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Wild_One 10-27-2012 03:07 AM

2 Original songs (GP5) , comment please...
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these are songs that I wrote for fun...

critics or compliments are welcome... :)

one is an instrumental metal song, and for the other song, its supposed to have a vocal, but I haven't create the lyric yet.

advices for song improvement are also welcome, I could use those advices to add my musical knowledge too... :)

EpiExplorer 10-27-2012 05:44 AM

First song is decent thrash, with good solo's. Main problem is that the chord progressions are insanely bland. Try something a bit more progressive. The sudden black/death metal shift near the end was a nice surprise, keep that. But yeah, work out a more epic chord progression.

Second song, main intro's a bit of an uninteresting slog, but it really gets good at bar 22. Very good riffs throughout, and some insteresting diminished bits and bobs. Again, the key/scale/chord progression is just a bit bland, and you use the same one from the other song during the bridge on this one, which isn't a good idea.

Think of something like this at 1:33 where it shifts from D#5 to Dsus2 (I think), but in a descending pattern and continues in the tremelo picking.

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