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Kinks_Guitar 12-28-2012 08:53 PM

Question for trained singers: Can Ray Davies sing?
My dad is obsessed with The Kinks and says they are Gods, that there are no flaws in their music or songwriting, or their singing... they are perfect ... they are the best

I like their songs too, but I told him, every artist in the world has their flaws, every band has bad songs or every director has bad films, etc. You get drift, lol

So this is a question for any trained singers out there...... can Ray Davies of The Kinks sing.... or more realistically , has he got a good voice? Because to me, there are certain songs where he strains, or is a little out of tune. He isn't very good at the high parts in certain songs in my opinion.

Here is a song he recorded with The Kinks in 1973 called Sitting In The Midday Sun, and would like to use this song to get your opinions. Listen to the bit where he sings "So I'm just sitting in the midday sun, just soaking up my currant bun" it sounds like he is straining to me, and the main chorus bit which is at 1:27 seconds into the song, when he tries to sing the high notes he strains and warbles. Or am I imagining this? Here is a link to the song, lol:

The Kinks - Sitting In The Midday Sun

So any trained singers out there, would love your opinions on Ray's voice

Would be greatly appreciated : )

food1010 12-28-2012 09:16 PM

His breath support is pretty terrible to be honest. This shows in his intonation and his tone.

That said, the slides/strain in his voice is all part of the sound. I doubt anyone listens to the Kinks expecting flawless technique from any of the members.

Dylan_86 12-28-2012 10:44 PM

It doesn't matter...perfectly trained singers are boring. No one is "perfect" anyway. Ray Davies is a good singer, his voice suits the style of music The Kinks play and he has his own unique sound which makes it more interesting. It's the same with people like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, etc. People will say they can't sing when they have really interesting great voices.

Paquijón 12-29-2012 04:51 PM

Sounds like he's singing to me :shrug: He has a great voice for pop, especially the type of music The Kinks played.

And I must disagree with Dylan_86: well-trained singers are exhilarating to see perform, just like any other virtuoso. What's boring is well-trained singers with no musicality, in which case I would argue that they aren't really well-trained singers.

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