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Acϵ♠ 02-08-2013 04:54 AM

Make You Feel My Love cover (C4C)
Hey dudes i did another cover song, not quite as gay as a Katy Perry tune lmao. Lemme know what you squantos think!

Slugust 02-08-2013 09:53 PM

I actually thought it was outstanding. Really loving your tone and style, man. Keep at it!

Acϵ♠ 02-09-2013 04:41 AM

Thanks brotha :cheers: i love this guitar, the bridge is balls to the walls fat when it's dimed and the neck sounds so nice when the tone and volume are rolled off a bit. Thankies for watching!

thebends26 02-09-2013 08:20 PM

Sweet tone and guitar, I'm jealous ;). I always loved clean tones through the neck pup in fenders <3. Not much a can crit, keep up the good work!


Delboyuk_01 02-10-2013 05:17 AM

Nice tone, sounded great. Not a fan of instrumental guitar covers were the guitar replaces the singing, but it was enjoyable.


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