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AWACS 12-08-2012 03:31 AM

Buy crappy guitar for mod?
My buddy is trying to sell me his PAC3. Its a "Slammer by Pacer" guitar. I've been looking to mod a guitar for a while, and I have another friend who really wants her first electric guitar. So, should I buy this: and mod on it what I can, and possibly sell it for a profit? Would it be a decent base to mod on? I was thinking of buying it for $50. Its a couple years old and not very good to begin with.

The other option is to buy a (most likely) new guitar thats rediculously marked up from the local shop, and mod that? There's some Starcasters (NOT stratocasters) and a Gio that I cant remember the model or price of.


trashedlostfdup 12-08-2012 03:49 AM

you will spend more money modding that guitar than it would be worth to buy a new guitar in most cases. and it still has cheap wood, and hardware. probably shitty pickups.

pickups $150
good tuners $40?
new bridge ???

probably another $100 on everything else.

there is nothing wrong about doing it yourself, but it will never sell for what you invested into it.

a lot of people don't buy guitars that have been modded, myself included.

dannyalcatraz 12-08-2012 03:54 AM

Buying a cheap guitar to learn how to mod a guitar is not a bad idea.

Buying a cheap guitar to mod it into a better guitar to use IS a bad idea.

AWACS 12-08-2012 04:04 AM

I was thinking of tearing it apart and staining it/re-finishing it just for the experience/lulz.

supersac 12-08-2012 04:35 AM

id do it but more if it was a present for the freind who want that new guitar but thats just because i know i can actually improve it for pretty cheap considering the spare parts i got lying around

otherwise for that freind its probably better off you help her buy a good guitar with the money that isnt such cheap base

also i dont buy modded guitars and i dont recomend anyone to do it either
expecially if oyu don tkon who did it and how good of a job

MrFlibble 12-08-2012 06:40 AM

Regardless of whether you're talking about a low-end or high-end guitar, modding a guitar never increases its value. Never. Mods always devalue the guitar; a guitar is worth the most when it is in mint condition and left totally stock. So you can forget about ''improving'' it to sell for profit.

As far as taking a crap guitar and turning it into a usable beater goes, that certainly can be done, if you really like the feel or look of the guitar and can't get the same feel/look elsewhere. In the case of this guitar, you can get that look anywhere and I don't doubt you can get a similar-feeling guitar elsewere, too. By the time you buy the guitar then replace everything, you could have just bought a nicer guitar right off the shelf; and those better guitars will have better wood, something that you can never upgrade.

So, really, you're looking at a completely false economy.

Dave_Mc 12-08-2012 09:35 AM

Originally Posted by dannyalcatraz
Buying a cheap guitar to learn how to mod a guitar is not a bad idea.

Buying a cheap guitar to mod it into a better guitar to use IS a bad idea.


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