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Vin71 10-07-2012 08:11 PM

Virtual Ampsims how do they effect pickups compared to real amps

I recently stumbled upon a post while searching for some stuff, and I looked up more and found another interesting post, but I would like to see more discussion on the subject of how Active / Passive / low / medium / high output pickups effect Virtual / Modeling amps compared to regular real amps

Here are the two posts

I would say; not so much. When you play through an amp the output level of your pickup determend how hard the input stage of your amp is driven. When playing through your DAW you have the option of maximizing input volume with your preamp gain knob, therefore the only parameter remaining is the tonal character of your pickup wich doesent make a lot of difference, at least not with high gain sounds. I`ve done some of my best metal recordings with my baby blue strat with Lundgren 60īs single coils. Sometimes I just stick an EQ in front of ampsim to take some of that 4k harshness off.

I use the UX2 and Pod Farm and i have tried different kinds of guitars with very different kinds of pups and i come to the same conclusion every time. High output pups are not good for any kind of modelling rig. They are suited for pushing the valves in a valve amp. In any modelling rig you get better clean and distortion sound with low and medium output pups. You just get more noise with the high output. Just my thoughts about it.

It's interesting, I wonder if I stuck in medium or low output pickups, which would also help me with another problem, would I get a better signal overall then using high output pickups

If anyone has tested the 2nd quote I would appreciate your opinion on it! I still don't have an interface yet but am getting one soon

gumbilicious 10-07-2012 08:43 PM

that is a fairly interesting observation. i use amp sims a bit, but haven't really dabbled so much with high output pickups.

i do notice that i seem to prefer my HB guitars in coil tap mode though. i think i am gonna try some of this out tonight.

but as far as what i think: they may be onto something. i def notice that when i play through an amp sim on my computer the amp sim doesn't respond to lowering the volume knob on the guitar the same way a tube amp does. sure you lose some high end, but you don't lose nearly as much gain; it's more like turning down the volume on the amp and you don't hear the first gain stage getting starved.

Vin71 11-08-2012 07:39 PM

Hey, did you try anything out or figure anything out? I still haven't got an interface lol I am very anxious to experiment though when I get one. I'm mainly wondering about the difference between single coil and HB, do SC still buzz through interfaces?

gumbilicious 11-08-2012 07:52 PM

Originally Posted by Vin71
Hey, did you try anything out or figure anything out? I still haven't got an interface lol I am very anxious to experiment though when I get one. I'm mainly wondering about the difference between single coil and HB, do SC still buzz through interfaces?

i did actually pay a bit more attention, and my pups (HB and SC, and i even have P90's in my LPDC) sound much the same. mind you, my interfaces have preamps where you adjust the level and i always adjust my preamp so that i am in the yellow with the very occasional red peak. this may have a lot to do with things.

switching from pup to pup you can notice a little bit of different feel, but it's nothing like plugging into my real amps.

i have heard higher dollar amp sims (kemper, AxeFX, UA, etc) are much more responsive to guitars and volume knob changes. so maybe i just don't have good enough sims to be able to tell much difference.

and yes, SC's still hum through amp sims.

mespinos 11-08-2012 08:14 PM

I personally have no issues with high output pickups in amp sims.

I disagree with the preamp level thing partially. For example, if you have higher output PUPs, it is easier to get a huge sounding pinch harmonic. Cranking your pre-amp level doesn't really make it any better on lower output pups.

Volume knob dynamics are out the window with the lepou sims I run. (Mostly, atleast)

It's better on my axefx, but not a real amp still.

I've compared medium, high, and active pickups on both lepou and my axefx. I think you hear the output level much more on varying pickups VS the voicings.

My duncan 59s sound like a less gainy and slightly less beefy BKP aftermath through computer amp sims. EMG's sound gainer than my aftermath, but again the voicing still sounds very close.

Then you plug the aftermath's straight into a tube amp and compare it to the EMGs and its a huge difference on tightness and voicing.

AxSilentxLine 11-08-2012 08:47 PM

There may be some basis to this as my LTD with a JB in the bridge sounds much better than my LP with an EMG81 when using amp sims although the JB is a better pickup in general...

MatrixClaw 11-08-2012 08:57 PM

There is a huge difference in tone between my ESP Eclipse II and Bernie Rico Jr. when DI'd and using an amp sim (TSE X50 - Free) :shrug: Hell, even my Gibson BFG, which is the same shape and woods as the ESP, and also has the same pickup (EMG 81) in the bridge, sounds different, not as large of a difference as the BRJ, but certainly noticeable to a trained ear.

I don't have any other guitars with passive pickups to compare to right now, but the Bare Knuckle Nailbombs in my Jackson SL2H that I just sold, sound totally different through an amp sim with my BRJ's DiMarzios.

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