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FingerstyleVM 12-29-2013 11:33 AM

Guitar + cold hands = ???
Not sure where should I have posted this, but I suppose this forum could give me the most help on my problem. Here it is: I have cold hands. Really cold hands. They're better at summer, but still not completely fine and they're awful at winter. It's hard to warm them up, even when wearing gloves, they're cold almost all the time. I like sports and outdoor activities, so they're dead ice-cold when I come home. If I heat them up in hot water, they stay warm for a few minutes and then die again. I know it must be my poor blood circulation, I'm going to get some medication for that.
As you all probably know, in fingerstyle or classical guitar, frozen hands are useless. I'm trying my best to protect them, but I'm really worried if playing guitar with cold hands or just having them cold all the time could damage my fingers, joints or anything and stunt my guitar performance permanently.

patticake 12-30-2013 01:34 AM

i used to play in cold situations; i'd make sure to have a LARGE mug of hot water or coffee, and between songs i'd hold it for a couple minutes till my fingers warmed up you could also try a zippo handwarmer or perhaps could play near a space heater or floor heater you could hold your hands in front of between each song. or keep a heating pad plugged in and between songs, hold it between your hands for a couple minutes.

or how about this? buy a pair of thinsulate gloves and cut off the fingertips. then before you play, warm your hands up thoroughly and put on the gloves. that should last a while, as thinsulate is very good stuff for keeping warm.

patticake 01-06-2014 08:16 PM

don't know if you're checking this thread, but i saw these on amazon and thought of your issue

maybe of some help? they claim to last 8 hours each.

this is not, btw, an affiliate link - i have no idea what it's so long.

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