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cubs 12-06-2012 12:29 AM

'blue arrangements' 4:40
lacandone lacan psych retrouvadore
which one of you knows which one of you knows
double yous dot something dot commentary
on some slovak documentary
about a 20th century classical music composer
which one of you drives a bulldozer
over a wooden bridge three times a week
to dump bullshit on the creek my dears
with no rainbow ears or crooked teeth
i don't know if someone should come live with me
i mean i think no one should even live here
i don't believe much on the concept of 'bridge'
metaphysical shit with uncooked ricecrispy seeds
which one of you can write down dreams in IPA
while some neighbore blasts NWA from a youtube video
dot riddle dot something dot crack
art attack are rat act which one of i did broke the pact

jiminizzle 12-22-2012 05:04 PM

Awesome tune. I hear a bit of David in here. There's a weird drunkeness to some of it that kind of works.
Not sold on the bridge and ricecrispy seeds lines. Not adding much for me.

You obviously have a good ear. I like the attitude in here too. This was good but I think if you took some of the elements here and played with them more, and maybe more carefully, you could come up with some really great stuff.

cubs 12-22-2012 07:30 PM

when something breaks
it makes
a beautiful sound


(if i remember correctly, that line more or less inspired this and viceversa).

thanks jimmy. i agree with the things you say. i too see that if i played with some of the things here more carefully i could come up with a more smooth piece overall, more concise. i don't know, i like messing around. i mean i love messing around with the opportunities offered by languages, forms, concepts and signs in general (linguistic or not). i might not be far from losing my mind though.

as for the bridge thing: bridges for me (and i think for mostly everyone since this is such a simple concept) simbolize connection, communication between two different entities. you build a bridge from one side of the river to the other and you overcome a boundary, allowing free transit, you are free to go from here to there. bridges are communications. here i say i don't believe much in that concept since it is quite impossible to truly create a 'bridge' from one person (mind) to another. there are always difficulties present in communication, there are no 'real bridges', no 'actual pure communication'. there will never be a channel of communication where we can transmit EXACTLY what we want (unless we somehow fuse minds in the future, which doesn't seem that unlikely with all this technology).
there are no places where communications are actually 'ideal', in a bridge like way, just info sent and received with no undesired connotations, misunderstandings, etc. it gets all ****ed up in these 'bridges' we try building with languages. maybe ideas get robbed or tired or bored while they're walking through a bridge. idk.

though i think i could work on those lines you mentioned.

jiminizzle 12-23-2012 04:34 AM

I like hearing all that. Really love to see you explain ideas too--I love how you think about things. But can you say it in the poem? I don't think something like that is really there. That could be a great part of this piece (or another one for that matter), but, as you seem to know, it isn't yet. I really do like this, for the reasons I've said and more. I got a lot out of the word play and everything. I just don't think those 2 lines have the same strength in that department, and they don't push enough towards your more philosophical idea behind it to hold up with the rest of it, in the ecstatic moment or the contemplative one.

vintage x metal 12-24-2012 11:41 PM

lacan, holla! If you haven't done this already, you'll fall in love with irigiray after lacan, or at least be smitten with the idea of existence as the lips of the labia touching, not really two, not really one. **** voids. the world is wild. I hope you're not in the dark, and if you are, I hope you have something to listen to.

the rhythm is very fun. makes me smile an uglier smile. I hear you saying this - in character, as a computer - with a drumroll gradually building in the background until the computer has to scream to be heard over it; finally you've finished, but the noise hasn't.

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