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Deadpool_25 01-21-2013 10:08 PM

NAD NPD: JSX + Pedalboard
Actually it's more of a New Rig Day.

New Gear:
- Peavey JSX Combo
- Carl Martin Plexitone
- TC Hall of Fame
- Boss DD-3
- Line 6 M5
- ISP Decimator

(theres a guitar too but I'll put that in the guitar section :) )


I wanted a setup that was super versatile, yet easy to use, and could do anything from jazz to metal. The JVM is really close, but I really liked the heavier tones I'd been hearing from the Peavey amps. Also, the JVM just has so much going on. With what amounts to 12 channels I'd find myself jumping around looking for tones that really pleased me. I did find a few, but it just wasn't quite right for me. I considered a 6505 combo, but it didn't fit the bill as far as versatility. I saw plenty of recommendations for the JSX on here and the consensus seemed to be that it can do everything I wanted. So I ordered one.

It didn't come with a pedal, so I ordered one; it should be here tomorrow. It was missing a couple of knobs so I ordered those from Peavey. Other than that it's in excellent shape.

The JSX sounds amazing. I really like all three channels. The clean is warm and not overly sparkly. The Crunch has that nice Peavey rhythm sound I like so much, and the Ultra can produce a nice growly metal tone (crunch can too actually) and awesome lead tones. The amp also sounds good at in-the-house volume (which is louder than what I'd call "bedroom" volume but not audible by neighbors in my tract home in AZ).

As for the pedals, I was looking for the same things: versatility and ease of use. With my JVM I was using an OCD with an M13. That's a pretty versatile setup, but I decided to change it up a bit.

The new effects chain is:
Guitar > M5 > Fulldrive 2 > Dejavibe > Plexitone > Decimator

(Loop) Corona > DD3 > HoF

The M5 is nice because it can be anything I want: flanger, phaser, comp, etc. It also functions as my tuner. The models in the M5 are really well done, though there's plenty I don't need. A common knock against the M-series pedals is that the distortions aren't that great, and that's a fair criticism. With that said, I think they are actually decent for the most part, but there are other pedals that are definitely better.

The real gem of the board is the Plexitone. As soon as I plugged it in, I loved it. It does the Plexi justice and is awesome for those Hendrix, SRV, Bonamassa blues tones. It's also great for all those classic rock tones like AC/DC and Zepplin, and for that 80's rock sound. I love how it is basically three pedals in one: two gain stages and a clean boost. It feels like having a two channel Marshall where the first channel is a JTM-45 or Super Lead (depending on settings) and the other channel is a JCM 800. And either can be boosted. AMAZING Pedal.

The HoF Reverb is just a simple, great Reverb unit. You guys recommended it and were on the money. It does what it's supposed to. The JSX had a spring reverb in it but I decided to pull it. It seemed to be rattling a bit (gone after removing tank) and it wasn't versatile enough anyway. I like spring, but also other types.

The DD-3 doesn't need much review. I got it in large part because Joe Bonamassa used/uses them and I LOVE his tone. I already had a Flashback delay but it just didn't seem to feel right even after tweaking on it a lot. So I A/B'd the Flashback and DD-3 and actually liked the DD-3 better even though the Flashback is much more versatile. And it's insanely simple. I used Joe's tip about setting all the knobs to about noon and it's great like that.

I wanted something to kill unwanted feedback and such and ended up grabbing a Decimator. After asking you guys, I ended up putting it last in the chain in front of the amp. It does a great job there. I have it set between -50 and -45 and it cuts out unwanted noises without cutting off notes or negatively affecting tone.

I LOVE this rig. Clean, jazzy, traditional blues, modern blues, classic rock, classic metal, modern metal: I think it can do about anything very well. It may not do some things as well as other amps, but if i was in a cover band I think I'd be capable of covering just about anything and having a very good, believable tone (but I suck so I ain't covering a damn thing lol).

I don't envision anything changing soon. With that said, I'm a serious impulse buyer and have kinda been eyeing the Triple Wreck. There's no room on the board, but the Decimator and Reverb and kinda set and forget, so I could make space.....

cdr_salamander 01-21-2013 10:10 PM

Very nice haul! I bet that is one sexy sounding rig!


Robbgnarly 01-21-2013 10:10 PM


LaidBack 01-21-2013 10:25 PM

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice.

edbert 01-23-2013 03:06 PM

Awesome scores man, congrats :cheers:

How about some clips? I've been looking for a Marshall-in-a-box type pedal to run in front of my JSX for a while now so I'm curious as to how your PlexiTone sounds in front of your JSX.

R45VT 01-23-2013 04:02 PM


Dd you fix the hum?

Deadpool_25 01-23-2013 06:16 PM

Originally Posted by edbert
Awesome scores man, congrats :cheers:

How about some clips? I've been looking for a Marshall-in-a-box type pedal to run in front of my JSX for a while now so I'm curious as to how your PlexiTone sounds in front of your JSX.

Thanks! No clips from me--I'm WAY too much of a beginner for that. But I can tell you it sounds every bit as good as you expect from watching YouTube vids of the Plexitone.

If you want "Marshall-in-a-box" I think you'd be PLENTY happy with the Plexitone. It does a GREAT Super Lead (Plexi) impression. You can also get a damn good impression of a cranked JTM45 by dropping the Crunch down a lot. And if you crank the drive up, you definitely start thinking "damn, that sounds a lot like a JCM800." It is definitely worth the money.

I'd guess the new 2012 model with the smaller form-factor would be better for a lot of people. I like the fact that I could power it with my Pedal Power--I got the older Plexitone that is hardwired for AC power. However, I really like what the extra two footswitches do. With the smaller one, you'd be limited to a single tone, where the bigger one delivers three. Anyway, just do it. Trust me. :)

Originally Posted by R45VT

Dd you fix the hum?

Not yet. :( I have an email in to Peavey customer service but still waiting for a response. If I have to return it to GC, I will, but I won't be happy if I don't get another one that's working well. I REALLY like the JSX combo.

If I return it, I'll try another combo, assuming they can get one to me. If not, I'll try the head, but if that happens I'll try it with my 1960A, but I might have to consider a 2x12 cab and/or see if I want to get a Hot Plate.

The last option is just to get it fixed, though I don't want to have to shell out a bunch more money for that.

Charvel1995 01-23-2013 06:41 PM

The JSX is a friggen killer amp! HNGD!

Deadpool_25 01-23-2013 06:49 PM

Originally Posted by Charvel1995
The JSX is a friggen killer amp! HNGD!


kyle62 01-23-2013 06:53 PM

One hell of a cool rig you got there.

The combo looks like a backbreaker though! Give me a head and 2x12 cab any day :P

Deadpool_25 01-24-2013 01:07 AM

Returned the JSX to GC today and they are replacing it with a different one. Mine had a weird hum. And yes the combo is VERY heavy--around 85 lbs I think.

trashedlostfdup 01-24-2013 02:24 AM

Originally Posted by Deadpool_25
Returned the JSX to GC today and they are replacing it with a different one. Mine had a weird hum. And yes the combo is VERY heavy--around 85 lbs I think.

i honsestly hope you have a better luck with them than i. i am not even sure if i would go GC used site again.

Ippon 01-24-2013 02:56 AM

I hope you get your hum issue sorted.


Deadpool_25 01-24-2013 10:26 AM

Thanks Ippon, me too! :cheers:

Originally Posted by trashedlostfdup
i honsestly hope you have a better luck with them than i. i am not even sure if i would go GC used site again.

Thanks, I hope It works out. I'll keep you guys posted. The amp should ship out today and arrive at the store next week. We will see what kind of condition it shows up in.

ikey_ 01-24-2013 10:08 PM

dang. 12 channels. too much for me. i would get super confused.

carl martin sounds pretty awesome. how does it stack up to the fulldrive? seems like it pretty much replaced it.

Offworld92 01-25-2013 03:59 AM

One of us, one of us. :haha:


Do you use the Fulldrive as a boost or a standalone? Been kind of eyeing one for a little while.

Deadpool_25 01-25-2013 02:10 PM

I keep the Fulldrive as a more subtle standalone overdrive. Though I could use it as a boost, in the current setup I can just use the Plexitone's clean boost for that. The Fulldrive's boost function is only available when the OD is engaged. But the Fulldrive is an awesome OD imo. I actually like it better overall than the OCD, and with the Fulldrive and the Plexitone the OCD is absolutely not needed (which is why it's up for sale).

As for how the Fulldrive stacks up to the Plexitone, I guess it depends on your needs. The Fulldrive makes sense as a subtle OD to kick the front end of your amp, regardless of which channel you're using. And it is also very good as a primary drive in front of a clean channel.

The Plexitone excels at giving that Marshall Plexi tone (it's stunning how much is sounds like a Plexi IMO) in front of a clean channel. I basically think of it as having a Plexi preamp sitting there; and I wouldn't run a Plexi preamp into a JSX preamp, for example. But I also see it as having a built in EP boost or something and I would run that into a JSX.

Not sure if that's clear or not, but I think it's well worth having both on the board for my versatility needs. If I had to choose just one (thank God I don't), it'd be the Plexitone.

My new JSX should be here on Tuesday. Excited!

Deadpool_25 01-29-2013 03:52 PM

Well, GC took the one back that had the hum. They ordered another one in from a different GC. That one arrived today. I checked it out in the store before accepting it. It doesn't hum, but it sounds like absolute ass. Very thin and weak. Probably needs to be retubed.

I noticed that it has the speakers wired in parallel and is set to 4ohms. I'm pretty sure from the factory it's stock at 16 ohms and wired in series, so someone was messing with it for some reason. I don't know if that's contributing to the poor sound.

The guys at GC sent the first one to a repair shop and will let me know if it gets fixed. I guess they'll send the 2nd one in too. So we will see what happens. I like the combo but at this point I'm tempted to just order a JSX head and use it with my Marshall 1960 cab.

311ZOSOVHJH 01-29-2013 09:03 PM


I think.

Nice reviews.

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I'm hoping the second amp just needs new tubes. I start with some decent (JJs) preamp tubes and tube roll those on through. Then move to the power tubes. It shouldn't sound weak and thin. I think these amps have had some issues with the power sockets too but I don't really have anything to back that up. Personally - I'd go for the head.

As far as the speakers go - there shouldn't be any noticeable tone difference.

2 - 8 ohm speakers wired in series for 16 total is perfectly acceptable.
2 - 8 ohm speakers wired in parallel for 4 total is perfectly acceptable as well.

(Technically 16 would be the way to go because you are using all the windings in the transformer but I still doubt you'd be able to hear a difference. Conversely, parallel wiring is sometimes viewed as better because if you lose one speaker - you still have the other speaker that can take the load vs none at all in series.) Good luck,

Deadpool_25 01-29-2013 09:17 PM

Thanks. I'm glad you posted. Any particular reason you'd go for the head vs. the combo? I'm really only playing at home and was using the low power setting, but I suppose I could just dial back the MV a bit more. I need to decide tonight because I have my Marshall 4x12 cab on CL and people are starting to call. :)

I didn't think there should be a difference in tone between the different impedences, but am familiar with impedence from a car audio perspective, where lowering impedence often results in more amp output and changes in damping factor. I didn't think that was the case in guitar amps but wasn't sure.

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