaks. keep in mind the prices on those things.... taht tells you something, eh?

Why You Like It

well its the Red Ferrari, the 1960's Marshall amp or the Fender Nocaster of effects.

i have never met another guitarist taht has a WH-1, and every one of them that had seen or played my WH-1 were deeply awed; so definetely the 'wow' factor.

and its ferrri red colour! how cool is that! :p:

now being serious, this is one of the craziest and most desirable effect pedals of all time. it is vintage now to an extent, and it will keep getting rarer and rarer, hence more and more expensive.

unlike the Original Tubescreamer obsession, the prices for the WH-1's are reasonable, because you can just buy a re-issue Tubescreamer and do the TS808 mod, which is essentially putting in one easily available chip..... and you will not hear the difference between the two. I have tried it for myself, and its true. the TS808 mod is all you need.

now, the WH-1 obsession (hence high prices) is totally a different matter. let me explain the why.

when Digitech was formed in the 80's, they wanted to launch a big effects pedal that would put them in the centre of the effects market. The pedal they designed was the WH-1.

it was meant to be a pedal that not only replaced the need for tremolo bridges, ala for doing pull-ups, divebombs, etc but extend the range and add further versatility to whammy bar effects (hence the name). they went about this task by designing a totally digital pedal, with an expression pedal, which changed the amount of pitch changing.

at the very heart of the pedal's operation were two chips, especially written by an outside software company (the name of which has escaped my memory). anyway as this was Digitech's first product more or less, they wanted to make it the best quality possible (as you do when you try to have a big impact on the guitar effects market). they used durable materials, top quality circuit components, and of course the custom written software chips. the next objective was to make it as cheap as possible.

the pedal did not really take off (as obvious from the lack of 'Whammy' sounds in 80's guitar music...).... so one way or the other, the software compare tore up the contract to make those chips..... this meant Digitech could no longer manufacture the whammy pedals as they were in their present state - it would have cost way too much to have the chips rewritten by another company - so what they did, they made basic Digitech copies of the chips, which have been put on every pedal reissue version (i.e. the WH-2, WH-3, WH-4).

the Original WH-1 is known for nigh-on perfect note tracking and highly realistic harmonizer as well as actual pitch changing effects. on any reissue of the Whammy, the effects sound pretty horrible, very digital, the tracking on th WH-4 i found to be jyst awful.

now in context of the Tubescreamer - these chips will never be made again - Digitech will never make exact reissues of the WH-1 becaase it would simply cost too much. each pedal would end up running at about $300 new, and they would hardly sell. however whereas you can have a 'vintage' tubescreamer after one mod, this mod is not possible with the WH-1 unless you're looking after tracking down some original chips.

in layman's terms, the WH-1 is vastly superior to any other WH reissue. to me, it sthe king of effects, and that is why i sold two of my guitars so i could buy a WH-1.

with the WH-1 i can play a guitar and have it sound like a bass. so close to a bass in fact, that i fooled a couple of my friends by showing them a recording of me playing 'bass'.

so you can play overdrive bass, Cliff-style (r.i.p)..... -2 octaves is insane, you can blow a bass amp with that! and its great on +octave modes; the harmozing is great too, but only really works
with single notes - anything more than two notes at a time makes it muddy....

detune mode is great for making creepy out of tune noises! with 'shallow' mode, its possible to get that 'digital' sound! makes the tone very thick and it gives the impression that two guitars are playing at once.

basically, if you like what you hear, have enough money and see one......... buy it and dont let go! these things own!

even if you buy it and decide you dont like it, you can easily resell it at the same price (or wait a couple of years and you'll get a profit ;) )


03-30-2004, 11:10 PM
Name of Item-digitech RP200A
Who It Is Made By-digitech
Features-amp modeling, effects (such as rotary speaker, envelope, vibrato, reverb, delay, pitch shifter, chorus, flange, whammy, tremolo), drum machine (30 beats), customizable effects (40 slots), 40 artist sets, 40 factory sets (for those that are lazy, 120 total sets), expression pedal
Style of Music It Fits-all, but doesnt do very well with metal
Why You Like It-very versatile and suprisingly good tones, digitech has a site where you can post your settings and get settings

04-05-2004, 04:11 PM
ok, nirvanaozzie posted earlier about his Crybaby Wah Pedal....

i have one too, and i agree with everything he said; so i too studied the schematics and made two modifications to mine that have made a MASSIVE difference to the sound, hence i will review a 'modified Crybaby'.

Name of Item Jim Dunlop Original Crybaby 'StreamLine mod'

Who It Is Made By Jim Dunlop USA, modified by me :)

Features a wah pedal. click on button at top. rock foot back and forth, difference you hear is 'wah'. d'uh :p:
Cost £70 new, plus several caps and resistors (about 30p each)

Style of Music It Fits the modified version fits a variety of music, but most notably metal because of the powerful sweep, quite like the Bad Horsie in terms of tone now.

Why You Like It its unique, built like a tank, will last forever; has a great wah tone, exactly what i always wanted.

now to the changes, i've read up a lot on wah mods and schematics, and armed with several resistors, inductors and capacitors i set out to mod my wah :).

what i eventually settled on was a two item mod, in comparison with the 'Original' Crybaby.

i replaced the 33k resistor which is in parallel with the inductor with one that is 100k (the smaller circled component on pic); this was done to give the wah a more vocal quality, which is exactly what it gave me. the wah does not longer sound harsh and agressive as it did before. when used with no overdrive, it gives a lovely, smooth vocal tone, much like the Vox Clyde McCoy which are considered to be one of the best ever wah's by many.....

second mod was replacing0.01µF cap with a 0.068µF cap, which increased the wah range, in making it more trebly and more powerful overall., i tried several higher values, but ended up sticking with the 0.068 - it sounds great IMO.

ok basically, this is a simple mod, costing next to nothing (albeit several burns on fingers, lol); this dramatically changes teh wah's sound like i said before.

so just describe the change, imagine something like a Dimebag sig wah, or Bad Horsie, Vai's sig - it sounds closer to taht now. at the bass end notes have a fair bit of treble too - lots of definition; sounds a lot like the satch 'reverse' wah trick he does. the actual just has more power.

having said that it still maintains 'Crybaby' feel and overall smooth tone; to me, this is the perfect cross between a 'vintage' wah and a modern high gain designed wah pedal, it responds wonderfully to different gain settings - very versatile.

here's the pic of the modded PCB, two changed components are circled. (the large one is the 0.068uF cap, smaller one is the 100k resistor).

i hope this helps, and if you got any comments or opinions please PM me, as i understand SV300 wants to keep this thread 'review-only'



Five Bob
04-14-2004, 07:57 AM
Zoom PS 04

I just bought a Zoom PS 04 Palmtop studio coz' i was sick of forgetting all the cool song ideas id come up with......

I havent yet got the thing mastered but i tell you for the money this is a great product i would reccomend it to anyone who was thinking of buying anything in the digital recorder low price range.

Drum Machine
Bass programming
4 tracks (with 10 v takes on each track)
Fully integrated guitar, vocal and mastering effect presets (this is great cos you can use it for practising with just the headphones on)

it didnt come with a transformer but 4 aa batteries last for 10 hours...

It cost me $420 australian which works out to $310 us or 173 pounds. good value i thought considering what it does

heaps more, just ask me if you want to know anything more:cool:

04-26-2004, 10:51 AM
Like the RP-200A, but can't afford it? Try this little guy:

Name of Item : RP-50

Who It Is Made By; Digitech

Features: Same as the RP-200A, but without the artist Presets.

Cost:$99... I got it for $59 at Gutiar center, though.

Style of Music It Fits: Any. The matal thing applies, as well.

Why You Like It: CHEAPNESS! Oh, GOd, for the money you pay you have a MaCHINE that is incredible!


I love it. I have gotten Pink Floyd sounds, the Metallicrunch, and Blues tones that are awesome. I reccomend this thing for someone who just wants the effects and wants to play a bit.

04-26-2004, 11:24 AM
Name of Item: Peterson VS-II Virtual Strobe Tuner

Who It Is Made By: Peterson

Features: Just about anything you could ever imagine in a tuner and its extremely precise.

Cost: $199.00 USD

Why You Like It: Intonation and tuning are so close to perfect it should be a crime. The ability to tune a multitude of different instruments and the "sweetened" guitar tuning does make a hell of a difference. I also like the portability of this unit over my bench strobe. I can take this anywhere without any hesitation because of its size and the fact its battery or AC powered (it comes with a wall wart). I also like the back lit screen. The VS-1 did not have a backlit screen and sometimes the glare was unreal... the backlit screen put and end to that problem, plus the VS-II has quite a few more functions over the VS-1. The programmable functions are a breeze. You can save any setup you can imagine.

Downside: The price. Its expensive for a tuner, but if you're really into more instruments than just guitars or you want perfect tuning and intonation, this is about the least expensive strobe available on the market.

Manufacturers Site:

04-28-2004, 05:14 AM
Boss BF-2 Flanger pedal.

Quite possibly one of the best flange pedals ever made!

I aquired this pedal which is a japan made early 90's relic for £20 and i have been extremely happy with it.

cant get much simpler than stepping on it....four knobs isn'trocket science........i use this all the time manual-all the way up, rate and depth at 12:00, and regeneration all the way down

it does great for the sound i want, i use a Washburn Ec36 through a Laney VA50, it colors my tone without distorting my whole signal, it is also noiseless no hum feedback etc.....sounds good with the ME-30 i have used, but if you mess with the knobs to much you can get some really sillyass sounds
Forget what people have said about "delays" and junk. A flange is not a delay with "extra" controls. Consider this, your flanger travels across the frequency spectrum. It goes back and forth. The manual knob is used in conjuntion with the depth knob. The depth controls how far along the spectrum the flange will travel, and the manual is the origin, or starting point of the spectrum. Put it in the middle, and the frequency will travel evenly from either side of the center of the spectrum. Just thought I'd clear this up. This is not a delay, it doesnt sound like a delay, it bears no reminence to a delay. Get this if you want a flanger, get a delay if you want a delay.
They key to a great pedal is its versatility. How many different types of sounds can you get from the pedal? Well, you can get metallic sounds, robotic sounds, classic flanging sounds, chorus sounds, feedback sounds.... all from this single pedal.

Many pedals i have owned have failed the test of time and have been sold on ((Boss PW-10, Boss Cs-3 Compressor, Boss Power driver)) But this pedal i will keep. Excellant unit :)


05-01-2004, 12:48 AM
Inspired by StreamLine, I got out, and bought a brand spanking new bone stock GCB-95 (Revision G) to play with.

Name of Item Jim Dunlop Original Crybaby (GCB-95) 'Custom-J'

Who It Is Made By Jim Dunlop USA. Altered by me :D

Features A pedal that you rock backwards and forwards, that goes "wah" when you rock it backwards and forwards ;)

Cost Around $90USD for wah and resistors (Dunlop products are a ripoff in my country :mad: )

Style of Music It Fits Too many ;)

Why You Like It Doesn't sound like any other commercially available wah, solid as a brick, and I love it :D

This pedal, is still a work in progress. Whilst Phase I of the modifications are complete, Phase II will follow on in the future.

I've been researching Crybaby mods ever since I started wanting to buy one, and have always had quite a good idea of what I would want and what I wouldnt. I followed some of the mods on this ( page. For 3 resistors, at USD$0.06 each, the result is amazing.

The problem with the stock GCB-95, as I found, was that it just sounds weak overall. Like nirvanaozzie stated, too much treble, no mids, no bass. I knew what it was going to be like when I bought the damned thing, but it was worse than I imagined. So I set out on the mods;

1. Rotate the damn cogs on the wah pot. Having a rig that's a bit on the bright side, having an overly trebley wah was the last thing I wanted. I simply took apart the damn pedal, rotated the cog on the pot shaft 1 or 2 notches to the bass side, so my sweep ended up more bassy overall. Sounds a bit better than stock sweep area imho. Can be overdone though - I've had it TOO bassy and its not much fun ;) (mud, mud and mud)

2. 100K "Vocal mod" resistor. DEFINITELY recommended. Sounds real nice and smooth now, a lot more complex and vocal when compared to the 33K resistor that was stock. A big improvement imho.

3. 270ohm "Gain and Bass response" resistor. This change from the stock value of 390ohms was definitely an improvement, and got rid of the problem with the crybaby sounding thin. Makes it thick in all the ranges.

4. 1K8 "midrange" resistor. Replaces stock 1K5 resistor. Smooths out the bass/treble transition a tad, and gives the wah a little more fatness than the 1K5. Sounds fuller all around, which I like.

Now, compared to the stock crybaby, the Custom-J wah sounds a LOT better imho. Thicker, bassier, and generally richer; exactly what I wanted. For the few cents that I bought the resistors with, it was definitely worth it. Fairly different to Stream's wah, but its good in its own right :cool:

Phase II is planned right now, and it will consist of True Bypass operation, RI Fasel Inductor, and maybe a 100K Bourns linear pot (not a big fan of the weird taper on the Hot Potz, too abrupt for my taste). I'm experimenting with stripping the finish and polishing the whole damned thing too ;)

Pic's of the modded guts UPLOADED! All resistors that are blue/turqoise in color are not stock. Put a fresh battery in the sucker - it sounds great :D

05-01-2004, 01:12 AM
Name of Item: Carl Martin Rock Drive

Who It Is Made By: Carl Martin

Features: Modded TS-9 based circuit, symmetrical clipping, part of the mass produced lineup of the very nice Carl Martin effects line up, 9V-powered. Was told by a SD forum regular who actually works for Carl Martin/East Sound Research that this is the VERY close to the Hot Drive 'n' Boost, but the HDB runs an LM-something chip, whilst the Rock Drive runs a slightly inferior Motorola chip. Garunteed to whoop a TS-9's ass :D Runs a 2 band EQ (+/-20dB on both bands) as opposed to the single 1 band tone control on the majority of other pedals, so you can tailor your tone exactly to what you want it to be.

Cost: HKD$560, equivalent to USD$70. However, the cheapest I've seen em online from a company who distributes to the USA, was $132 (here!) ( MF retails some of the Carl Martin line, with the 9V series running at $140USD. You've got it bad :D

Style of Music It Fits: Lots. Use it in a clean amp for a classic rock crunch. Use it to boost a tube amp for heavy fricking metal (ie, what I use it for)

Why You Like It: For me, it was a boutique quality pedal (even though its not handmade, the construction inside is VERY good - see attached image) for a non-boutique price. I've compared it to the TS-9s and the SD-1s, and imho, the Rock Drive eats em both for breakfast. To me, the Rock Drive just sounds more natural, and the 2-band EQ gives it a lot more tweakability than other pedals (ie, in my case, I cut treble, but boost the mids), and like advertised, it does NOT dominate your amp's natural tone. It stays on in my rig 90% of the time, as I use it for a higher gain rhythm tone (2 12ax7s arent enough for my liking) And for $70, it was a steal :D If you want any more info, PM me.

And heres the pic of the pedal's guts. Very neat PCB layout, and even though I don't know jack about electronics, the components used in them look quite high end. Only gripe - plastic jacks wear out after a while, so the nuts on the jack are fairly loose, but I'll find a way to get around it.

05-01-2004, 06:06 PM
Heya guys, i just got fromlondon after visiting Roman ((Streamline)) and we had a very fun time, We went to denmark street , i have been looking for a new distortion to replace the one i currently have on my boss me-30 for something a bit more decent. perhaps for 80's shred tone.

We went around a few of the shops. We came across one of these.

((Warning this is not a distortion pedal, this a booster for a disto/overdriven tube amp))

I was scepitical and so was roman about how good this could be, i have a thing about signature gear, it just seems so... marketed. But considering the unit is only £55 i thought it would be best to try it out.

Went to the sound proofed room and plugged it up to a orange valve amp with my EC-36 shred guitar. i strated playing through it and it sounded like YJM it really did! im not kidding it sounded so damn close. with a bit of decent reverb anyhow.

Anyway after fumbling around a little, i let charles ((Romans freind)) and roman to show what the pedal can really do , and proceeded to show off in irritating and down right fascinating set of runs. I promptly walked out with the unit.

Adds just the right amount of compression, punch, distortion with added clarity and drive. Don't need to crank your tubes to get a great tone. Cranking your tube amp is one of the joys in life right? It sounds even fuller, bigger, ...hotter without being perverse. Even skeptics of bass muddiness or midbass slop don't have to worry. You may think it can be muddy but amazingly, there is just to much mid dynamics cutting through the mix. Your fingers will find them going for articulated ascending and descending runs with some wicked vibrato.

This Really brings out the hollar of your preamp tubes, if you have crappy tubes it will probably sound crappy. If you have super clean, good gain tubes, the dirt will shine. Dynamics are brought out by this pedal but combined with just the drive you need to push, push, push those preamp tubes,... it's like adding another gain stage into a tube preamp section.

This a welcome addition to any great tube amp, can "only make things better" as the maestro himself would say.

Later on in the day we stopped off into another shop. and we saw this.
D -1 Akai Shred-O-Matic
I was quite sceptical because of the rather cheesy and blatent name of Shred-O-Matic, me and roman had seen these on ebay for sale.

So roman persuaded me to try it at least. and when i did. my god :O fantastic tone and settings.

It has a built in tube for the tube disto and it also has ss disto for the out and out thrash metal tones.

This pedal just oozzes ((play me i sound great when shredding with :D)) The two other options are "passion and "smooth"
basically when you play gently, on the these modes, it has the tube sound on. sounds lovely and warm and cranked, and when i start playing harder and picking harder it turns to the ss disto for the heavy heavy stuff. Great fun and option. the passion and smooth modes are just different times on how quickly the type of distortion moves from one to the other.

This pedal has "Shred" in the name. To maintain note clarity bass is intentionally restricted to avoid fartiness and bluring when playing fast or with complex chords. The majority of distortion pedals do this including the Ibanez Tube Screamer, Boss DS-1 and most of their other distortions, etc.

It seems to like British voiced amps (Vox, Marshall, etc) and Celestions more than Fenders with Jensens. The tones in any amp I've used it in are useful, and tasty. I like a rig with several distortions, and this one is unique and very useful.

There is nothing more subjective than distortion. What you may like, I may hate and vice versa. And often, a distortion that sounds great in the bedroom alone, sounds lousy or gets lost in a band. A distortion that sounds bad soloed in the bedroom may cut and be perfect in a band setting.

Although it looks plastic its all metal constuction is excellant. It is built like a tank.

I bought the pedal after bringing up the money for the shred o matic ((thanks for forking out half roman , thats mah bd present ;) ))

Apparantly charles who was also with us was dead jealous that i did get the shred o matic :) Seriously guys i cant rate this high enough.,
if you need to compare it with another pedal. this is basically a shred version of the mesa v twin ((Which i have also tried out. ))


05-09-2004, 06:05 PM
Ibanez CS9 (Original, Vintage, not re-issue)

Features speed and width controls

Paid $59 on eBay

Fits almost any kind of style, not sure about metal though. Sounds best for psychadelic style music imo.

This is a great chorus. I have read countless reviews on this item and it has never gotten a negative mark. I must say I agree with pretty much everybody has said about this item in other reviews. The width and speed controls gives the guitar a resonant sound, and thicken the sound as well. This is great because I have a Fender Stratocaster and the tone is comparibly thin compared to other guitars. Also, the chorus gives the bass strings on the guitar a very eerie sound. The chorus sound is great for classic rock tones and is truly crucial to thickening and deepening the sound of your guitar. You can't get a super heavy chorus from this pedal, but it still sounds great. This pedal adds virtually no background noise or hum of any type. Overall, a great buy.

Btw - Ibanez recently made an exbortitanly priced re-issue of this pedal. It costs $120 - twice as much as what I paid and I purchased the original! I recommend buying an original off of eBay instead of purchasing the re-issue.

this is a picture of the re-issue, because I dont have a digital camera, but the two look exactly alike.

05-10-2004, 07:17 PM
Name of Item: ZOOM 606 Guitar Multieffects Pedal

Who It Is Made By: ZOOM

Features: This guitar comes with a variety of patches built from the 35 different effect types that you can tweak with a pretty much WYSIWYG interface. A lot of the patches have many different distortion styles, wah-wah, reverb, flanger, etc. It has 3 different amp models and 5 different modeling effects. Most of them sound really good. But there are also a couple that are probably totally useless. They sound horrible, like a diseased alien that just wants to die. The built-in tuner can be accessed by push down both of the selector pedals and it is very responsive and accurate. Definitely beats the $20 Boss Tuner I bought a while back. The side pedal allows you to manually change the effect in real time, such as the Wah. Zoom Noise Reduction reduces some buzz from distortion. All of the patches are easily editable to suit exactly what you want.

Cost: $100. I'm sure lucky I got this for free when I bought my Ibanez.

Style of Music It Fits: Everything, since it covers a WIDE array of different effects.

Why You Like It: This pedal definitely covers all the effects I'd ever want. And they sound pretty damn good too. Definitely beat out built-in amp effects but if you just want a high-quality, good distortion, go with a seperate pedal since this is mainly a fancy toy. Only problem I've had with it so far is that the jacks are starting to come a bit loose. And I wish it has an automatic shutoff feature after a certain period of time without a strong signal coming through since I have to replace the batteries every time I forget to unplug it.

Click here for a much larger view of it:,zzounds/606cg_top-69877e7132baef2e67e3e72c2e5ff773.jpg

05-31-2004, 09:46 AM
NAME OF ITEM: DOD Death Metal Distortion (FX86)


* Deadly tone
* Effects controls and three-part EQ on
* Tough stomp box construction
(a ****LOAD of distortion)

COST: list is $99.95
bought it for $29.99 at

STYLE OF MUSIC: metal , extreme metal


It doesn't have a sludgey sound like most other high high distortions have (unless you want it to ;) )
Your notes just cut through like a hot knife through butter, very tough constrction, high durability, great looks, great sound, vary shapable sound i might add, the distortion was maxed, then they just ripped out the knob basically :) so its not for those who want a little distortion, its got a busload. :)
CAN haVE EAR SHARTERING EQ's & SHRIEKS AND MOANS (depending on how you play ;) )

06-10-2004, 09:52 AM
Name: Big Stubby 3mm.

Made by: Jim Dunlop

Cost £0.60 each. Consequently I have lots of these.

Style of music Any, but especially suited to rock soloing.


Why you like it: I like fat picks, especially this one. It seems to glide effortlessly over the strings, and is capable of a wide range of tonal variations. It also has the obvious advantage of that it never snaps, unlike some thinner picks. I use these far more than any other pick.

06-12-2004, 02:48 AM
Name: Boss Power Driver (PW-2)
Made by: Boss
Features: its basically a drive enchancer pedal, Since the tone im looking is sorta between dist. and overdrive i got this pedal, its got two knobs on it called FAT and MUSCLE which basically control the fatness and strengh of sound.
Cost:Bout $75...I got it for about 70 though
Why you will like it: If you don't wnt heavy dist. or you finding that overdrive ainting giving what you need then i suggest iving this pedal a look at.....My settings for it are level:7, Fat:3; muscle:7 and Drive:6
Yah! jangly nirvana sound

06-12-2004, 10:07 AM
Just a cautionary note before i begin, talking to Roman and Rob on msn about ebay can seriously damage your bank balance. Until those two came along id never considered buying anything from ebay, now ive basically reinvented my rig from ebay purchase. This was the first, the behringer vamp2.

Since joining UG ive got more and more into home recording, i used to use a tape based tascam porta studio but the quality i could get with this and the instrumentation i was able to acheive was fairly poor which lead to much frustration.

After the inception of UGs Riffs forum i gave it another go, bought myself some software and off i went. Initially i used a multi effects pedal that was too knackered to use live as a pre amp, but iit got less and less reliable so i decided to buy one of these.

Most of the factory presets are instantly usable, some effects units have a tendency to have extreme presets to show of how much the unit can do, this is not the case here. Each one is usable and musically satisfying, the more extreme patches are designed for use with loops, midi, and synths etc so with those tools theyd be usable to. It plugs straight in, and all the different setting can be altered with a twist of the relevant knob.

Although i use it for recording it can be used in a live setup, it comes with a pedal to switch between the different patches. It has a midi in and out port, l and r out so it can be used with two amps, and a headphone socket. Theres also a pretty decent built in tuner. it comes with 16 different amp simulations and 16 different effect patches. Add to this a fully adjustable EQ gain, volume, master volume and reverb and you have an extremely versatile unit. Mine cost me £77 and i couldnt be happier with it, if your even considering doing some home recording try one of these out. Even comes in a very handy carry case.

06-12-2004, 10:20 AM
oh and may i just add in an epiphone explorer down as well thanks to rob, roman and ebay, :p: Heres my second purchase, a fender pt10 pedal tuner.

Now when i decided to tweak my rig i asked myself, what will make a huge difference to my sound. I didnt want to buy pedals because theyd make a funny noise, make my guitar sound like an alien invader. Getting truely back to basics i decided if i wanted to sound good first and foremost i had to be in tune. Hence this purcase.

Its a chromatic tuner, and very accurate, just stomp on it and it will tell you exactly where you are. The LEDs are bright and clear so tuning is no problem, even on a darkened stage. There are two out sockets, one maintains the signal to the amp while the pedals on and your tuning, plug into the other one and the signal is muted during tuning (i prefer this as the audience may find it a little disconcerting hearing you tune up) An added bonus to this is that you can run two amps from this one pedal, achieving a stereo sound, when i used to have two amps i often enjoyed doing this, altering the eqs, gain, volume and even effects on the different amps gets some great live sounds. Cost me £38 from ebay, brand new, die cast metal construction means it should last me years and years, im very happy with it. I will post about my third and final purchase when it arrives.

06-12-2004, 05:34 PM
hmm dunno if SV will allow this but hey he can always delete this. I recorded a demo of my vamp, all the sounds were generated by the vamp, the only thing i did with my recording software was boost or reduce levels, no EQing no effects no reverb. I recorded 11 different patches, they go as follows

1 - Every breath U T - self explanatory, andy summers style sound, so i just played the riff to every breath

2 - Highway to hell - AC DC patch, love this patch, made up my own riff to demo it.

3 - You oughta know - apparently a patch designed to emulate an alanis morrisette song, im not familiar with it, tremolo is one of my favourite effects so i mae up a little ditty to demo it.

4 - striaght crunch, no frills rock sound, demoed with cant get enough.

5 - Long clean delay, love this patch, very ethereal, the progression fell under my fingers the first time i used the patch.

6 - Savage ultra - rock lead tone, nice screaming tone.

7 - blue lead, bluesy lead tone, broke out a bit of jonny b goode to show it off.

8 quack - clean funky tone with an auto wah, ive never used an auto wah before so im still getting used to it, just play an octave riff to demo it.

9 - make my D(el)AY - nice smooth lead tone, really nice for slow melodic leads.

10 - ambience combo - based on american tube amps, sounds a bit zz topish to me so i played Tush top demo it.

11 - strat solo - actually sounds like Pages tone in stairway to me (i am using a tele so maybe thats why) racked my brains and played the intro licks from that solo.

Throughout im using my yamaha pacifica mike stern signature guitar into the V amp and the straight into the soundcard.

id like some feedback, so if thats not allowed here please pm me with any opinions on the tones produced.

06-13-2004, 07:22 PM
Name of Item: Boss Compression Sustainer CS-3

Who It Is Made By: Boss

Features: Volume knob, tone knob, attack knob and sustain knob.

Cost: £50 inc. p&p

Style of Music It Fits: Funk (and I'm told by my guitarist really good for rock soloing)

Why You Like It: Well I use this baby for my bass, especially when I use it with my bass wah. Ensures I get a nice consistent volume, especially when I'm slapping.

Turnind down the sustain knob turns it into a limiter, a decrease in attack with an increase of tone enables me to get this nice timbre when I play more melodic basslines. More lighter.

In comparison, when I get dirty with a hip-hop groove, turn up the sustain and turn the tone knob to about 11 o' clock, I get this nice fat full tone that fills the room with enough vibrations to.... err.. well.......... make the room vibrate!

Add a dash of attack, get this nice punchy yet rich sound.

I've read a few reviews that mark down this lovely unit as "it has no character". I like it unit coz it hardly messes with your signal unless you want it to. I like my effects subtle (except when I'm in one of those moods), and this suits me just fine.

And of course..... it's a Boss. I know this baby won't let me down. Built like a brick (but that don't stop me carrying it in bubble wrap everywhere I go!!).

I like this baby so much, I'm finding I have to learn to turn it off once in a while coz I end up draining the battery (not that it eats them, it's my fault. The energy consumption isn't bad).

This is a pretty damn good unit. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Though I am thinking about selling my CS-3 to my guitarist and buying a Digitech Compressor. Not because I don't like this unit, just coz variety is the spice of life, (and I can get it cheap on eBay!)

Me being the nice thoughtful person I am (well.. usually) I've included a link to some sound samples of this baby at work. Though these samples are for it's use with a guitar. Me personally if a guitar unit sounds nice on bass, why not!? My next buy is a tremolo pedal!? Why!?............. Why not!?


06-27-2004, 06:44 AM
Originally posted by Smokebox
Name: Big Stubby 3mm.

Made by: Jim Dunlop

Cost £0.60 each. Consequently I have lots of these.

Style of music Any, but especially suited to rock soloing.


Why you like it: I like fat picks, especially this one. It seems to glide effortlessly over the strings, and is capable of a wide range of tonal variations. It also has the obvious advantage of that it never snaps, unlike some thinner picks. I use these far more than any other pick.

Beat me too it, but I'll add on a little more.

Becasue of the contoured edges and the thickness, this pick play's really smoothly. You don't get that annoying click. It's made out of lexan, and it's 3mm thick so it won't break on you. I've done pick tapping, pick scratching, I've chewed on this, and I've just abused this pick. I only have two of them, and they both look and play the same as the day I bought them. I'll lose these picks before I ever wear them down.

This pick is very quiet, but with the right technique you can get a large dynamic range out of it. I couldn't get the same volumes with any tortex picks.

I also like the sharp tip, makes picking single notes much faster and much more clean. Hold it loose in your hand, and it's good for strumming.

It has a circular indent in the middle which lets you grip the pick. The actualy plastic is not very grippy, but it has never fallen out of my hand.

All in all, these picks just feel and sound great. I gave away all of my other picks because I stopped using them.

06-30-2004, 05:07 AM
Well i was going to talk about my new boss cs3 but i see sopmeone else has beat me to it, :) so i'll tell you about my latest ebay purchase instead. Currently i own 6 guitars, 2 acoutics and 4 electrics, storage of these can be a nightmare, i used to just lean them all up against my amp but theyd bump each other and get scratched and nicked. So i invested in a stagg guitar stand, it cost me £50 from Ebay, it comes in a compact folded up state, like a smallish guitars case really, it then folds out and can accomodate up to 6 guitars. A single guitar stand can cost up to £20, plus buying 4 or 5 of them isnt such a compact way of storing guitars. Hopefully this will mean fewer dings on my guitars and them all lasting me for a much longer time.

07-03-2004, 07:45 PM
Originally posted by TGM
Beat me too it, but I'll add on a little more.

Becasue of the contoured edges and the thickness, this pick play's really smoothly. You don't get that annoying click. It's made out of lexan, and it's 3mm thick so it won't break on you. I've done pick tapping, pick scratching, I've chewed on this, and I've just abused this pick. I only have two of them, and they both look and play the same as the day I bought them. I'll lose these picks before I ever wear them down.

This pick is very quiet, but with the right technique you can get a large dynamic range out of it. I couldn't get the same volumes with any tortex picks.

I also like the sharp tip, makes picking single notes much faster and much more clean. Hold it loose in your hand, and it's good for strumming.

It has a circular indent in the middle which lets you grip the pick. The actualy plastic is not very grippy, but it has never fallen out of my hand.

All in all, these picks just feel and sound great. I gave away all of my other picks because I stopped using them.

Um, actually, they wear out pretty fast, I have one thats completely round, but I still use it. The 1 and 2mm versions, I'm talking about. The 3mm are REALLY hard to wear out.

Anyways, Ill review Dunlop Tortexs. They are made by Dunlop, and they are good picks. I use the 1.14mm and .73mm, they are good for everything. They cost no more than 5$ American, and I just like the picks. I did notice that it was a little bigger than my other picks. So that means more to hold on to. All in all, I give Tortex's 5 stars.

07-19-2004, 08:01 AM
BOSS MT-2 Metalzone


FEATURES:dual gain circuit and a 3 band EQ

Level,low,high,mid,mid freq,dist.

WHY I LIKE IT:I like it because it can get lots of my favourite sounds and its great for annoying my parents

When i first got this pedal i tried it out.I didnt get the best sounds out of it at the shop.But when I got it home it was a different story.

I plugged it in and put it to the heavy metal setting.Good setting but i tweaked it a bit to get that hevy slipKnot sound.

you can get a wide range of sounds from it from 70's rock to today's hevy metal sounds.It's not the best dist pedal out there(SV300!) but it works well for me I would definately use this at a gig.

overall score:


07-23-2004, 08:25 PM
Name: Chain Strap
Made By: ME!!
Made popular by: Zakk Wylde
Cost: $13.73
Type of Music: looks best with a metal guitar (bc rich, Vs, etc.)
Just buy the right length of 3/16" zinc plated chain (4 and a half feet for me), (2) 5/16" spring snaps, and (2) #8 eye screws. unscrew your straplocks, screw in the eyes, hook up the snaps at the ends of the chain, and hook them to the eyes. voila! killer looking strap.

PROBLEMS: it takes a lil bit getting used to the chain in your shoulder. i just roll up a lil excess fabric on my shirt into a pad like deal.

07-26-2004, 10:10 PM
I'll review a little known stomp box... the Johnson EQ Distortion.

If you play on a DS-1, then play on this, the DS-1 will get its ass KICKED. This is kind of more like the metal master I guess (I've only played the DS-1 though). It's great for Metal, Punk, anything heavy. Looking back at what I wrote above this, I wouldn't compare this to a DS-1. Its much heavier. I prefer it with the Level about 10.5 o'clock, distortion at 3/4s, VERY little middle, no middle frequency, and High and Low set to the highest. (Just in case you got the pedal, but I think I'm the only one here.) I give this thing a 9/10 stars, I havent encountered any flaws with it.

Cost: 45$

Heres the site I bought it at (This is also the site I bought my guitar at. DONT BUY THE GUITARS!)

And heres a picture

08-06-2004, 06:08 AM
Allright, I can't find a picture, and I don't know how to post them because I'm really stupid when it comes to computers.

Tortex/Gator grip guitar picks

Made by Dunlop

Really Cheap, I never buy guitar picks though, I just walk in and steal about 12, but they're guitar picks, I mean how expensive can they be?

I love these picks. They are made out of a soft plastic, which is covered in a rough powdery film that gives it a really really nice grip. The softness of the pick reduces the clicking noises that can come up when you're shedding. My favourite are the 1.5 mm Gator grip(For lead) and the .5 mm Tortex (For rhythm)

I used to think guitar picks were all generic, with the three labels "Medium" "Light" and "Heavy," But if you've been playing guitar long egnough to know quality equipment when you use it, you should try these picks.

09-07-2004, 12:14 AM
Name of item: Danelectro Fab Tone

Who it is made by: Danelectro

Cost: Can't remember

Features: hella gain and scooped mids

Controls: Hi and Low EQ knobs, Volume, and Gain

Style of Music it Fits: Metal, Grunge, Punk to some extent

Why I Like it: This pedal gets a bad rep because it was marketed as a distortion pedal when it's really a fuzz box. Basically, it's the most out of control fuzz I've ever heard in my life. But what's really great about it is that its a really smooth, creamy fuzz rather than the chainsaw fuzz you get out of either a Big Muff or the Boss Metalzone pedal. This can emulate that "wall of guitars" sound that the early 90's bands used so it Nirvana or the Smashing Pumpkins or any other metal band that's come after them. A lot of people think you have to get a Dual Rectifier to get that sound and they're dead wrong. This pedal takes a LOT of getting used to (I usually have to turn the bass all the way up and only barely open up the treble control) but once you've found your sound, you are totally set. With this pedal and an EQ pedal after it into a Fender HRD, I can GET a Dual Recifier's sound for less than half the price...I kid you not. A lot of boxes out there are so common they're becoming cliche, and I feel like I happened up a nifty little secret that nobody bothered looking for...and I feel a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I've got a rig that sounds like me out of the bargain.

09-13-2004, 06:19 AM
Name: Plectrum strings - Light

Made by: Thomastik-Infeld

Cost: $20 Australian dollars

Features: Sounds pretty! Haha, I'll just copy the stuff from the website... The plain strings are made of brass coated steel, the wound strings have a silk inlay in combination with a highly flexible steel core.

They sound quite fantastic on my Fender acoustic, nice even tone, and are quite easy on the fingers.

09-16-2004, 10:11 PM
Righty Oh! time for another review of a random Yard sale product.

Name of Item: Alesis Midiverb II

Who It Is Made By : Alesis

100 random effects including but not limited to flange, chorus, "Bloom" (AN AWESOME FEATURE!) and of course, Reverb.
Knobs for input, output, and effect level and 2 input AND output jacks, plus the adapter, but we know it needs one of those anyway...

Cost ; I got it for $15. Cool!

Style of Music It Fits: ANyone who likes flange will love this item.
ANyone who likes Reverb will love this Item.
ANYONE who needs random cool efects will love this item.
But the delay sucks.

Why You Like It : One word: "Bloom". While this processer can do all of what it does really well (Except for the delay... I dont like it, but someone else will surly disagree with me), I would buy it for the 2 Bloom settings it has. Bloom, in case you dont know what it is, is...wait, let me get my instruction manual...DAMN! where is it?... Ok, I cant find it, but the jist of it was that it fades into the signal, copies milliseconds of it and then plays those milliseconds backwards! or something like that, if you know what it really is, correct me, but I love it nontheless. Its a great thing to add to the rack!

And I am having trouble with putting pictures up sorry I suck. BUT I TRIED TO ATTACH AN ATTACHED PICTURE but it wont work, will it...

09-18-2004, 03:33 PM
cost about 85 bucks
three knobs volume, tone , and sustain
true bypass , ac adaptar,
the big muff is made from aluminum
i beat the crap out of mine when i play , so every once and i while i take the top off the bend it straight, but theres never been any sound problems , or wires comming lose , the sound go from violin like sustain , to loud hissing violent feedback fuzz, i recomend anyone , to buy one,,,,, i recentally played a show in an old building behind my friends house, and for an hour i played in the mud caked floor , with water dripping from the ceiling, when i got done my big muff was covered yet still fully functional, i cleaned it off, and it was the same, my friends boss metal zone he uses on his bass, shorted out , is its build to last

09-25-2004, 11:53 PM
Name: Dr. Ducks Super Fat .14s

Who's It Made By: Ducks Deluxe

Features: Strings with really good tone...Also available in Medium Lights (.11s), Medium Fat (.12s), and Custom Fat (.13s).

Cost:Around 10 bucks

Style of Music: Jazz, Surf, Ska, Pop-Punk

Why I Like It: These strings are the best electric strings I've ever used...they last quite awhile too.

You can get them from

01-01-2005, 02:21 AM
Name of Item: RP300A
Who It Is Made By: Digitech
Features: 40 Artist presets, 40 user presets and 40 Factory presets (120 in all.) 11 effects at once, different parameters for each effect, drum machine, Learn-a-lick, Jam-a-long. Chromatic Tuner, Stereo Output, Expression Pedal, 2 assignable LFO filters, Alpha Numeric Display, Rugged Metal Chassis.
Cost: 299$US
Syle of Music it fits: I can get any kind of sound for any type of music. It is especially nice with artist presets to sound exactly like the musicean.
Why I like it: I like the pedal becuase I can use it for any type of music and its got every effect with a wah or expression pedal. Its got learn a lick where you can plug in a cd player and it will slow down the song so you can learn it and, jam along so you can play along with the song. And its got a drum machine.

01-02-2005, 08:45 AM
I too have a modded wah pedal, but just to be different i have a vox :p:

Name: Vox V847 Wah Pedal (modded by me :D )

Who Makes It: Vox (derr)

Features: Just like every other wah pedal, press the switch and rock up and down, taa daa!

Cost: 220 for the pedal (used), and about 45 for the extra parts. I know that sounds expensive but i live in New Zealand so in the end its like 190 US dollars, which is still crazy but NZ is a little island in the pacific that noones ever heard of so of course things are gonna be overpriced :mad: But yeah, it is a pretty reasonable price considering the situation.

Style of Music: Well i suppose it suits whatever style, just depends how you use it ;) However, i use it for the bluesy kinda wah tone i get.

Why I Like It: Because i love the bluesy sound like Hendrix or Clapton and the smooth bluesy wah tone is just perfect, it often makes me drool... It is also made like bricks for a house - i could use it for a murder weapon cos its so solid. In fact, my younger cousin used it as dumbbell before i slapped him across the face with it. (For the record, i do disregard abuse in all forms)

I got this pedal a while ago because i was informed that stock vox wahs were pretty reasonable, and at that point i wasnt planning on any modifications.

Then after i got a lot of feedback due to non truebypassanism (it is so a word!) i decided to fix it, however, cos i live in NZ, supplies werent that easy - and cheap to find. I ended up ordering one off stewmac which cost me 18 USD, and after installation i noticed huge improvements.

When i was looking around on the net to figure out how to get true bypass i discovered this site ( which then inspired me to do more modifications. After doing the true bypass mod, my wah was a lot quieter when in use so i replaced 68k resistor with a 47k one to increase volume. i then did the vocal mod (replaced the 33k resistor with a 100k) and replaced the 470 ohm resistor with a 270 one, and the 1k5 with a 1k8. i also replaced the .01uf cap with a .068uf cap (im not entirely sure what each mod sounds seperate as i changed everything all at once) Then i put it all together again and tried it out. The results were not so good tho. It didnt sound anything like a wah, it was just plain crazy weird. So i took it apart again and put the .01uf cap back in.

Now it sounds absolutely fantastic, before it was kinda dry and dull - now its the exact opposite. I dont really know how to put it into words, but the clean tone is so so so smooth and when distorted its just perfect for adding flavour to crunchy blues solos.

The mods arent completely finished but i dont exactly see myself finishing them off soon. I plan to add a green led to tell me when its on, and i just thought about maybe painting the black parts green, however i dont know how i am gonna paint the rubber part for your foot with out paintin the silver bit (which i want to keep that way) If anyones got any ideas could you PM me please...

Its easier to understand the paint job ambitions with the picture

01-02-2005, 04:39 PM
name of item - grip master

who makes it - planet waves

features - umm...none i guess?

cost - 13 US$

style of music - any i guess

why i like it - i take it where ever i go in my poket and whenever i have spare time i use it, i can definitly say that over the since last week ( when i got it) i have definitly noticed an improvment in my speed and indurance. if it were lost i would buy another one, maybe even two just in case i lost it again;) for 13 bucks it is definitly worth it. plus you can buy the rough riders caps thingies to build callouses, they pop right on to the gripmaster. all in all i give the gripmaster a 10/10


01-05-2005, 01:26 PM

Boss ME-50

Cost me £200.

Style of music - You can probably use this for anything.

I tried out loads of multi-FXs and this was my favourite one. It's basically almost as good as having a pedal board - it has a dedicated footswitch for distortion/overdrive, modulation and delay, with all the different effects for each category being changed by dedicated knobs. It's also got all the usual gubbins like tone modify, noise suppression and a tuner, and it also has a memory mode which is very powerful. There's also a very useful expression pedal, which can be used for volume, wah, voice, whammy or ring modulation. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's a weird metallic-sounding noise, completely tuneless, sounds nothing like a guitar, probably only useful if you're trying to record the next Kid A.

My only gripes are that the acoustic simulator just sounds like an electric with the tone turned to 0 (but I wasn't expecting great things from it) and when using certain effects like harmonist or whammy you can only play one note at a time or it goes all weird and distorted.

01-29-2005, 12:32 PM
What, no one can include the Boss CE-3 Chorus?

Alrighty, lets get down to business,
Name:CE-3 Chorus


Features:variable rate, depth, and stereo settings

Cost:$50.00 US

Style of Music:Classic rock, definetly hair metal with a distortion unit plugged in behind it.

What I like about it:This petal just sounds awesome, it lets me get that classic rock feel wen its clean, and with distortion behind it it screams with all the fury of Journey. Set the rate and depth all the way up and you get some wicked fat feedback too.

Sorry theres no picture though, i looked everywhere, including the Boss website and i couldnt fin a good one

02-11-2005, 02:02 PM

Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion

This is my current distortion pedal of choice, got it from some tiny music shop for £60. I tried out loads of different ones, like the Boss DS-1, pretty much every Marshall one going and a ProCo Rat, and this was the one I liked most.

It has two modes, thoughtfully labelled 1 and 2. Mode 1 is standard distortion, pretty much identical to the DS-1's sound. It's been reviewed elsewhere so I won't go into any more detail. Mode 2 is 'turbo' mode which is basically overdrive. Turn the amount of distortion down and you get a nice bluesy overdrive sound, turn it up and you get a sound ideal for screaming leads. If you turn your guitar's tone down a bit and switch to the neck pickup, it makes a good rhythm sound too. I usually use Mode 1.

As far as features go, it has knobs for level, tone and distortion (basically the same as gain). It also has a jack for a footswitch to change between the 2 turbo modes. They reccommend you use the £40 Boss footswitch, but I used a £10 Marshall one (usually used for my amp) to check it worked and it was fine. I don't use this feature, I just use Mode 1 and use my amp for overdrive sounds.

I'm using it with an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and a Marshall MG30DFX (its days are numbered, I'm saving up for a Crate GT212), as well as a Boss ME-50. I place the DS-2 before any of the ME-50's effects.

The DS-1 costs £50, this cost me £60. For an extra ten squid you're getting something which also doubles up as an overdrive pedal. A good deal, in my opinion.

02-20-2005, 10:41 PM

"Back in '87 a friend of mine turned me onto a set of GHS TNT Boomers and I was completely blown away. The combination of the thick bottom and light top is crushing. To date I use 10-60 and all of the bass players who roll with the Black Label Society use GHS as well. When you find something that works you don't look back".

Signature Set - GBZW
Zakk uses this set when using standard tunings and some drop tunings with Black Label Society and Ozzy Ozbourne.

Signature Set - GBZWLO
Zakk uses this set when using lower than normal drop tunings. The heavier gauges on the low E string provides more tension and snaps back better at lower

03-13-2005, 11:06 AM
Heres my latest purcahse, a Laney LC50 from good old ebay. cost me £300, there around £500 new, £250-£300 is the going rate on Ebay. Contains 3 gain stages, all powered by ECC83 valves, a phase splitter, again an ECC83 and then 2 output valves 5881. two footswitchable channels, each with seperate volume and EQ. Footswitchable reverb, effects loop with control knowb to alter the wet dry mix. Bags of tone, lots of drive though extreme levels of gain will require a pedal. Here my demo on my dmusic site.

Clean Channel

0:00-0:08 - SX strat, bridge/middle rhythm sound

0:08-0:22 - SX strat, middle/neck rhythm sound

0:22-0:36 - SX strat, middle/neck solo sound

0:36-0:54 - SX strat, bridge/middle rhythm and lead with compression.

drive channel

0:54-1:19 - SX strat, middle/neck blues overdrive. (gain approx 30%)

1:19-1:45 - Pacifica 1151 ms, seymour duncan hot rails (bridge, rock sound (gain approx 70%).

1:45-2:17 - Pacifica 1151 ms, heavy rock (gain approx 90%), rhythm hotrails, lead SD 59', neck position.

2:17-end - Pacifica 1151 ms, hotrails (gain 100%), first half pickup volume full, second half volume rolled off.

I love the dynamics you get from this amp, the lovely overtones, once ive got the DS-1 infront if it tis going to be tone heaven. Would love to hear some thoughts on the demo, ignore the playing, it aint that great, wanted to knock this out quickly.

03-17-2005, 04:32 PM
E-Bow Plus

£60 from Ebay.

The ultimate toy. The Ebow is a small hand-held device which replaces the pick. It straddles three strings on the guitar, the two on the outside sitting inside guider grooves to keep it in place. The Ebow directs a powerful magnetic field at the middle string, causing it to vibrate and sustain until you take the Ebow away.

It sounds simple but it offers an absolutely massive palette of sounds. Played clean with no effects on the neck pickup it sounds like an alien violin. Roll the tone down and play notes in the upper register and it sounds like a flute. Add some chorus to it and it sounds even better. Create volume swells by moving the Ebow back and forth over the pickups.

The Ebow Plus has a secondary harmonising mode, which has two functions. It boosts the sustain of notes higher up on the fretboard, while sustained lower notes closer to the nut eventually fly off into artificial harmonics.

It also works extremely well with effects. Two good uses I have found so far are a) using a wah as a filter - the Ebow sounds better with less treble and a mellower tone and b) using a harmoniser pedal (either on a Digitech Whammy or on a Boss ME-50 which is what I'm using) set to harmonise in octaves to thicken the sound out.

There's no need to use overdrive, since the Ebow adds quite a lot of gain to the sound. Distortion doesn't seem to do much except make the note attack faster.

I use it on an Epiphone Les Paul Custom (I tried it on a Stratocaster but it definitely sounds better with humbuckers) running through a Boss ME-50 multi-FX and DS-2 distortion into a Marshall MG30DFX.

The Ebow is a totally unique accessory. Like slide guitar, it's a totally new way of playing guitar.

Captain Colon
03-24-2005, 03:14 PM

I swear I'm the only person on this forum who uses these, and nobody within 200 miles of me carries them...but they are simply the best coated strings you can buy.
Wyres Strings specializes in making our own handmade musical instrument strings, coated or uncoated, for the purist. Strings that don?t suffer from the ?metal fatigue? that?s caused by the bending, flexing and over-stretching of totally machined strings. Such strings are prone to lose their tone and break more quickly. Our highly skilled craftspeople handwrap the core-wire, resulting in a looser wound, lighter tensioned, softer playing string, with less stress on the player and instrument. The player finds the strings easier on the fingers when bending and playing. The instrument ?breathes? and resonates more freely with longer sustain. Handmade Wyres have truer intonation and stay in tune longer. Wyres aren?t mass-produced, taking longer and costing more to make, but resulting in a superior sounding and playing string.

Our optional P.T.F.E. (polymer tetra-fluoro-ethylene) or ?teflon? coating is a proprietary process of combining a dry inert plastic with a carrying agent of rubbing alcohol. This lighter coating doesn?t dampen frequencies and is applied over the finished string, allowing more wire to wire contact for more brilliance. P.T.F.E. lubricates the string, protecting it against oils, acids and oxidation, resulting in less fret wear, less chording noise, longer life and a smooth, silky touch.

The ad on their site is pretty damn accurate...unlike elixirs the strings aren't covered in a "tube" coating, so no tone is lost, and the coating won't start to flake off after a couple weeks of playing. They feel and sound very similar to uncoated DRs. And at $6 a pack they're still around the same cost as most strings!

They make strings for electrics, acoustics, classicals, mandolins, banjos, and bouzoukis too :D

So some!

03-31-2005, 10:40 PM
Name of product: ToneCore Uber Metal
Company Name: Line6



Über Metal brings you massive amounts of gain in one tiny, tough package. You can chose from some of the best Line 6 high-gain tones from HD147 and Vetta II including Metal, Pulverize, and Insane. Also included with the Über Metal is a built-in selectable noise gate, and scoop control for massive tonal contouring.


Model Switch - Give this a flick to reconfigure the destructive power of Über Metal.

-----Metal - creates screaming distortion, from heavy grind to molten metal! Bow down, infidels.

-----Pulverize - gives you a distortion similar to a high-gain tube amp. Mmmm, it?s warm and meaty!

-----Insane - has more skin-peeling gain and sustain than anything else available. For the inner Samurai-shredder in all of us.

Level - This sets the output level. Higher levels will hit the amp or effect fed by the Über Metal will more signal level, giving your more volume.

Mid & Scoop - Mid chooses a frequency from 250Hz to 4kHz. Scoop then removes sound at this frequency, with maximum scoop at the fully clockwise setting. Turn it fully counter-clockwise for a slight mid boost.

Drive - This controls the amount of distortion created within your Über Metal. Especially when you've got it set high, you may need to use the Gate to tame unwanted noise.

Bass & Treble - Bass and Treble are controls for your low and high frequencies.

-----Off - Disables the Gate.

-----Gate 1 - A soft and mild noise gate, self-adjusting to your current Drive knob setting.

-----Gate 2 - A heavy, fast-clamping gate. Great for those aggressive metal chords and palm muting.

Power Requirements
- Single 9-Volt Battery, or
- Line 6 DC-1 9-Volt DC Power Supply (buy it now)

Size & Weight:
- Width 3.375"
- Depth 5.625"
- Height 2.875"
- Weight 2lbs 4oz

Cost: 100 USD (53 GBP)

Style of Music: Anything Form of Metal and punk

Why I Like it:
This pedal is the ultimate in sound and quality. When I first heard about it and heard the little sound clips, i thought "nothing special." But when i went and played it in person i found who versatile it was and how i could get a completely different sound. I got my 80s Metal (w/ delay, of course) sound out of this little stompbox. This pedal pwns Metal Zone and Digitech Death Metal by a long shot and I must say this thing is quite versatile with three different distortion modes and a built in noise suppressor. You can get so many sounds out of this little thing. For $100, this pedal is well worth it.


04-01-2005, 11:15 PM
Name of Product: ToneCore Echo Park
Who Makes it?: Line6



Based on the award-winning DL4 Delay Modeler, Echo Park is loaded with unbelievable sounding models including Analog, Tape, and Digital Delay. Different delay patterns such as slap, ping pong, swell, and sweep can be adjusted with the twist of a knob, and the Mod dial can be tweaked for even more variations. Also features Tap Tempo and stereo ins and outs.


Model Switch - Switching this reconfigures the virtual circuitry inside Echo Park. You get three of the most desired delay sounds on the planet.

-----Tape - This gives you darker tone with each repeat just like a vintage tape-based echo. And you never have to change tapes!

-----Digital - This gives you straight up echoes, with crystal clear digital fidelity.

-----Analog - Designed to give you a vintage analog ?bucket brigade? delay sound, with its classic warmth and warble.

Trails Switch - Set this on to keep Echo Park?s processing engaged while in bypass, so your echoes smoothly trail away when you kick the effect off.

Mix - Turn the knob up (clockwise) for louder echoes, or down for quieter ones.

Repeat - You get 1 repeat at the minimum setting, and infinite repeats that swirl around when the knob is all the way up.

Time - This knob gives you a range of spacings for your echoes from 53 milliseconds (close together) through 2.2 seconds (way far apart). You can use Tap Tempo to reach Echo Park?s maximum time of 2.5 seconds.

Mod - Turn this knob up to get some delicious stereo modulation on your echoes. Each model has its own type of stereo modulation:
-Analog has Vibrato
-Digital has Chorus
-Tape has Wow & Flutter

Function Control Knob

-----Normal - your taps are treated as quarter notes, so you hear your echoes coming back at the same speed you tapped the footswitch.

-----Tap eighth note triplet - This setting lets you tap quarter notes, while the echoes come back doing 8th note triplets. Sweet!

-----Tap dotted eighth note - You tap quarter notes, your echoes come back as dotted 8th notes.

-----Slap - This is the place for a speedy slap back echo. The Time knob?s range is automagically changed to be 10 to 150 milliseconds. You can Tap Tempo quarter notes, and get 16th note echoes.

-----Swell - This adds an auto volume swell along with your echoes. Dreamy.

-----Sweep - Add this sweeping filter to the feedback loop of your echoes and you?ll be glad you did!

-----Ducking - The volume of your echoes is ?ducked? (reduced) while you?re playing, and increases when you stop. This is handy to avoid mud-tone.

-----Multi 1 - Uses multiple delay ?taps? to give you a rhythmic pattern of echoes.

-----Multi 2 - Another multi-tap rhythmic variation.

-----Ping Pong - Alternating left and right taps

-----Reverse - Just like the backwards tape tricks on our favorite albums, this flips your input signal around and sends it back to you in reverse. Use it live, and folks are sure to be impressed.

Tap Tempo - Put your foot to work and get your echoes in the groove! Using the innovative ToneCore double-action footswitch, you can tap a couple times and have your echoes match your tempo. Whether the effect is active or bypassed, you can tap the footswitch lightly to set delay time. Your first two taps establish the tempo and any additional taps will be averaged in.

Any time the Tap Tempo switch is used to alter the delay, the tapped value overrides the current setting of the Time knob. Whenever the Time knob is turned, it overrides the last value entered with the Tap Tempo switch. Echo Park?s indicator light flashes the tempo in green when the effect is ON and amber when the effect is OFF.

Details on Time knob ranges:
-Normal = 53ms to 2235ms
-8th-note triplet = 18ms to 745ms
-8th-note dotted = 40ms to 1676ms
-Slap = 10ms to 150ms

Details on Tap Tempo ranges:
-Normal = 40ms to 2500ms
-8th-note triplet = 13ms to 833ms
-8th-note dotted = 30ms to 1875ms
-Slap = 10ms to 625ms

.....Note about delay times:
All times are in Milliseconds.
1000ms = 1 second

Power Requirements:
-Single 9-Volt Battery, or
-Line 6 DC-1 9-Volt DC Power Supply (buy it now)

Size & Weight:
-Width 3.375"
-Depth 5.625"
-Height 2.875"
-Weight 2lbs 4oz

Cost: 150 USD (Usually available Blemished New for 120 USD)

Style of Music it Fits: Anything using delay

Why I Like It
.....This delay pedal is amazing, it's so versatile and great sounding. You really get your moneys worth on this one. It's not as great as the DL4 but the sound quality is just as good, just not as many options on it. Team this pedal up with an Uber Metal and they're unstoppable. This is another best buy and a beautiful pedal with a very wide variety of sounds and very well constructed. She's tough and weighs it and will satisfy anyone looking for delay.


04-18-2005, 02:45 AM
Digital Delay (DD-6)


Features: this thing is loaded with them. the there 7 modes on the pedal: (in order) Warp, Hold (5.2 s), Reverse, 80ms, 300ms, 800ms, 2600 ms. the first mode hold, is a standard little delay. what makes it so cool is that, when engaged and holding the pedal down, its creates a loop thing and repeats the note over and over until you let go of the pedal. it does feedback, however, but i dont use it long enough(in a band/live sitiuation) for it to bug me. the second, Hold, is a looper that, when held down, plays 5.2 seconds and loops it. you can lay quite a few "tracks", but it gets muddy. hit the pedal to turn it off. Reverse is awesome. turn the Level all the way to get true Jimi tones. then the other delays are rockin. 80ms is good for the surfer stuff 300ms for Tom Morello-esque slapback delays, 800ms (one i use the most) holds great soloing delay possibilities, 2800ms is killer to like add delaying harmonies, weird little things. it also has a built in tap tempo. hold it for more than 2 seconds, then, just click how fast you want the delay to be. the last cool thing on here is the D. Time knob. its like theres a built in tape in the pedal. set the pedal for a good long delay, then slowly (or quickly if you want) and its like the sound os fast forwarding. i love it.

Cost: new $160, got it used for $18 (sold my Digitech Phaser and Delay to lower price) or it would have been $54.

Style of music: anything w/ delay, rock, country, indian, latin, all the good stuff.

i love it for the features and the 5.2 seconds of sampling over the Digitechs 4 seconds. it may not seem like much but it is. its suprising.

Edit: ok i got a picture.

04-27-2005, 08:44 PM
Ibanez CF-7 by Ibanez

$60 USD (new)

Features: the CF-7 is a remarkable pedal for its price. its got the usual speed, depth, delay time, and regen (regeneration) for knob controls. the two switches are for Mode (chorus or flanger), and my favorite feature, the Krazy switch (Normal or Whack'd) more on this in a lil' bit. this thing offers lush choruses to thick flanges. this thing is great. it can get a little extreme when set to extremes, but what isn't? the Krazy switch is why i bought the pedal. im always looking to get some weird, intense noise for my bands little tribute to Mars Volta (not a cover or anything, just a weird part of the song the Mars Volta would do), and this thing offers me that. Check the Ring Modulator Clip ( and tell me that isnt some kinda weird sound. from warbles to gurgles to shimmery cleans and 747 jets, it give me what i want/need. this thing, may not be perfect, its cheaper (and IMO better) than buy a Boss chorus and flanger to do the same things.

Style: metal, chill, rock, anything you want to use it in.

i love the Krazy switch, it brings the pedal into its own.,zzounds/CF7-b7374d63c465b4b1d36cb23ba8d01870.jpg

05-31-2005, 03:05 PM
Name of Item: Grunge
Who It Is Made By: Digitech
Loud knob- Controls distortion output level
Low knob- Controls boost or cut of low frequencies
High knob- Controls boost or cut of high frequencies
Grunge knob- Controls the amount of distortion
AC adapter jack- Allows connection to mains supply
Indicator LED- Indicates when effect is turned on
2 outputs- One for amp, one for mixer/recorder
Delivered to the Netherlands from 50 euros Great Britain: 40 pounds US: $80
Style of Music It Fits: Grunge [obviously], any rock, produces heavy distortion.
Why You Like It: Produces an amazing thick tone, murky bottom end for Grunge music. Also very versatile for Alternative music such as Muse, etc. Gets crunchy distortion aswell.

06-13-2005, 10:03 AM
Name of Item - Qwik Tune Q12E
Who It Is Made By - Qwik Tune
Features - Tunes your guitar or bass
Cost - around 35GBP
Style of Music It Fits - N/A
Why You Like It - Most useful feature on this is the circuit breaker button on the front. If you're playing a gig, you can cut the sound and tune in silence. It's much cheaper than the Boss TU-2, and although it's plastic, not metal, it's still durable. It has LEDs and a needle for really accurate tuning. You can also get it to play the note to you which is useful if you just want to quickly tune it up without plugging in.

06-19-2005, 12:12 PM
Name of Item- Korg PX4 Pandora
Who It Is Made By- Korg
Features- # Lit icon characters against semitransparent LCD for better viewing, especially under stage lights
# Control panel layout stands vertically as opposed to horizontal layout of the PX3
# Infrared transmitter, FM-type for wireless headphones
# Runs on a 4.5V DC, uses standard power supply
# 50 factory programs/50 user
# 124 effects types, 7 at once
# RMS modeling
# Intelligent pitch shifting
# Random step filter
# 40 rhythm and bass patterns
# Chain up to 8 different patterns together
# Phrase trainer with 31.7 seconds recording time
# Transposer in, Aux in
# Pickup modeling
# Stompbox dynamic effect models
# 14 amp models
# 11 cabinet models
# 44 modulation types
# 5 delays
# 10 reverbs
# Effects include Talker, Feedbacker, Slow-Attack, Guitar Synth, Ring Modulator, U-Vibe, and Rotary

Cost- $199.00 on Musicians Friend
Style of Music It Fits - Every style
Why You Like It- Its just really nifty. I don't own it, I played it at my friends house, but it has so many different effects, it makes it a killer piece of equipment. If you have the money you want to spend, buy it.

Check it out here. (

power freak
06-20-2005, 04:36 AM
Originally posted by Hendrix4ever
what brand/gauge of strings will get me a nice, warm sound? Kind of like the sound that Trey Anastasio and Jerry Garcia has.
Please keep all non-related posts out of this thread.

Thank you.


Mental Hop
06-20-2005, 10:00 PM
Name of Item: BLT Slap Echo

Who It Is Made By: Danelectro

Features: Mix and Repeat

Cost: $29.99

Style of Music It Fits: Rockabilly, Country and Blues
Why You Like It: I like this pedal because it's sturdy (believe it or not) and fits to the kind of music I like to play. It is the perfect pedal for classic country and rockabilly. It sounds just like the old recordings from early Elvis with Scooty Moore. Definitly a worthwhile pedal for the rockabilly fans. And this thing is pretty sturdy. I've had it for over a year now and I only broke one of the dials off tonight after I accidently slammed the wah pedal on it. But it was an easy fix because the bottom of the dial has a little cross on the bottom of it and it fits in directly to it's former spot and just added a touch of super glue to ensure it's immobility from going anywhere anymore. For the price, this pedal rocks, and if it wore 20 bucks more, I'd buy it again. Although you must buy a wall wart for this one because it will eat a battery or two until you get one. A lot of people harp on Danelectro for not being quality but they can say all they want and buy more exspensive equipment and miss out on a good deal that is worth every penny.


07-08-2005, 01:41 AM
Alright. Prepare for a long post.

Name of Item: DDL Digital Delay
Who It Is Made By: Ibanez
Three Modes:
Short - 28 ~ 224 ms
Long - 224 ~ 1800 ms
Hold - 224 ~ 1800 ms
--> Has three control knobs, Delay time, Delay level and Repeat.
--> Regular output as well as Dry output.
Cost: $35 CD :P I bought it from a friend, I got a huge deal.
Style of Music It Fits: Any type of song you'd want to play with delay, this pedal will work for you. It's old (I'm not sure of the original release date) but it's efficient.
Why You Like It: Well I mainly like it because it was such a steal, but it's also everything I currently want in a delay pedal. Whether I just want a slight echo for solo-ing, or a noisy looped intro for walking on stage (yeah, very showy), this gets the job done. With all of the settings up, this pedal can loop a 2-3 second guitar sound for at least a minute and a half to two minutes.

(Not taken by me, found it on google.)

Name of Item: Magicstomp
Who It Is Made By: Yamaha
Features: Oh... the features...
It has 99 factory preset patches, with an absolute plethora of different sounds. And as if that wasn't enough, it comes with 99 user overideable slots. It comes with a CD rom that contains a program you can use to custom build your own effects, with endless possibilities. While the pedal is hooked up to the computer via USB, you can hear what you're editing through your amp so you know exactly what's going on. Even if you don't know what all of the knobs do in the editor, you can just screw with them until you get the sound you like. The pedal itself has 3 knobs to control whatever aspect of the effect (that you've made) that you want. The Presets come already set as to what can be changed with the knobs. It has an On/Off switch, a Volume knobs, and two other switches to cycle through the effects (which you can hold down to speed through them). You can also go online to the Magicstomp Website (link below) and get patches from different artists who use the Magicstomp. It has a very swell looking 32-bit backlit screen, that has some sort of layering on it that defends against scratching. I put a homemade clear tape-shield on anyways, for optimal protection.
99 factory preset patches


P01: HeavyHiGain
P02: HeavyTrem
P03: Drivin'Verb
P04: VinTremolo
P05: 70'sRockLead
P06: SciFiFlange
P07: AllPurpose
P08: CrunchChorus
P09: CleanCutting
P10: BluesSolo
P11: Cuttin'Fl
P12: ArpDelay


P13: FatGermFuzz
P14: BuzzsawFuzz
P15: TubeDrive
P16: VinMidBoost
P17: ClassicDist
P18: BigSusFuzz
P19: Overdrive
P20: MetalDist
P21: SmashingFuzz


P22: JetFuzz
P23: Flangitis
P24: VibeFuzz
P25: OD Chorus
P26: WobbleFuzz


P27: VinClean
P28: FatBassCombo
P29: ClassACombo
P30: 70'sBrit
P31: ClassACrunch
P32: HiVoltage
P33: HiGainStk
P34: ModernHiGain
P35: BatteryAmp
P36: SmallRadio


P37: AnalogChorus
P38: RichStereoCh
P39: Symphonic
P40: Womanizer


P41: AnalogFlange
P42: JupiterRay
P43: TunnelFlange


P44: AnalogPhaser
P45: PhaserFan
P46: StrwbrryFaze


P47: VinVibe
P48: PitchVibrato


P49: OptComTrem
P50: PanTrem


P51: VinRotary


P52: SmallComp


P53: ShadowDly
P54: TapeEcho
P55: MultiHead
P56: AnalogDelay
P57: PingPongDly
P58: AnalogModDly
P59: Symphdelay
P60: UD-Chorus1
P61: UD-Lead1
P62: UD-VolSwell1


P63: HallRev
P64: PlateRev
P65: SpringRev
P66: ModRev
P67: ShaloWaters


P68: D.FilterUp
P69: DynaJetFlang
P70: TalkingPhase
P71: CatShelter


P72: RingMod


P73: PitchShift


P74: 12Strings
P75: SparklMod
P76: DiveDown
P77: DiminishUpDw
P78: Bats
P79: MachineGun
P80: RotModDly
P81: SlowSpace
P82: Traktor
P83: Mob
P84: Shimmer
P85: SpaceGun


P86: GlamRiff
P87: WestCoastRif
P88: LongSusLead
P89: SurfSound
P90: BigRock
P91: CleanTremolo
P92: SweetFaze
P93: HeatFlange
P94: SaucyRock
P95: 80'sR-n-B

AG Multi

P96: AG Stroke
P97: AG Arpeggio
P98: AG Lead
P99: AG NylonStr

Full descriptions of the effects along with audio samples can be found here:

My personal favourite is P20, MetalDistortion. I don't really play any metal at all, but this distortion still fits with what I generally play, which includes modern rock, indie, and even some blues solos sound jammin with this distortion, especially when teamed up with my Dano Compressor (which I'm not going to review, because it's almost the same at the CS-3 that's already been reviewed, only with less knobs.)

Cost: $425 CD (it's pretty hefty in price but totally worth it).

Style of Music It Fits: Anything. Period.

Why You Like It: The range of customization and knwoing that I can have almost any sound I want is what appeals to me most about this one.


That's it for tonight, as it's getting pretty damn late. I'll try to post the rest tomorrow.

07-10-2005, 12:23 AM
Name: Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

Manufactuer: Boss

Features: It features Level, Gain, and Tone controls. It also offers the option of 9v batteries or a 9v adaptor. Another nice feature is the 5 year warranty you get from Boss.

List - $128.50
Street- $79.99

Style of music: Well, the most obvious genre would be the blues. It offers smooth overdriven tone reminiscent of a tube amp. But it can add enough overdrive to suit your needs for a lot of classic rock. Some people don't like the midrange boost you get from this pedal, though.

Why I like it: The main reason i like this pedal is b/c it offers a nice overdriven sound which is great for blues guitar. I'm currently playing through a solid state amp and this pedal is a step closer to the "creamy, in-the-alley overdrive" of a tube amp. This pedal is for those of us that want an Ibanez tube screamer ts 808 but are on a budget. :p:

Hope i helped. :cheers:

07-11-2005, 03:14 PM
Name of Item

G7th - Capo

Who It Is Made By



Extremley strong capo, but light to move, no hassle, its a one-handed job. Easily clips onto headstock, and is compact so it go go into a guitar case without having to be removed. Works on an extremley simple latch system, which you dont even have to touch, but i can express how lightweight and easy to clip on this thing is.


Where i work --- £25, around the same at most dealers

Style of Music It Fits

Anythign you'd use a capo for, country, blues, mod rock, acoustic, same use as all capo's

Why You Like It

200 times more easier to use than anything else out there.


08-12-2005, 09:49 PM
I endorse tht BD-2 Blues Driver, by Boss. It ranges from $70-$100, but it's worth it. It gives a little distordion, and a fatter, fuller sound. If you like Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn, this pedal is for you!

10-29-2005, 08:18 PM
Name : Jim Dunlop Strap Lok

Price : About a buck

Where: usually on the music store's counter with the picks.

What: This is one of the greatest, cheapest, simplist, most effective strap lock out there. It's a little plastic thing that you put over your strap button on top of your strap. At first I was a little hesistant on depending my heavy les paul on a little plastic thing. But after a while I learned to trust it 100%. This thing has never failed on me yet and I trust it completly.
The most attractive thing about it is, you dont need any installation, and it's the price of about 2 picks :D

10-31-2005, 05:18 AM
Name of Item: Guitar Port
Who It Is Made By: Line 6
Features: A bunch of amp and effects models, and guitarport online. Plugs straight into your computer.
Cost: $100 at MF
Style of Music It Fits: Everything
Why You Like It: Well I was thinking about getting a PODxt, then I came accross this little guy. I only wanted it for my computer for practicing and recording. It comes with a variety of amp and cab models, though not as many as the POD (though you can upgrade it for the meager sum of $100 ;) ). There are also a bunch of effects, including different reverbs, delays, dist/overdrive/fuzz pedals, a compressor, EQ, phaser, flanger, chorus etc. They sound surprisingly good, while obviously not quite up there with the real things, they do a very good imitation, and make for some very proffessional sounding recording. Though the quality is largely based on your speakers, however you can choose to plug it into the aux of your stereo or headphones. Also each dist pedal sounds different with each amp, allowing for an even greater pallette of tones.

The installation is fairly simple. Something they don't tell you is that when you have installed it, you need to go to edit>preferences>audio and adjust the playback buffers and ASR for best performance. You'll also need to run l6 monkey to update everything.

Guitarport online quite nice. It has heaps of tracks, tones, lessons and such. The lessons are usually of high standard, and run through licks and phrases that give the artist his/her unique style. The tracks include tabs and tones for the song, aswell as versions without guitars.

Other cool features are the tuner and metronome.

Annoying things are that guitarport is used in three places (the box, the software, and guitarport online) so that can cause some confusiong.

I'll update this if anything else comes to mind.

11-08-2005, 01:07 PM
Name of Item: Big Muff USA Reissue

Who made it: Electro-Harmonix

Features: Volume - of course
Tone - actaully this control should read "Fuzz"
Sustain - "how long would you like that note held for sir...?" i was actually disapointed, the word on the street is that the old sustain type effects could last forever, this goes for a while, but when you bend the string it cuts out quick.

Cost: $70

Why You like it: Smashing pumpkins "siamese dream", Jimi hendrix, anything with a fuzz so thick you could cut it with a knife. Do not buy this stompbox for anything blues, metal, or really even alternative rock. It is not that versatile, but for what it can do, nothing can touch ti.

11-14-2005, 03:47 AM
Name Of Item : Digitech Bad Monkey

Who Made It? Digitech

Features: From left to right, level - bass - treble - gain.
One Input, Two outputs, with Output 1 not having any effect to the sound,
while output two allows the pedal to go straight into the mixing board via
a cabinet modeller

Cost: AU$99

Why I like it? First of, I compared this thing to the likes of a TS7 and SD-1. The SD-1 is undoubtly a leader in the world of boost, with quite a few artist using it. In fact besides the Tubescreamer, the sd-1 is one of the most mainstream pedals in the local melbourne scene. I tried it out, and boy was I dissapointed, wasn't voiced how I would like it, and that singel tone knob made it hard to dial in a sound I desired. Enter the Bad Monkey, priced cheaper than the SD-1, this thing nailed what I wanted through cleans, but lacked a bit compared to the SD-1 as a booster. Ah well, back then I had a SS POS, so I was just to run it through cleans

This Pedal IMO is more versatile than the SD-1 because of it's EQ controls. A bit hard to find Mids when I first got this pedal, but worth it in the end. A very under-rated pedal, but a very well kept secret.

12-26-2005, 10:30 AM
GT8-Boss, if you are going to spend big money on some gear, splash out on the GT8, it suits any style of music you can think of. It allows you to link up two amps in a variety of ways, play a nice quiet intro and send it to a clean amp, then when you kick into the song and sturm a little harder, the GT8 will automatically switch to the other amp, with as much distortion as you like. I opened this on christmas day and annoyed the neighbours for hours. I don't think I will need any more effects, ever. My friend had the GT6 for years, he was finding new things everyday, this is the GT8 with extra features and new technology.

01-08-2006, 05:06 AM
Name of Item: DiMarzio Cliplock Srap
Who It Is Made By: DiMarzio (
Features: The DiMarzio Cliplock Strap is a strap that clips on to two tags that are drilled into where the strap pins would usually go, so its never going to fall off (unless you unclip it)
Cost: Around $40AUD or $30USD
Style of Music It Fits: N/A
Why You Like It: I like them because they are the most comfortable strap I have ever tried, and the guitar can't fall off of them. And they also come in heaps of different colours. DiMarzio Cliplock straps pwn

01-08-2006, 10:12 PM
Menatone Howie
volume, boost, mid, bass, treble, gain
bypass and boost switch
about $225 street

I borrowed this pedal from a friend who raves about it. The "Howie" was made to transform your tone into the tone of a dumble overdrive special. These amps can cost up to $10,000 and are basicly impossible to acquire. Artists that use dumble amps incluse larry carlton, robben ford, and john mayer. The pedal creates the dumble tone, an extremely smooth overdriven tube sound perfect for blues.


sound sample:

01-12-2006, 09:09 PM
Name of Item: Metal Master
Who It Is Made By: Arion
Features: "Direct" and "Soft" distortion, Level, Low, High and Dist knobs, stereo output
Cost: $20 at Musician's Friend (very inexpensive)
Style of Music It Fits: Rock, Metal
Why I Like It: Inexpensive pedal, good for practice amp

I bought this because I wanted something that would give me distortion and more bass in my Stratocaster (single coil bridge p/u) into my practice amp. I bought it about 15 years ago when I was young and broke. I have to say it's done everything I bought it for. It looks like cheap plastic, but it's held up surprisingly well considering all the abuse it's taken.

Probably my favorite feature are the LOW and HIGH knobs. Much better at getting the sound you want than a "tone" control!

All that said, I like the distortion channel in my Peavey Renown amp better than using this pedal through the clean channel.

I recently played it on a gig though a Fender Twin Reverb and I hated the sound (the Twin doesn't have distortion at low volume, but it's got a great clean sound) -- the Fender Twin really lets you hear the pedal, and it doesn't sound that good through a big, clean amp.

If someone stole it, would I buy it again? No, I have more cash now, so I'd probably buy a Tube Screamer, a Blues Driver or an MT-2.

If you want an inexpensive distortion pedal for your practice amp, it's a good choice. If you want to play live gigs with a stage amp, go elsewhere.

01-12-2006, 10:53 PM
Name: RAT 2 (80's model)

Who It Is Made By: ProCo USA

Features: Three Knobs (Distortion, Filter, Volume), Footswitch, In and Out jack, 9v
AC power pack, Red Led, Glow in the dark paint.

Cost: 5000 yen (50 bucks) second-hand (the way to go, the new ones are crap). New about 11000 yen (100 or so bucks)

Style of Music It Fits: Everything except over the top metal (and even then its OK). Sounds especially good for alternative or indie rock. SIngle coils sound great.

Why You Like It: Save for a real overdriven tube amp, it is simply the best distortion pedal I've ever heard or used (the Boss DS-1 comes close). However, despite having three knobs though, it isn't easy to use and getting the most out of it takes some tweaking. The filter is especailly confusing at first, since it works the "opposite" way to a tone knob on most pedals (0 is bright, 10 in dull). If you like pedal you just plug in and play, the RAT 2 isn't for you.

The variety of tones out of this simple black box is amazing. At low distortion level you get a nice clean "grit" and at half way a very chunky heavy crunch sound. Over half it begins to sound like a Fuzz pedal (even though it technicaully isn't). This pedal also sound great on a bass, on a low setting for a little extra "grit" (Tool's bass player uses one for this reason). IMO the filter is best over 50% since the distortion can be a bit bright and harsh under that. However you can get some pretty fat sounds by playing round with the "filter" knob but it takes a while.

I absolutely love this pedal but it lacks a little bass (I put a Boss EQ after it to try to fix this). I hear the Keeney "mighty mouse" mod for it is great and am thinking about sending mine in.

Again mine is an older one, the newer ones sound a bit thin to me. You can tell because the older ones have "chunky" knobs. If mine was damaged or stolen I would be really mad, and would hunt for another "old" one. If I couldn't find one, I'd setting on a "new" one and send it to Keenley to get modded. After that, I would hunt down the person who damaged/stole it and kick the living ****e out of them.:)

Some artists who use this pedal include Graham Coxon (Blur) and Blurs bass player (can't think of his name right now), Ed O'Brian and Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Paul Banks (Interpol), Peter Holmstom (the Dandy Warhols), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) and Justin Chancellor (Tool).

01-16-2006, 09:28 PM
Name of Item - Earthwood Rock and Blues Acoustic strings
Who It Is Made By - Ernie Ball
Features - Thin strings, amazing sound.
Cost - About $5
Style of Music It Fits - Acoustic rock and Blues
Why You Like It - Thin strings, bend a ton without breaking, and they made my guitar sound so much better than it already did. I have these on a Hohner HW300 acoustic guitar (a beginner guitar) and the guitar sounds incredible.
Picture -

01-24-2006, 04:21 AM
Zoom G2

Features: Multi Effects Unit With Amp Models
Cost: $100 US
Style of Music It Fits: Most things

I needed some effects (Harmonizer, Delay, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Autowah), and it has them and does a pretty good job of them. I'll go through all the effects and how good they are:

Compressor: Gets the job done, minimal colouration of tone, not too noisy.

Auto Wah: Sounds decent, but gets a bit shrill if you set the sensitivity too high
Auto Resonance: Similiar to Auto Wah
Booster: Completely changes tone, for the worse IMO. It doesn't just raise the db as a good booster should.
Tremolo: Versatile tremolo with different wave options.
Phaser: Pretty good. Takes some fiddling to get a good sound, and isn't as good as a dedicated phaser. Has 4 colouring options, but they are very different, and there's no way to mix them, so it's not too versatile.
Ring Modulator: Medicore. Supposed to sound 'metallic,' it only sounds digital.
Slow Attack: You get a far better effect using a volume pedal. The annoying thing is you can still hear your pick attack, which ruins the effect.
Pedal VX (wah): I don't have an expression pedal to try it properly, but I did a little test with the knob and it seems to be very weak with a small range.
Pedal Baby: Same as above.

Noise Reduction: Not very adjustable, you can only adjust the threshold between 1-16.

Drive: Sounds crap through an amp. I'll do some recording straight into my computer and post them up to see what it sounds like that way.

EQ: 6 Bands: 160Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz, 3.2kHz, 6.4kHz, 12kHz. +-12 adjustion.

Chorus: Relatively good. Not as good as some stand alone chorus', but quite good and adjustable.
Flanger: Not too bad. It's not too versatile, but sounds decent.
Pitch Shifter: Double your pitch with one that you choose. Goes from -octave to +2 octaves.
Pedal Pitch: Needs expression pedal.
Vibrato: Sounds decent, though it's hard to get a good subtle sound.
Step: Friggen weird.
Dynamic Flanger: Similiar to the other Flanger, but changes volume depending on pick attack, in similiar fashion to an Auto Wah. IMO this feature makes this flanger sound a bit better than the other one, as you can set it on negative values so that you can play a chord and you don't get massive flanging, but then you can do some palm muting and you get some nice flanging.
Mono Pitch Shifter: Similiar to the pitch shifter, but only works with one note playing at a time.
Harmonized Pitch Shifter: Diatonic. A fairly good unit considering the rarity of Diatonic Harmonizer before racks. Sounds quite nice and has quite good tracking aswell. The only problem is it sounds weird when trem picking due to it picking up the picking noise and harmonizing that too :p: .

Delay: Sounds thin.
Ping Pong Delay: Same as above, but with 2 amps you can make a ping pong effect.
Echo: Much better than the delay. Far warmer and doesn't sound as thin and crappy when picking up distortion as the other delay does.

Reverb: I havn't tried it due to having a perfectly good spring reverb on my amp. I may later on.

Other Comments:
A good unit for the price. This really needs to go in an effects loop or it sounds crap.
Even though it has '96kHz Sampling,' it still does change tone, quite a bit. Even when all the effect modules are deselected.
I'm making a true bypass looper due to the above reason, and the fact that the off switch is at the back. While the off switch is not a true bypass, it's better than just switching the effects off.

Overall, it's a good effects unit for the price. It will keep me occupied until I can afford a rackmount.

*To be edited with link to recording*

02-08-2006, 08:24 PM
I couldnt help it, i saw that Xifir had posted the Zoom G", but i must go one further.....the zoom G2.1u. This is basically the same as the G2, but it has a nice expression pedal as well. This can be used to control the amount of distortion on your patch, the delay, reverb, the flanger, and it can be used as a wah pedal. Its extremely easy to use, and very durable.
Another handy feature of this pedal over the G2 is that it has a USB connection, and when connected to a computer, it can be used as an audio interface. The sound quality is excellent, and the reason why i like this pedal so much is because it has the owrlds fastest patch change....5 milliseconds! No more delays like the Boss pedals (which i love so much).
Free with the pedal comes Cubase LE, a cut-down version of SX, but still works soooo well. Up to 24 tracks, stero, and with ASIO monititoring functions. Just make sure your compuetr is fast.

I highly recommend anyone whos staring into the world of recording should get this little beauty. Hell, if it can make my ****ty replica strat sound like a Gretcsh white falcon, then i dont think anyone should complain!

Price: ?161---approx $200
the g21u runs on either batteries, a power adaptor, or from a USB port. I dont recommend the latter as it can cause the signal to the computer to go slow. The power adaptor costs ?8, which is about $11.

Rating:10/10...cubase le is so handy......
Peace out... :peace:

03-12-2006, 12:57 AM
Name of Item:
Behringer Hell Babe Wah (HB01)

Who It Is Made By:

Optical sensor control
Boost switch
Range control knob
Spring back pedal mechanism (can be removed)
Boost control
Q control
Fine Tune control
Dual LED indicators

I have also read that it is a copy of the Dimebag signature Crybaby


Style of Music It Fits:
Rock, funk & blues mostly. Possibly for metal.

Why You Like It:
I dont. The construction isn't sturdy (the metal bar in the side comes out while I'm using it), I dont like the sound of it and it doesn't have very good sweep.
But I do like the optical sensor control and the spring back mechanism.


04-09-2006, 08:13 PM
I gotta get 3 more for a shirt :p:

Name of Item- Dunlop Straplocks
Who It Is Made By - Dunlop
Features- Locks
Cost- $20? I paid 20 with installation.
Style of Music It Fits- All of them
Why You Like It- My guitar doesnt fall. They have never failed me yet. Really easy to use, too.

the schallers tend to work better and teh flat ones that look like donuts are horrible

cost-19 bucks
why- you have to pull the pin out and slide your guitar up to get the button out of a cradle. with the dunlops there are bearings that hold your guitar on, the strap psice somes straight out and all you have to do is bump it inorder for the bearigs to release it makes me feel safer with my guitar and its soft nitro celulouse

04-30-2006, 10:05 AM

Let me add to that.

Name of Item X-V-Amp
Who It Is Made By Behringer


Cost $149 RRP. I got mine for $100

Style of Music It Fits It's a modeller its meant to be versatile. Fits most styles of music. Can do metal, blues, classic rock, to an extent funk.

Why You Like It

It started me on my search for better tones. I started with a Roland Cube 15 and after a few months got bored of the sound. I love to tweak as it my calling or something (im a techy guy). You better love to read manuals as this is quite complex to operate with its many button thingys. Its a breeze compared to teh VAMP 2. My friend bought that and he thinks the Tweed Combo Amp model activates the Flanger :p:. Enough of that back to the review.

The Range of tones I get out of this is amazing. I'm very into RATM and need a Flanger, Delay, Whammy, Tremolo and Wah and it was just not feasible to buy them all. This does all those very well except the Whammy which is understandable cosidered the price of this unit.

It has 15 amp models (16 if you count the bypass) that all sound different. I don't have time to name all of them but the Behringer website has clips of most of them. The Wah is decent but doesnt have that "Wahhhhh" that I just find missing. It doesnt have any adjustable parameters for the wah but all the otehr effects have adjustable parameters (usually 3).

There is a small delay when switching between amp models but I normally stick to one amp model in one song. This has kept me very busy constantly finding new tones and effects. The sheer amount of stuff they crammed into this is amazing for the price.

100 totally editable presets should keep anyone busy. Its got 16 modulation effects with about 4 models per effect which is overkill as most of them sound different. It also has a stereo out for stereo tremolo and delay and reverb. On top of that there is a compressor and a noise gate as well as a 2 band EQ.

The only disadvantage is that it doesn't feel extremely sturdy like the BOSS pedals. I don't stomp on it anyways so I'm fine. It is also extremely lightwieght and compact so it is easy to transport and plug into my friends stereo system instead of bringing my entire amp along.

I don't find it sounds digital. The sound I get is quite good and it just takes a little tweaking.


05-31-2006, 06:33 PM
Name of Item: Boss Hyper Metal HM-3

Who It Is Made By: uhh...Boss

Features: A pretty simple pedal, has volume(level), High and Low(Color Mix), and Distortion

Cost: Mine was free, my bassist picked it up at a yard sale and gave it to me, it disroted his bass too much, but was beter for me than the DS-1, so we swapped. Also, the HM-3 is discontinued, so good luck finding one

Style of Music It Fits: As the name says, Metal

Why You Like It: Loads of distortion w/o ruining the sound, go for thrash and my style of hardcore metal. This is built like a tank, its friggin heavy metal, literally, its weighs alot for a pedal.

06-02-2006, 10:55 AM
the pro co turbo rat.

this is probably one of the kings of the solid state heavy distortion. this thing, if anything else, is incapable of light distortion. given that, it's great for metal, hard rock, and classic rock at low settings.

if lost, i'd buy something lighter, like an overdrive, as i don't generally use megadistortion. it's great for the metalhead in your life.

it's got 3 knobs, volume, distortion, and filter. filter acts like a tone control, but in reverse. with it all the way up, it sounds like you're palm muting it, and with it all the way down, the grind is crushing.

andy stras
06-14-2006, 09:17 AM
:liplick: I found these fantastic Wyres electric strings when looking for PTFE coated strings.
I searched the net via google and found these on a UK site when I was looking for a string that lasted longer, so i didn't need to change the damn things as often! These strings from Canada gave me a cheaper alternative to similar Elixir strings as they only cost me £5.95. Superb sustain and tone made me realise i had found a bargain.
No other strings i have tried on my epi Les Paul come close in tone or last as long.
Needless to say, i will be putting them on my other guitars when i need to change strings.

Manic Subsidul
06-20-2006, 11:05 PM
Name of Item
Bad Horsie Wah

Who It Is Made By

Switchless Design
Regular input and output along with a 9v power supply
"Clear tone" buffer circuit ensures pure guitar tone and maintains signal level in bypass and wah mode
Set to Steve Vai's precise settings
Spring loaded

$100 USD used

Style of Music It Fits
I think that this thing could handle any type of music you put it through. I use it with high distortion for metal, but go right to clean for the Steve Vai sound.

Why You Like It
One reason is because you dont have to step down on it to activate it. Once you step on it it activates and once you step off it it shuts off. You can set it to shut off right awy or stay on for a couple of seconds. Also its spring loaded and personally that makes it easier to use. Also it boosts the volume slightly which is a good thing seeing as how i mostly use it for leads. I really like the balance between the bass, mid, and treble on it. Its not super trebely as i have found with the Crybaby's. It goes from a nice low bass to a high treble sound with some good mids inbetween. Also unlike other pedals you utilize about 9% of the foot position, 0-30% bass, 30-60% mid- 60- 90% Treble, 90-100% same treble.


07-26-2006, 07:36 PM
Name of Item: U-1011 (c.1971)
Who It Is Made By: Univox
Features: 105w, 4 inputs, 2 non-switchable channels (normal/bright), non-master volume, seperate volume for each channel, reverb, tremolo, tremolo intensity, treble, mids, presence, bass.
-Four 6L6GC's, three ECC83's, two ECC82's, one 6AN8 tubes
adjustable reverb level, no fx loop, four speaker out puts, 2/4/8 ohm dial
Cost: ~ $400-550 USD (used)
Style of Music It Fits: any classic rock, anything low to medium gain, cleans, overdrive, funk, classic distortion with OD pedal.
Why You Like It: This amp most resembles old Hiwatts, or non-master marshall's with less gain because its very loud with lots of headroom, runs silently with no noise at all, cool/unique looking exterior, can be a bass amp as well as guitar amp, jumpable inputs, MASSIVE transformers, completely hand-wired, sounds really trippy.....anymore questions? you can PM me.

08-13-2006, 09:54 PM
Name of Item

Powerball neon pro.

Who It Is Made By



A handheld gyroscope, slightly larger than a tennis ball. You work it by doing a circling motion with your wrist.

This is a great tool for strengthening your wrists, forearms, and fingers. Muscle speed is greatly increased, and it can tone ALL of the muscles in your arm and even some pectoral muscle, and other torso.


around £25

Style of Music It Fits

Anything, anyone who uses one of these for a month will see great improvements.

Why You Like It

increases picking speed, arm and muscle dexterity and endurance. highly addictive, and a fun way to improve your arm muscles

for more info, go to


08-27-2006, 09:26 PM Boss- ME-50

The Pedals include all kinds of feature and effects that wont leeve u dissapoineted

It costs around 300$ but is well worth it.

Any style that you want it can fit the pedals can be ajusted to and style.

I like it because the pedals are the best sounding ive every herd they are also very useful for when my band is playing shows.

09-07-2006, 09:32 AM
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser

I bought mine in Amsterdam for 80 Euros, which is about £55/$95, in a fantastic guitar shop called De Plug (if you're in Amsterdam it's well worth checking out, there's all sorts of obscure and vintage gear in there).

Basically, it's probably the simplest phaser you can buy. As you can see, it basically has one control, which is the rate control. It has an enormous range, from a cycle of about 15 seconds to a very fast Univibe-like sound.

The other switch is the Colour one, which is basically a very simple depth control. When it's down the effect is quite subtle (think David Gilmour's sound in Breathe or 'that riff' in Shine On You Crazy Diamond), putting it up gives a very pronounced phasing effect.

What style of music will it fit? Anything that you'd use a phaser in. You can go from hard phasing sounds to subtle swirls to a Univibe/Leslie speaker type sound with ease. It works on other instruments too - Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead uses one on his keyboards.

What do I like about it? It's rugged and simple. It's built like a tank, and the footswitch feels quite solid underfoot and there's a satisfying 'Clunk!' when you press it down, not like the flimsy footswitches of the same style that you get on amp controllers and Marshall pedals. And surprisingly for an Electro-Harmonix pedal it doesn't take up too much pedal board real-estate - it's a bit smaller than 2 Boss pedals placed side to side. I haven't gigged with it yet but I doubt it will let me down.

My only quip is that you need a specific Electro-Harmonix power supply to power it from the mains, which I haven't been able to track down yet, and to change the batteries you need to unscrew the baseplate, which means speedy battery changes at gigs are a no-go.

If you want a jack-of-all-trades phaser that does everything and then some, get a Boss one. If you just want a simple phaser with no bells and whistles and your budget won't stretch to a Phase 90, this is the way to go.

10-07-2006, 08:20 PM
Name of Item Boss CH-1 Super chorus
Who It Is Made By Boss
Features It has standard Level knob which obviously conrols the volume of the Fx, then it has the EQ which controls the HI-LOW sound. Theres the Rate wich controls rate of the "swirl, and last but not least it has the Depth which controls
Cost $100 CAD
Style of Music It Fits Anything.
Why You Like It I like it alot! It can fit any style and on the clean setting it sounds amazing. With an SD-1 its has that rich tone that we all crave. Sure it can take a while to get the exact tone you want, but once you do, it can sound amazing.

piece o' pi
10-20-2006, 07:47 AM
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi (USA)

Name of Item- Big Muff Pi (USA)
Who It Is Made By-Electro Harmonix
Features- volume (sets output) , tone (range of tones between bass and treble),sustain (sets sustain/gain) knobs
Cost- 69 euros
Style of Music It Fits
This pedal is great for almost everything exept for metal, if you want metal buy the metal muff. this pedal is most known for 70s style rock and modern rock/grunge. In the Electro Harmonix manual it says that this pedal is used by Henderix, but its not because its made in 1972 and Hendrix died before that.
Why You Like It i like this pedal because its very versatile, despite from what other people say. i can get a range of sounds from a fat bluesy overdrive to an all out fuzz.

also check out the gearwire video (at the bottom of the text.) :

10-21-2006, 02:38 PM
Zoom G1X
This is an excellent multi-effects pedal and is great value for money. You get amazing sounding distortion and clean tones plus many, many more interesting effects. Unlinke the G1, there is an expression pedal which can control wah effects, distortion level and many other things. I got this online for only $73.00 which is great and I use it for rehearsing, recording and live playing. It's also a great size as well, despite the expression pedal and the stomp buttons can sure take a punch. 10/10

10-28-2006, 09:32 PM
Name of Item: Black Gold Jazz 1.14 mm
Who It Is Made By: Dunlop
Features: The Dunlop Black Gold pick series are practically the same as their Tortex series, however there are some slight refinements. Firstly, they are made of a smoother-feeling black material with a goldish-yellow print rather than black. The small size of the Jazz model allows for maximum control over every single note you hit. The concept of the Tortex plastic is very interesting. Many years ago, and still, sometimes, even nowadays, guitarists were exceedingly fond of picks made from tortoise shells. They had brilliant attack, were very dynamic, and were very strong as well. However, as animal rights activists would have it, people had to stop poaching these creatures to use their shells as picks. Dunlop set out to produce a plastic that not only modeled the responsiveness and attack of old-fashioned tortoiseshell picks, but was much cheaper to produce as well. The result was Tortex plastic, one of the most widely used plectrum materials in the world.
Cost: $0.60 CDN
Style of Music It Fits: Absolutely anything and everything you could possibly use a pick for. I play mainly Metal, and it's wonderful for chunky chugging rhythms as well as searing progressive and technical leads.
Why You Like It: They are very dynamic picks. It's one of those things that grows on you. At first I had trouble keeping a hold on the pick and maintaining good control over my notes. However, with a little bit of use, i grew accustomed to the point that i can't use any other kind of pick. Nothing compares to the dynamic attack and comfort of a Black Gold tortex pick, and they're beautiful picks as well. I highly advise that you pick them up if you can.

10-29-2006, 07:47 PM
Name of Item: BOSS ODB-3 Bass OverDrive
Who It Is Made By: BOSS
Features: 2 Band EQ, Level, Gain, and Balance controls.
Cost: $89.99 (USD)
Style of Music It Fits: Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Metal, I have gotten many uses out of it and I am in an ambient band, it is great for build-ups and for holding notes.
Why You Like It: I first bought this pedal for the song Around the World by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I loved that effect and I thought that I could really do a lot with it. Since then, I have used this pedal for hardcore and more recently ambient music. It really brings out the lows on my Jbass after some tweaking with the EQ. My only complaint about it is that the fuzz of the OverDrive is very hard to do and takes a lot of settings adjustment to get. I definitely recommend this for a bassist with a wide variety of styles. Definitely a great BOSS pedal!

11-22-2006, 10:42 PM
Name of Item: GA40
Who It Is Made By: Korg
Features: Output, tunes 6-7 string guitar, tunes 4-5-6 string basse, sound out, can drop 5 b
Cost: about $20 cnd
Style of Music It Fits: any
Why You Like It: it's very accurate and it's not jumpy like other tuners i've used

11-26-2006, 07:44 AM
Vox Clyde McCoy wah pedal (V848)

Features- On/Off switch, DC jack, true bypass.

Cost- Goes from £120 to £150, I haggled mine down to £100.

It fits 60's stuff, (Hendrix, Clapton etc) blues/classic rock amazingly, it's made for this sort of stuff.

I love it because it's perfect for me and what I play, huge smooth sweep and goes great with light gain.

12-15-2006, 04:33 PM
my thingy is the Digitech DF-7 Distortion factory
so, this thing has got 7 different pedal models built in:
-Ibanez TS-9
-DOD Overdrive/Preamp 250
-Boss DS-1
-Pro Co Rat
-Boss Metal Zone
-Digitech Metal Master
-Electroharmonix Big Muff Pi

With the right tinkering, you can get any of these to sound pretty good
not as good as the originals, but oh well
it cost $99 american
I like it because i can get a buncha different sounds out of it, and its a hell of a lot cheaper than getting all them pedals
but if i could go back in time, i'd probably avoid it, and get something less...i dunno how to put it.
it sounds kinda processed and boring after a while
plus, it isnt very loud, unless you turn up the highs and mids, which is rather dissapointing...

i dunno
I would reccomend it, if you get it used, cause $99 was a little bit much

12-16-2006, 04:33 PM
You guys should all invest in a dunlop straplock. believe me, investing 13 dollars now can save you from costly repairs and even replacements later on down the road. also, if youare considering a wah pedal, dont buy the original crybabies, they suck. But either the slash crybaby, the vox clyde mccoy, or the budwah. They have much better sweep and don't make you sound like a poser who just wants a wah pedal so they can say they have wah pedal. I would suggest the Budwah simply because it is all handwired point-to-point, engineered in the US and is built like a tank.


"I used to trust benny, but in the third grade, he stole my rollo's. i'm not saying i'm the one who pushed him under the bus, i'm just saying I like Rollo's."

12-29-2006, 03:29 PM
Namo of Product M-Audio Black box

Made by M-Audio

Features Amp Modeling, Beat-synced effects, Onboard Drum machine, USB audio interface comes with ableton live

Style of music Can be used for anything really good if you want to do recording has the built in drum machine has a range of effects built in many diiferent amp models from vox ac30 to jcm2000 models

Cost £100 from soundcontrol

Problems None really the only thing is you cannot buy the optional footpedal In the UK so if you need to be able to control this with your feet this might not be for you

12-29-2006, 06:26 PM
Namo of Product: Behringer Tube Overdrive

Made by Behringer

Features: Tube like distortion for great rhythm and screaming leads. SOUnds like an authentic tube amp. Good tone shaping, and great distortion levels

Style of music: Classic Rock, Blues, and maybe some old school Punk

Cost: $34.99

Problems None

great pedal if you play blues, calssic rock, or old school punk.

12-30-2006, 06:36 AM
Name of Item: CH-40 Chorus
Who It Is Made By: Denio
Features: Chorus. It has two controls, rate and depth.
Cost: Bought for me.
Style of Music It Fits: Well, anything that uses chorus mainly. I use it to play Nirvana, coz they are my favourite band.
Why You Like It: I like it because i can get a great Chorus sound out of it. It makes me sound like Nirvana.
You can find out more about this pedal and how great it is here: CH-40 Chorus (

01-02-2007, 01:34 AM
Name of Product: Super Overdrive
Make: Boss
Features: Level control, Tone control, Drive control
Cost: $50-70 Canadian
Style: Blues or rock (when used alone) Excellent for rock or metal solos (when used with distortion)
Why I like it: it takes a beating, sounds great, if used with distortion it has a lot of advantages (harmonics ring longer, artificial harmonics are easier to sound, notes sustain longer),zzounds/SD1-fb621450dba64338d880667ae844c82a.jpg

Name of Product: RP80
Make: Digitech
Features: Expression pedal, Drum machine, Many effects, Tuner, Power Supply included, 1/4" outputs (L/R), 1/8" headphone jack

Effects: Pickup Simulator, Compression, Wah (Crybaby, Fullrange, and Bo?), 11 Amp Models, Acoustic Guitar Simulator, EQ, Noise Gate, Cabinet Modeling, Chous, Flange, Phaser, Tremolo, Panner, Vibrato, Rotary Speaker, YaYa, AutoYa, Envelope Filter, Detuner, Pitch Shifter, Whammy, Delay, Reverb

Cost: $109.95 (
Style: All
Why I like it: It was A LOT cheaper than buying pedals for all those effects, it has some good uses, the volume pedal feature alone is worth the money, the effects are decent for the price, very versatile.
What I don't like about it: There is a moment when changing settings that the signal stops, I believe it isn't just my pedal my friend has a RP100 (I think) and it does the same. Some of the effects don't sound very good, such as the harmonizer.

01-02-2007, 01:28 PM
Name- Behringer X V-amp

Made by- Behringer corporation

Features- Wah pedal, 16 amp simulations including, dual rectifyer, tube screamer & more, 16 effects, 100 presets and more features that i don't know it has.

Price- $160 AUD

style- alot

Why i like it- sounds great!!!
I have one, and im not as hapy with it as you seem to be. When you press one of the pedals, there is silence for almost a second before the next effect comes on. The manual wah wah doesnt reealy work that much. Its more like a faint "woh" in the background. And after about a 7 months, i switched it on and there was a dot on the screen and i couldnt get it to make a sound. I reset it (switch off, hold save + 2nd function, switch on) and it worked for about a month, i had to reset it again, and now i have to reset it every time i switch it on. But i cant now because the save button came off.

well i got what i paid for (£50 new)

Can anyone do a review of the digitech gnx1? i thinking of getting one to replace my behringer. And if you do, can you say if the wah is "strong", cos the wah in my current pedal doesnt make that much of a wah sound.

01-05-2007, 08:41 PM
Made by MXR
Features: Phase, Spacey sound
Cost: $80 US
Styles: any kind of music
I like it because it is a very simple, effective, and fun pedal.

This pedal is a classic phaser made by MXR. It is a very simple pedal, but that doesn't stop it from being an extrordinary pedal with an amazing sound. This pedal has been made famous by such artists like
- Eddie Van Halen
- Tom Morello
- Zakk Wylde
Overall, a fun, simple pedal that has a pretty small price tag for what it is worth, so if you want a cheap phaser that works, go straight for the MXR Phase 90.

02-08-2007, 11:22 PM
DOD Stereo Flange FX75-B


Delay, Speed, Width an Regen

Great old thing that i found at a flea market. Great for those weird, kind of Beatley vocal sounds.

Style it fits: Psychadelic Rock, Slow songs

Why i like it: It can warm your sound up, cool it down, or make it sound like a digital processor.

Marshall ED-1 "Edward The Compressor"


Again, bought at the flea market, for $40.

Emphasis (tone), Volume, Attack, and Compression.

Style it fits: Country, Jazz, slower songs, anything that requires clean sustain.

Why I like it: It sounds clean, can make almost drum-like sounds, and can even drive a tube amp.

02-16-2007, 09:32 PM
Name: English Muff'n Overdrive Pedal

Made By: Electro Harmonix

Knobs: Volume, Status, Gain, High, Mid, Low

Style it fits: Classic 60's 70's rock and some Blues

Why i like it: Gives a good british invasion/blues sound. Good for: Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, AC/DC (if you mess with the gain), The Kinks, Some Black Sabbath, Chuck Berry, B.B King, Queen etc.

Guitar Center 189$ normally, but the guy sold it to me for 150 flat. (

02-21-2007, 05:53 PM
Name: Voltz Effect Pedal Power Supply
Made By:

Voltz provides a novel and convenient way for powering guitar pedals and frees musicians from worrying about guitar pedal setup prior to a performance. It has a high capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery with a built-in charger.


Capable of supporting 20+ pedals simultaneously for 8 hours on one single charge
No more ground loops and power line hum
Multiple output voltages – 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V and 40V
30-second pedalboard setup time

Cost: $350

This is the ultimate setup. I attached Voltz to my pedalboard and used it to power 7 pedals. With one charge, after one week of rehearsals and performance, the battery was still going strong. I no longer have to worry about stocking 9V batteries. Furthermore, I like the clean and crisp sound.

03-17-2007, 08:33 PM
Name of Item: DigiTech DigiDelay
Who It Is Made By: DigiTech
Features: Level, Repeats, Time and Mode knobs. 7 modes, including reversed delay and 4 second looper.
Cost: $99
Style of Music It Fits: Anything, since its a delay.
Why You Like It: Incredible tone and quality in features for its price.

03-20-2007, 09:40 AM
I use Behringer, basically because they're cheap and sound good.

Behringer Ultimate Distortion
Cost: £15
Features: Level, Tone and Distortion
Style: Hard Rock to good old Rock n' Roll, s'good pedal

Behringer Digital Delay
Cost: £30
Features: Level, Feedback, Time and Mode
Style: Like all delay, anything...well apart from drop 'z' thrash metal or summin.

Behringer Hellbabe Wah
Cost: £35
Features: Frequency, Q (what ever it does), EQ, Range control and Boost.
Style: Well, if need a wah it doesn't matter.

And, a quick question, is there such a thing as a bolt on 'Floyd Rose' or something?

03-20-2007, 02:59 PM
Here's what to include in your post:
Name of Item Crate 15w Palomino
Who It Is Made By Crate
Features It is an all tube amp, that unlike the voodoo, actually sounds nice. It's a warm sound with an unlabeled celestion vintage 30. (it just has celestion palomino on the speaker, but after much research, I figured it out.) It's voiced warm, but it can be dialed in to fit most music style, however it will never be a metal amp. It has a switch for gain, and a switch for volume, the gain controls the level of power going into the preamp, while the volume controls it going into the power amp. As the amp is cranked, the preamp distortion that you get at low volumes is backed back, untill about 2/3 of the way, till the EL-84's start breaking up, resulting in a beautiful soft but evident distortion, I'd say you'd need a distortion pedal to push it at high volumes. Good amp for small 100-200 person gigs, gets over a drummer easly.
Cost $399 though you can get it cheaper
Style of Music It Fits Hard rock, blues, jazz, country
Why You Like It I like it because it's so versatile, you can get almost any tone out of it, and makes a good practice amp.

04-05-2007, 05:53 AM
Name of Item: Scratch Pad

Who It Is Made By: Scratch Pad, LLC

Features: Clings gently but securely like a Post-It note but without any adhesive or vinyl films. It can be applied, removed and reapplied over & over forever. There is a 1 minute demo which says it all best at this link; Demo Video (

Cost: $19.95 at Sam Ash stores and

Why You Like It: The multi-plies protect finishes from Belt-Buckle Rash and... those inconspicuous but more deadly Pocket-Rivets that leave 'worm tracks' in the finish [even through an untucked shirt.] Check the Catalog page to see the new "Designer" Scratch Pads for personalizing an axe with Skulls, Peace Signs or some fun text messages.

04-15-2007, 03:31 PM
Item: BOSS RC-2 Loop station
Made By: BOSS
-up to 16 minutes of record time
-"Loop Quantize" which means the pedal tailor fits your recording to a proper time signature, versus other loopers where if your timing is off the loop will be out of time and sound bad.
-Good drum machine, fun to jam with
-11 total phrases can be stored in it
-you can record from exterior sound devices (ex:mp3, CD player) and play it back
-Undo/Redo functions
-volume controls for recording and drum machine
Cost: $200 CAD
Style of music:anything
Why I like it: as a pedal, it truly is one of a kind. it's compact as any other BOSS pedal but with a much more impressive array of capabilities. it makes at home practice that much funner, as you can get a full band sound playing all by yourself. the options are limitless with this pedal...get an octave pedal and drop a bassline, an acoustic simulator for rhythm guitar, then improv over it. This pedal really helps unlock your creativity.

04-22-2007, 07:50 AM
Name of Item: Boss Hyper Metal HM-3 OR Boss Metal Zone MT-2

Who It Is Made By: Boss

Features: A pretty simple pedal, has volume(level), High and Low(Color Mix), and Distortion NOW Level, Low, High, Mid, Mid range[200 to 2k] and Gain.

Cost: Mine was free, my bassist picked it up at a yard sale and gave it to me, it disroted his bass too much, but was beter for me than the DS-1, so we swapped. Also, the HM-3 is discontinued, so good luck finding one/At a shop around 75 bucks.

Style of Music It Fits: Metal, Classic Metal

Why You Like It: Loads of distortion w/o ruining the sound, go for thrash and my style of hardcore metal. This is built like a tank, its friggin heavy metal, literally, its weighs alot for a pedal. <--Weight changed some, is now lighter.

04-24-2007, 04:27 PM
Name: Graph tech bass String Saver saddles

Who its made by: Graph Tech

Features: Its a direct replacement saddle for fender bass(among others with the same type of bridge) It reduces string breakages, and it also increases sustain slightly

Cost: Mine came with my bass, but I think they go for around 20-30 pounds(for a set of 4). They are quite hard to get hold of in the UK though.

Why I like it : I like the extra sustain :) I am not actually too bothered about string breakages, because I have never broken a string.

05-04-2007, 03:26 PM
Name of Item:
Gibson Vintage Reissue Strings

Who It Is Made By:
Gibson (d'oh)

Pack of strings gauge .009 with a pure nickel wrap. Made like back in the 50s. Vacuum packed, which keeps 'em fresh for a long time too so great to stock up.

8 euros (about 10 dollars)

Style of Music It Fits:
Hendrix definitely :D but does a surprisingly good job even on metal :p: but main style probably blues, jazz and so on

Why You Like It:
Fat tone even for a niner set, good response, great feel, wear isn't too shabby for a pure nickel set of nines. I like the response the most though, these strings just react a lot more to picking dynamics than your average d'addarios.


05-16-2007, 11:47 AM
Name: Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive

Made by Digitech

Cost: Around 40 bucks (USD)

Features: Level, Bass, Treble, and Gain knobs for EQ. On/Off LED indicator. Runs on batteries or Power Supply. (As with all pedals, I suggest getting the Power Supply)

What it does:
This is a great OD pedal for those on a budget. If you can't afford a Tubescreamer, but want the OD of one, look into this pedal. It can give you a clean boost when you have the level up and the gain down, or it can add some grit to get you over the top when you crank the gain knob up. It's a great pedal to run in front of your tube amp that you want to give a little more grit to. It takes my Peavey Windsor and Peavey Valveking from 80's hard rock/metal, all the way up to a modern metal machine. This is a great pedal, and has a great pricetag.

Who's it for?:
THIS IS AN OVERDRIVE PEDAL, NOT A DISTORTION PEDAL. This pedal is for Overdriving the tubes in your tube amp, making them cook and saturate a little more. This pedal will not give you bone crushing distortion plugged straight into your clean channel like a distortion pedal will. Alone, this thing can get up to AC/DC levels, but what it's best at, and what I use it for, is boosting the drive channels on my amp and getting a fuller, heavier sound. This pedal is for anyone who wants a quality, good sounding OD pedal, but can't afford to pay for a Tubescreamer or Maxon.

Great Pedal. Link:

05-16-2007, 04:59 PM
Boss Drivezone OD-20 Distortion Pedal

06-09-2007, 08:26 PM
Name of Item: 3/4 Violin Bow
Who It Is Made By: Glaesel is a good brand, mine didnt have a name on it. Glasser make synthetic bows for cheap. Mine is an un-named bow made of real wood, and it was cheap. Lucky me.
Features: Brazilian Rosewood, Horsehair, Leather Grip, Pearl Inlays, Ebony Frog (the part attached to the strings)
Cost: Costed me $24.99
Style of Music It Fits: rock, jazz, anything that you can incorporate a slow solo into (probably wouldnt be very useful for punk or metal)
Why You Like It: Its extravagant, experimental, and impressive. When I first tested this on my guitar at the local shop through a roland acoustic amp, I was shocked! It had a sound I Had never heard before, or imagined would come from my guitar. I wasn't expecting it to sound so cool. Turn the reverb to 10, perhaps add some psychadelic effect (wah, chorus, flange, phase, echo/delay), sounds best on the clean channel or with a clean boost. You need to buy some Rosin as well, you rub it on the hairs for friction. Its about 7 dollars for a nice piece of Rosin, and they last a long time. I bought a 3/4 size one, however, you can get a 4/4 one, which is quite larger.
-The famous video of Jimmy Page's bow solo in Dazed and Confused
-fellow page fan
-BobbyCrisp's Youtube vid

07-12-2007, 10:27 AM
Name of Item: Exl 120 Strings
Who It Is Made By: D'addario
Features: Nickel Roundwound, Long Lasting, Bright, great tone
Cost: anywhere form $5-7each, or as low as $2 a pack if you buy bundles
Style of Music It Fits: Really anything, but I find they work best with Classic Rock and Blues
Why You Like It: They fit my style perrfectly, they love my strat, I play a more higher pitched-bluesy sound.... and they are the best for it, they also sound good for playing Clapton type stuff anf even some Ritchie Blackmore... They are pretty cheap, they come in package deals, the have players points (plus I use a lot of Planet Waves stuff too)
Problems: none, possibly breaking them, they are pretty light strings

I also use EXL 110's on my Les Paul and they are great, I use EXPs on both my acoustics and love them. (