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Enigmatic564 12-11-2012 04:27 AM

I just sewed a heart on my arm

I wish it turned out a bit better, but I don't really want to redo it right now :shrug:

MH400 12-11-2012 04:27 AM

If this is real, you are ****ing pathetic.

chev311e 12-11-2012 04:31 AM


padgea7x 12-11-2012 04:33 AM

Originally Posted by MH400
If this is real, you are ****ing pathetic.

See, this is why more men don't put their heart on their sleeves :o

But yeah, it looks shit.

slash_GNR666 12-11-2012 04:33 AM

*clicks link*

Avedas 12-11-2012 04:34 AM

I really hope this is real

ErikLensherr 12-11-2012 04:36 AM

It doesn't look like a heart. It looks more like a sideways Pacman. Try again on the other arm but do a better job, Jesus.

guitarninjaruy 12-11-2012 04:38 AM

Aw yea it look super cute

Harvey Swick 12-11-2012 04:40 AM

i remember when i was 13

blake1221 12-11-2012 04:49 AM

You say "a bit better," which incorrectly implies that it turned out at least decently.

slash_GNR666 12-11-2012 04:53 AM

Can we make requests for the next one??


Harvey Swick 12-11-2012 04:54 AM

Originally Posted by slash_GNR666
Can we make requests for the next one??


dont encourage him dude.

necrosis1193 12-11-2012 04:55 AM


Stop being an idiot, get the string out of there, go get some rubbing alcohol, clean the hell out of that thing, put a bandage on top of it, and check it regularly to be sure it's healing properly. This is beyond stupid, even if you just pierced the top layer of your skin and the risk is minimal.

Amuro Jay 12-11-2012 04:59 AM

you're gonna get infected as **** bro this shit is not kawaii get this cleaned up before you get like a staph infection

you know if staph reaches your subcutaneous layer and it slips past your immune system it becomes necrotizing fasciitis? That's flesh-eating bacteria, and you don't want to look it up.

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