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Sidnoi 01-12-2013 04:46 PM

Chords and a scale
Greetings all, I had a pal round jamming last night and come across 2 new chords I found. Problem is, I don't know what they are called and what scale they are in. I hope someone can help as I am going to build a song around them.

First chord is: Am. I am ok with this one

e - 0
b - 1
g - 2
d - 2
a - 0
e - x

Next chord is: Unknown. Notes are,

e - 0
b - 0
g - 2
d - 3
a - 3
e - ? (is this string/note included in the chord?

Probably a mile off but I got something like Csus4 M6 M7. Then I noticed no 5th, so I am lost

Third chord is: Em7. I am ok with this one

e - 0
b - 3
g - 0
d - 2
a - 2
e - 0

Last chord is: Unknown. Notes are,

e - 0
b - 2
g - 0
d - 5
a - 5
e - ? (is this string/note included in the chord?

If I can get a name for them, I can (probably)work out the scale.

Thanks in advance

MaggaraMarine 01-12-2013 06:31 PM

The second chord is FMaj7#11. I have no idea about the last one. It has that dim triad (C# E G) but then there is also D. Pretty dissonant if you ask me.

And yes, you can include the low E string in the chords if the high E string is included. They are both the same notes.

But seems like you are in A minor. Though the last chord has C# instead of C (which really isn't a problem). Are you sure there's D in that chord? It doesn't really fit the chord. If you changed it to C# (4th fret on the A string instead of the 5th fret) it would sound much better. Then it would be C#dim.

But in the future try naming the notes and try to build triads of them. It also helps if you listen to how they sound. And what their function could be. Of course that requires a bit ear training.

chronowarp 01-12-2013 11:19 PM

last one..

although if i play it in a vacuum it sounds like an A7 with a suspension in the bass voice, about to resolve to a D.

Sidnoi 01-23-2013 03:40 PM

Thanks for info Maggaramarine and chronowarp. Chords sound dark and a bit off the normal triad. However, I do like the dissonant sound they make. I have put some lyrics to these and may email you two to see if it sounds okay to you. Again, Thanks for info and advice.

cdgraves 01-23-2013 07:12 PM

Is that the order you're playing them? What comes after that last one?

Your first mystery chord is most likely an Fmaj7#11 with C on bottom (the open B string is the #11).

The second one could be an Em6, or maybe a Gdim/D.

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