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Today I managed to snag my self a fantastic bargain. I was about to purchase a Schecter Tempest Custom when I found this. Theyve always been my favourite, so finding this deal was the best thing that could have happened to me.

So here it is, my brand new (for me atleast) 2001 Fender American Standard Telecaster!! Its in natural finish which is my personal favourite, and came with a Seymour Duncan Little '59 Tele bridge pick up. The pick up sounds very smooth and warm, and handles distortion very well.

The guitar plays of course like a tele. It has that true original tele feel and sound to it, and with that pick up, it has a bonus warmth that you cant find in a stock model. There is a little bit of wear on it as it was a used model on the floor, but I feel it adds some character to it, and really dont care about the blemishes. The only problem is that it needs new strings, which I picked up as well.

So enough rambling, heres some pics!

As you might be able to tell, the pics are taken on a hotel bed. Im out of town and purchased this here. I havent played it through my rig, so that's also very exciting to look forward too. Hope you all like it!
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Lovely. HNGD.
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thats beautiful congrats
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Wow, just wow. What a beautiful guitar.

And I'm not one for Fender anything... Especially Tele's.

HNGD man.

You have a nice guitar. I hate you. Goodbye.

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Are you in a hotel room?

Beautiful guitar, cool pickup too...I've always wanted to hear one of those!

Enjoy it, friend.

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i dont usually like fenders either but.. dang. that's perty
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Telecasters are just win made of happy.

HNGD, and it's a regular hardtail and not the tele bridge which is a double win.

Good find
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AWESOME! normally i'd say it needs a black pickguard (and it wouldn't hurt anything) but the white looks great on there too... very cool. happy new guitar day!
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Lovely. The simple look just makes it such a classy looking guitar. What made you decide on the Tele? It is quite a different feel and sound compared to the Schecter.
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hngd dude, that guitar looks beautiful!
i think the natural finish fits the tele berfectly ;D
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Never liked teles that much, but i love that finish, beautiful piece of gear that mate.
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Oh god, I"M ARRIVING!!!!!


and put a black pickguard on it. it'll loook even sexier
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Nice guitar man great find, HNGD.
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HNGD. where do you live?? you wont have that guitar for long
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Congratulations, you just bought the most reliable guitar in your collection. Yay Telecasters!

She's a beaut.
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Call me Keenan!
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Actually, yes I currently am in a hotel room haha. Im on a family vacation and snagged this luckily from a GC here (Ive never been to a GC, but holy shit, what a store).

I chose this over the Schecter because I wanted a versatile guitar. I want to be able to go from metal to post rock/experimental with ease, and though the Schecter could do that with the help of the coil tap, it couldnt measure up to the tele. I actually dropped the tele to Drop C in the store, threw it on the distortion channel of the test amp, and started playing August Burns Red to see how it sounded, and damn, it sounded awesome. I also chose it because Tele's always took priority to me, I just love them too much. So when this guitar came into the picture, the choice was obvious.

Thanks for all the comments!
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The Afterman
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Beautiful, Teles are teh sex, and the finish on yours is great. Id slap a Bigsby on that baby.
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i hate tele's, they just dont do it for me, but that tele is sexy looking.
happy new guitar day.
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gorgeous grain on that body! nice score!

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