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PerpetualBurn 11-19-2007 08:42 PM

The end to all DiMarzio/Ibanez misconception
Originally Posted by UGer
Those aren't really DiMarzios...They're more of a "Designed By" pickup, but they are a little better than other stock Ibanez pickups.

I've been seeing posts like this all over and I have to step in here. I mean no offense personally to anyone who has been preaching this stuff, I just want to end the misconception here.

They are REAL DiMarzios, except they were co-designed by Ibanez and DiMarzio to be tailored to Ibanez woods, bodies, hardware, and most importantly, Ibanez PLAYERS (Shredders, Metal musicians, Fusion, anyone?). Some sound better than others, some are higher gain and some are lower, some will be great for some players and horrible for others. All I can say is that most are mid-high gain and many people (myself included) feel that in the right guitar, many times they sound better than the retail DiMarzio branded pickups themselves as they really are more balanced and well rounded.

IBZUSA pickups and DiMarzio/Ibanez pickups are NOT in the same vein as "Duncan Designed" or "Designed by EMG"...

IBZUSA and DiMarzio/Ibanez pickups are MADE IN THE DIMARZIO NEW YORK SHOP with the same methods, machinery and workers as all of their other pickups!

*Except one offs and other customs like those made for Herman Li's 24 fret S of course.

Some literature...

More, quoted from Jemsite:

Model Made for Retail / Equivalent / Measured DC Resistance
================================================== ==========
Original IBZUSA humbucker / ??? / 7.74k + 7.68k
Original IBZUSA single coil / ???
================================================== ==========
C1 Ibanez / ???
C2 Ibanez / Similar to HS-2 (DP116)
C3 Ibanez / No equivalent. Closest model is Blue Velvet Bridge (DP171) / 8.39k
F1 Ibanez / No equivalent. Closest model is The Breed Bridge (DP166)
F2 Ibanez / No equivalent. Closest model is The Tone Zone (DP155) / 9.48k + 9.76k
F3 Ibanez / No equivalent. Closest model is Super 3 (DP152)
F4 Ibanez / No equivalent. Closest model is PAF (DP103)
================================================== ==========
DiMarzio/IBZ (bridge) / Similar to Super Distortion
DiMarzio/IBZ (neck) / Similar to Super 2
B2 Ibanez (New 7 Bridge) / Similar to Super Distortion
N2 Ibanez (New 7 Neck) / Similar to Super 2 / 6.29k + 6.24k

The newer DiMarzio/IBZ's are basically like a Super D (Bridge) and a Super 2 (Neck). Certainly not as interesting as the older F-series, but still real DiMarzios nonetheless.

*Note* The Ibanez V series (V for vengeance! RAWR METAL!!1! XD) are NOT made by DiMarzio or co-designed with DiMarzio. They are designed by Ibanez and made in Japan (Thanks Ibanezluvr!).

To sum it up, think of the IBZUSA, the F series (IBZUSAF1), the C series (IBZUSAC1), and the DiMarzio/IBZ as models of DiMarzio pickups that they just don't offer retail.

ibanezluvr 11-19-2007 08:47 PM

I thought the V in the V series meant for Vintage. btw they are made in japan.

PerpetualBurn 11-19-2007 08:50 PM

Originally Posted by ibanezluvr
I thought the V in the V series meant for Vintage. btw they are made in japan.

Weird, I just looked this up. You're right. In the 2007 catalog it says Vintage, but in my 2006 catalog it says Vengeance. Good eye haha!

UnrealW 02-02-2013 11:36 AM

Hi, please Anyone who knows the Dimarzio/Ibanez Picks DC resistance ??
thanx in advance

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