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Horizons of Chaos
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Experimental/Progressive Death Metal(?) GP5

I posted this piece a while back when it was unfinished, so I thought I'd see what people thought of the finished product. This is one of a few compositions that I consider worthy of being recorded, so I plan to record them hopefully within the next few years. I consider my composition style for this genre to be pretty unique (in a good or bad way, you decide). Yes it has it's flaws, things can seem to layered and too busy at times, but for the moment, that's where my heads taking me.

I'm a fan of lots of harmony and counterpoint, so for a lot of it I have three, four, five guitars at a time. With the ending I decided to conclude the piece and end it's story with this sound scape created by big, extended chords in the guitar and droning open fifths in the synth. I was sort of going for a futuristic, holdsworthian vibe.

Anyway, any comments or criticism or whatever would be great!
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Wow, that's some crazy Cynic-esque shit, man. Well done.
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The Arsis
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First section - I seen a lot of pieces that use the whole gravity blast under jazz progression that work. This didn't work. I would say that the chord progression and guitar work was pretty cool.

Bar 18 to 31 - This part is extremely well done. It's really original (I haven't seen a riff like it) but to be honest, I think if you were to record this, it would be a mess. BYW, I liked the pause at 31. Really nice.

Bar 32 to 37 - Love the solo in this part. Very melodic and gripping.

Bar 38 to 45 - Awesome solo section again.

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i rather enjoyed that. this would probably be the most similar to something i'd write out at this stage in my songwriting of anything i've seen on here, and i can really appreciate that. in the intro, i do think it's a bit chaotic, just with the blasting beat. also in the parts that start at bar 22. i just feel like a less straight-blasting beat would complement the guitars a hell of a lot more. but i love the chords throughout the whole thing. they're the types of chords i use and the types of chords i'm disappointed other people don't use often enough.

overall, i did really enjoy this, but those blasting beats really got to me in most of the parts that they're featured in, and i feel like they just don't really fit with something this melodic.

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Really good stuff man. I can hear a lot of Cynic and Obscura influence in this song.
The lead stuff was really cool too. I'm guessing that Christian Muenzner is a big influence of yours?
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Something awkward.
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Thanks for the crit I remember this one from its original thread, nice to see it finished.

First off, I still don't like the blastbeats in the intro, sorry - it just doesn't fit with the rest because it doesn't accent properly the beats on the riff, a "regular" drum pattern would be so much better. I'm saying this right at the start because there isn't much more I can criticise about this - lovely chord progressions, lots of lead, effective riffing, it's just about my cup of tea.

Some of my favourite bits: 30-37 (the solo is really emotional. well done. plus that stop-start rhythm added a cool twist). The break after that was really cool too (something more neoclassical?). The solo section following (bar 47) not quite so much, but that's down to taste - very Yngwie-ish solo, lacking a bit on emotion.

The outro was brilliant as well, loved the bass work - though the transition into it was a bit of a head-scratching moment. But I don't see any other way you might have done it. The transition from 102 to 103 should be worked on though, for example having the band fading out leaving only those final synth chords, but don't make it so sudden as it is.

Overall - very, very nice. I'm looking out for you. 9/10

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Critting as i listen. Wow, this i probably the most jazzy progdeath if ever heard, Awesome! you really need to record this with real instruments.


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An Endless Sporadic, anyone?

Great stuff, I have no idea why everyone is complaining about the blast beats, they sound incredible.

10/10, not much to be said that has not already been said.
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good stuff but I guess some im possible chords to grip.
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This is great- definitely a direction I'd like to explore in my own writing. Lots of melody and layers, and great extended chord voicings. The death metal influence is only noticeable in the drums- I personally like the blast beats. Very Cynic-esque. I love all the arpeggio lines throughout, they give the song a very nice sound. I wish I had more to say, but it'd seem like I was just kissing your ass if I went on for much longer.

It's still being worked on, but I'll edit this post or post again or whatever once my next C4C piece is finished.
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Probably one of my favorite songs on this board. It never bores me.
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Erm... wow?
There is an awful lot going on in this song...
I quite frankly like energy put into this song, your quite clearly good at putting what you feel into your music but as i said there is alot going on...
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