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KGguitar 06-26-2012 06:23 PM

British Culture
British Culture.

Screams and echos resonate
hidden cameras will turn and stare
afternoon yelps and scrapes
The sound of children playing football in street.

Trilby hats and dusty suits
And intellectual pursuits
And bookshop values and cocaine
Fuelled discussions about fake borgeouis pain.

And so I ask you what our culture is?

Put down rap battles between
Self styled street poets
With a chip on their shoulder
Cause they wont poor enough when they grow older

and so I ask you what our culture is?
Was it the mods or the rockers or the teddy boy shockers?
Or the hoodies or the chavs or the kids into jazz.
Did they drink, did they fight? Did they dance all night?
Was there anything else to do?

Three polish builders building
A tall town house for an oligarch
Thinking of hot meals as they install the aga
And it rankles to their core because their kids arenít provided for

And so I ask you what our culture is?
And the men in the 4 button pinstripe suits
Paying bills at the bar with their blank chequebooks
Looking down at the uncouth deviant truth
Donít remember what they did when they were members of the youth.

Two foreign boys sitting on a bench
Smoking cheap homegrown draw
The scent of crime wafts over to old Mr Shanks.
And he doesnít realize that their guns are filled with blanks.

And so I ask you what our culture is?

treborillusion 10-17-2012 02:52 PM

I thought it was, okay, I guess.

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