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Slaytanic1993 09-27-2012 06:14 PM

Some kind of nonsense (Technical Death metal) gp5/4/midi c4c
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Started out as a regular jammy brutal death song but the transition from the chaos to the melody at the end made me want to finish this weirdness.

By weird I mean that it suddenly becomes really melodic but I don't think it's as jarring as I expected, but it's still a bit whack. There's no way I could revisit the brutal part, but tell me how this thing turned out as it is.

If it's more jarring than what I'm hearing, I'll split the song. But I really want to keep it as this sort of contrasting bit.

EDIT: and yes, I know 6/4-4/4 is just 5/4, but I rewrote that riff and I couldn't be bothered to do a meter change at the time and it's just snowballing.

EDIT2: Finite. Except maybe for the transition to clean?

Ometh 09-27-2012 06:26 PM

Hmm, sounds tasty.

Dig the fintro riff alot, it gets real groovy when the drums come in. The "A thing" riff is also very awesome, god I wish I could play this fast lol. I like how it has some 3/4 measures, to break it up a bit. The trills (sp?) in the verse riff sound real awesome. The bridge is just brutal as hell, love it. Second verse, doesn't sound tiring since it completely catches you off guard. The chaos section is just insane, I can't imagine how noisy it must sound IRL. Dig alot the first melodic riff, it's slightly dissonant, which fits the song pretty nicely IMO. The second part is a bit more jarring, but I honestly really dig. If I were you I'd keep both riffs and come with a really pretty ending for this, so it end ups being a complete mindfuck of a song lol. 8/10

EpiExplorer 09-27-2012 06:29 PM

Kinda reminds me of a bit of Sadus and a bit of Spawn of possession.

The sudden burst of grimness at bar 58 was a nice surprise. Ending was also not what I expected, this style would be a good change in the current tech-death climate.

Slaytanic1993 09-27-2012 07:48 PM

Updated with the finished track. Finally finished a solo for the first time in too damn long.

Ometh 09-27-2012 08:02 PM

Damn, you work fast! It took me the whole day to write the track I sent you lol.
You took it in a pretty direction, I dig that :)
The clean section is pretty coo', dig the tapped chords and everything. The solo is also pretty sweet yet short enough to not wander into wakfest territory. The fade out ending fits pretty well.
You should try to come up with more unexpected twists for your BDM songs, that would be pretty cool and unique.

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