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lububble17 11-08-2012 09:42 PM

Fade the Black
Hello...wrote this song a while ago. I would love some feedback :)
The words etch into your brain
You canít handle the pain
You think youíre going insane
Can you keep playing the part?
It has shattered your heart
And now itís broken and scarred.

Will the bleeding ever stop?
Will the bleeding ever stop?
Now you feel youíre at the top
And spiraling down, out of control

And wouldnít it be nice
If it would all end in the blink of an eye
But the whole world is calling you back,
And now itís time to fade the black.

Lying in your bed at night
A sea of tears falling out your eyes
You think you could drown
And you wouldnít even make a sound

Shadows running through your mind
But it really ainít your time
Thereís a new world there for you
Iím begging you please, please push through


It is so hard to close that door
And look ahead to something more
Like it never even happened, though it did
Youíve got to love, learn and live


Yes, the whole world is calling you back dear
And now itís time to fade the black.

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