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maninasuitcase 10-24-2012 06:10 PM

What kind of guitar is this?
I often see Jon Anderson playing this type of guitar! I don't always remembering it being fully acoustic with a sound hole. I saw that type of guitar in a music shop but it wasn't electric. Anyone know what type of guitar that is? Brand?

dannyalcatraz 10-24-2012 06:27 PM

It's a custom/modified Martin Backpacker with a viola scroll and some additional electronics:

The midi guitar, is that the backpack kind of guitar on the DVD?

Yes, it is a backpack guitar with a scroll from a viola and violin to make it look kind of snazzy. The backpack is very lightweight as well and it is very comfortable. It also sounds beautiful. I am very surprised how beautiful it sounds.

Was that guitar custom made for you?

Yes, I made it myself, with a company around the corner in Nipomo. It's called L. R. Baggs. They actually create the midi pickup for guitars. Initially there was a company out of Canada that created the midi guitar, but the guitar was so heavy for me I transferred the insides of the guitar, (the pickup and all the electronics of it) and transferred it into a backpacker. With the help of this guy called Bo and L. R. Baggs.

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