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Epic Melodic Symphonic Metal (GP5, GP4, MIDI)

Alright this is the 2nd of my newest one I composed while I was on leave. (ban )

This one is 8:10 or so and has 3 chapters. I have an idea what it's gonna be about lyric-wise but haven't written any lyrics yet.

C4C as always and if you like this my other songs are in my sig.

EDIT: Don't mind the first reply I dunno what he was on... Now everyone thinks this is ****
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DUDE what the **** are you on
what is this cheesy crap
Is this supposed to be death metal or what
sounds like a ******s imitation of a the soundtrack of 80's arcade duke nukem
Unless this is like a backing track or sumthing it is bollocks
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Firstly I wouldn't call it melodic death metal, it's more like power metal, especially the chorus melody.

I'll admit, after reading the other person's comment on it, I only downloaded it for a laugh. I'm didn't laugh at it though. I actually, really enjoyed it.

The intro and verse riffs are both fairly bland, but the bridge riff was what got me listening properly. It has a cool beat to it, I'm sensing CoB influence? The chorus melody is nice, but a bit repetitive, and I wouldn't have bothered with the harmonized part. At times it seems like you were trying too hard to make epic melody through out. The chapter two part has a real Final Fantasy feel to it.

Overall this is some good work, how long have you been writing music for?

I'd give this 8/10
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i hate my username
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Nice work. Only few things bothered me...the harmonizing at the verse riff(at the first chapter), and the repeatitivity(sp?) of the song. But I still think this is brilliant, so 9/10.

edit-http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=780702 c4c?
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The keyboard intro sounds real power metal, the 10-16 part sounds Scar Symmetry-ish, the third riff sounds thrashy, the bridge kinda got me thinking of buckethead and finally the chorus and all parts after it sounds power metal again. How ... weird.

I don't really listen to (read: like) power metal, but I've heard quite a few Sonata songs, as one of my pals love 'em (or, well, just jani liimatainen) (I even learned the intro piano for full moon! =P

Your song is nicely written and definitely sounds like it's worth recording, after some minor rewriting perhaps =)
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i don't think that people above know how to classify their genres...
it didn't sounded power metal at all.
i dont listen to CoB as much any more. but sounded simular to CoB but with a bit of your own style man.
Melodic death Metal ftw.
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the melody is not bad.
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The first bridge sections really remind me of Symphony X's Absence of Light. Other than the clear progressive influences in the song I really found it to be too bland and repetitive... the passages from riff to riff were rather fluid, but the riffs sounded uninspired, and you used the same harmonies throughout... you gibbed the damned horses corpse from so much beating.

Sorry to say all that... I think it has some potential... don't try to make it too epic (although the keys solo was rather good), and stick to making a shorter, but more interesting/dynamic and (personally, I think) aggressive song.

Best of luck.
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epic for sure, you did a rly nice job on it.
I really liked the first bridge riff and the medieval kinda sound but after part I everything sounded the same, just a bit repetitive.
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hard to judge in midi...
"Music is my religion" --Jimi

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I do enjoy your style.
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good job man!
i personaly didn't like it, but the song pulled of really nice, arrengements were awesome
and it's truly epica, that's for sure
but I think the style is more like power metal, maybe that's why i din't like it :P
the best part was the orchestral one, and the riff from 67 to 74 drives me ****ing nuts
good luck!
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this wasn't a bad listen, sent me into a slight daydream.

i wasn't a fan of the intro, to me it sounded medieval but meh

the high string melodies are great, really pushes the epicness

8/10 from me, c4c? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...ad.php?t=905338
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Wakka wakka
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A very good piece overall, nothing to complain about, it had some killer melodies and riffs. Though, I will say the intro was friggin' awesome.

And, the verse (I think that's it?) was very awesome, and the power metally chorus sounding bit (could be a bridge?) was excellent as well.

Awesome song, mate. 9/10.
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Originally Posted by eggsandham2
cuz ppl hate how power metal they are cuz they think its "gay" or w.e, which is immature and dirogitory
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Woah, I loved this. Especially the part with all the triplets in guitar 1. Just goes to show the first person that replied doesn't know a thing about decent music!
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The beginning was a bit boring but once I got to the middle I started to love the song. Really interesting and unique melodies going on. I loved the keyboard in it.

But yes, I'm pretty sure this is power metal.

Beadhangingone is a god.

Originally Posted by Gussy7182
syn sucks? he is a total musical genious!

My blog on composing music http://learnhowtocompose.blogspot.com/
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i actully really like this from what the first person said i was expecting something completely different but this is amazing! love the high melodys and the lows and everything! must have taken a long time to make you should add lyrics and record it! i would buy it!

keep up the good work!

crit mine? http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...ad.php?t=947465


still listening to it and just got to the chorus at bar 212 and i like it!
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that was amazing. 10/10.
you got to help me with power metal stuff.
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herman ri2
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Sounds like a Bodom rip off.

Seriously, find your own sound not someone elses.
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Very bodom-ish and Power Metal like at the same time. I think you should continue working on songs in this style if you want it to sound like but you will probably get like one comment:
"Bodom Rip-off"

I don't think this is a Bodom Rip-Off, just Children of Bodom Influenced.

This well written and I like it. Don't listen to people trying to put you down.

Keep workin' new songs and your style own style will come after creatig a few songs and it will appear. Everyone is influenced by various bands.
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