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Fisheth24 01-24-2013 03:20 PM

Ashdown Fallen Angel?
Hey guys, managed to spot a couple of these and I've checked out some youtube clips and they sound absolutely bang on for what I want. (Not sure if it would do metal though, of the Power kind. So Hammerfall, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iced Earth but I also play some Thrash too; Exodus, Overkill, Testament and Megadeth) But I've spotted a couple cheap (less than 200 pounds) should I jump on it? And does anyone have any experience with these amplifiers in general?

Dave_Mc 01-24-2013 04:24 PM

they're not amazing. I know someone on another forum (who's an amp tech) says they're really badly made etc.

i'd pass.

Fisheth24 01-24-2013 04:28 PM

Ah right, was just looking at them cause when I was looking for a tube amp (Steven_Seagle) recommended it. (Then I bought my Laney LX120 instead... Urg, horrible thing. Glad to get rid of it)

Only looking at it for 150 cause the V30's in the 2x12 are about that much new, so I thought, why not.

diabolical 01-24-2013 06:34 PM

I have the 60 watt head, pretty good middle of the road amp, lots of options found on a lot more expensive amps, especially if you get the floor pedal with it (boost, effects, two volume channels). The lead channel was kinda dark - I managed to fix it and get more gain that is good for metal territory with a friend that is el. engineer, if you get one PM me, it is an extremely easy mod to do and the amp behaves great with the fix and should do those styles without a problem.

diabolical 01-24-2013 06:36 PM

BTW - not sure what the complaints are on the build, I've had mine and it is a workhorse, very solid and for the $500 I paid originally it has behaved great, no problem with it whatsoever. Opened it up and it looks very well built inside as well.

Fisheth24 01-25-2013 05:18 AM

I'll consider it, cause of the Celestion V30's and the JJ tubes... Seems like a deal that's too good to miss. But if the guy won't courier it. I won't bother.

steven seagull 01-25-2013 09:50 AM

Mine's been fine, it is indeed very dark and the base tones are usable and workmanlike rather than inspiring - nothing an EQ and an OD pedal can't fix though.

I did have some fuse issues with it early on but Ashdown recommended using a slightl;y higher rated surge protector fuse and it's been fine ever since, currently lent mine to a friend who's been gigging with it!

Fisheth24 01-25-2013 12:06 PM

Sounds good, yeah they've said they'll courier it.

Which is a plus, checking funds and see what happens.

diabolical 01-25-2013 05:15 PM

PM me or join the Ashdown Yahoo group - the mods are super easy, you just have to clip two things on the dirty channel and the sound goes from "blah" to "wow".

Here's a link to the group:

To give you an idea, the eq mod will make channel 2's eq behave like channel 1. Don't know why they butchered the design so bad but Ashdown put a filter on the lead channel to "tune" the eq. My friend who is amp tech told me they did it so it is not the same as the Marshall tone stack which they copied.

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