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Help with improving speed please?

Hello everyone, my names nate.

and i play metal.

ive been playing for about a year and a half now and i feel like im progressing very quickly.

BUT! i seem to have issues with speed.

for riffs im pretty fast, but for like, Soloing?

shredding, i just cant seem to go fast enough.

I know that alot of people are going to say start slow, then work up my speed, wich helps, but i want to know if anyone has any exercises that i could pracetice?

or any words of advice.

thanks guys.
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repetition. get a solo, break it down into little bite size sections. and just keep doing that through the whole solo. then once you get it. keep doing it over and over again untill you have it mastered. thats how i learn solos
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Look up Paul Gilbert's Intense Rock videos. Perfect speed picking exercises.
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Thanks guys. keep um coming.
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get the michael angelo batio speed kills or speed lives dvd and just practice that stuff it worked wonders for me it just took my playing to the next level and i also started learning his song no boundaries which also helped a lot
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thanks and keep them coming guys. im bookmarking what ur giving me
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Exercises sticky:
Edit: play everything slowly enough that you can play it accurately - speed is kind of a byproduct of accuracy, economy of motion and coordination

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Get guitar pro.

Get a tab of tune you like

Run the song and solo through the speed trainer.

Exercises are nice but i perfer to do actual songs as my exercises.

But yeah speed kills is really good also.
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Speed mechanics for lead guitar by Troy Stetina is very good for metal-based speed building. Its available on amazon. Its also rumored that file sharing websites have it for download, but im sure it would generate Torrentz of controversy to post the name of such a website.
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jvttlus... and my eternal disgust, for what it's worth. Trying hard to make a living here, but very difficult when people keep stealing my stuff. I thank all of you who actually purchased my work...

All the best,

PS: here is something free that I chose to give away: http://www.stetina.com/Free-Guitar-Lessons-Sign-Up.htm
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dude try to learn pentatonic scales which might help you alot , remmber always start slowly dont be in a rush cause u will never improve your speed level if you want to be fast in 1 day ! yea and the most important thing is alternate picking if you can go fast in that trust me you will be able to play fast in solos and good luck
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find a really cool, fast, hard song or solo and slow it down (guitar pro or use a program to slow down the actual song, like Best Practice) and practice it until you learn it (spend some time at a really slow speed; when you're doing it effortlessly, increase the speed a bit). This improved my playing a LOT. BTW, choose something really hard for your current level, not something impossible legendary godlike lol.
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Dude, I am @ a very similar spot to where you are, best advice that I can offer is to start compiling a "lick library" of licks/phrases that you can play in ANY major/minor key, figuring these things out and writing them down in every key will commit them to memory/allow you to access them at the drop of a hat in any improvisatory context. It will improve your phrasing and especially your soloing by leaps and bounds for every phrase that you record/learn in your "library".

Rock on,
-Nicholas Jacquet
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If you look at the top of this forum, there's a thread with like, 100,000 exercises in it and another with about 4000 words of advice. Fit the bill?
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