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The Buttmonkey 09-07-2012 08:44 PM

Hyperbola: feedback and possibly collab wanted!

Hey guys, I I'd like some comments on my work in progress. It's very VERY rough! Written a while back recorded all today.

If one person asks me about gear I'll post everything, so I'll write it out, but only if someone shows interest.

Anyways, you may have noticed this song's lack of drums and bass and the song suffers for it. This is because I don't like Cubase LE 4's VST. I was hoping someone with superior drummer and maybe a bass might take a look at the MIDI i have and help me out with this!

Yeah, I know I suck at writing/mixing/playing leads, haha!


Note: accidently posted in the wrong section at first. My bad! Next time I'll look more closely.

The Buttmonkey 09-07-2012 09:21 PM

Decided to post gear since I had already written in up:

Ibanez RG7321 (tuned to Drop G#) w/ Crunch lab 7 in bridge and stock in the neck. through Planet waves "custom" cable straight into a Peavey 3120 head straight into a Peavey 6505 cab into a SM57 into a Lexicon Lambda into Cubase LE 4.

Basically my set up, straight through! haha

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