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LazyGuitar 11-16-2005 07:11 AM

READ BEFORE MAKING A THREAD: Use The Sub-forums For Band Threads!
This main Bands & Artists forum is ONLY, repeat, ONLY for general threads about Bands and Artists. These are discussions that cross-over genres, such as "fave album of the year" etc... those that require discussion over multiple genres.

99% of threads about specific bands and artists can be posted in the sub-forums.

If you are confused as to where a band lies, it's easy to find out:
1) You can use the search function to see where that band is discussed.
2) Browse the recommended bands or band list sticky threads in each subforum.
3) Compare styles with other bands that are discussed in forums.

Remember, this B&A main forum is ONLY for threads that do not fit in any subforum (including 'Other', which can be used for all other bands and genres that you want to discuss that don't fit in our main genre subforums).

I'm bored of moving people's threads that just don't bother to look around, despite the fact we have so many subforums... so your threads will just be closed or deleted.

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