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taking out the trash
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Originally Posted by RedDeath9
Now, why did you ask me this?

I feel like that is one of the greatest defining characteristics that distinguish INTj and INTp. There are others to be sure but that is the most noticeable. INTj are ultimately pragmatic and that means putting their ideals into practice.

I strongly feel needs to be improved is the education system

Funny you should mention the education system; I feel the same way. I'm working on it. Might be a while. Still hammering out the details.

Seriously though, our current educational system was established in fascist Prussia, it's worked well for the industrial age but today we are in a post-industrial age and our education system is antiquated and ill-equipped to provide the skills necessary to thrive in a society that is changing at a far more rapid pace than ever before.
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INFP > your pathetic type
I think we took too many drugs when we were kids,
'cause now we like to make
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-Wayne Coyne
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Ripped this off of the INTJ forum. It's a list of famous fictional and non-fictional INTJs:

* Angela Lansbury - actress (Murder, She Wrote)
* Arnold Schwarzenegger - actor, Governor of California
* Arthur Ashe - tennis champion
* Augustus Caesar - Roman Emperor
* C. Everett Koop - former U.S. Surgeon General
* C. S. Lewis - apologist, author (The Chronicles of Narnia)
* Calvin Coolidge - American President
* Charles Rangel - politician, decorated war veteran
* Chester A. Arthur - lawyer, American President
* Chevy Chase - actor, comedian
* Dan Akroyd - actor, comedian, musician
* Donald Rumsfeld - former U.S. Secretary of Defense
* Dwight D. Eisenhower - American President
* Edwin Moses - Olympic gold medalist
* General Colin Powell - former U.S. Secretary of State
* Greg Gumbel - TV sportscaster
* Hannibal Barca - Military Commander
* Ivan Lendl - tennis champion
* James K. Polk - American President
* Jane Austen - author (Pride and Prejudice)
* Joan Lunden - Journalist
* Josephine Tey - English author
* Katie Couric - journalist
* Lance Armstrong - cyclist (seven Tour De France wins)
* Maria Shriver - journalist, wife to Arnold Schwarzenegger
* Martina Navratilova - tennis champion
* Michael Dukakis - former Governor of Massachusetts
* Orel Hershiser - baseball player (pitcher)
* Pernell Roberts - actor, activist
* Peter Jennings - journalist
* Raymond Burr - actor (Perry Mason), vintner
* Rudy Giuliani - former New York City mayor
* Sir Isaac Newton - Astronomer
* Susan B. Anthony - civil rights leader
* Thomas Jefferson - American President
* Veronica Hamel - actress
* William F. Buckley, Jr. - journalist
* William J. Bennett - politician
* Woodrow Wilson - American President
* General Ulysses S. Grant – Union general, American President
* Friederich Nietzsche – philosopher
* Niels Bohr – physicist
* Peter the Great – Russian tsar
* Stephen Hawking – astrophysicist
* John Maynard Keynes –
* Lise Meitner – chemist
* Ayn Rand – philosopher, author
* John F. Nash Jr. – mathematician, game theorist
* Norbert Wiener – mathematician, founder of cybernetics
* Nikola Tesla – physicist, engineer, inventor
* Glenn Gould – Canadian pianist and composer
* Stanley Kubrick – film director (2001: A Space Odyssey)
* Jean-Paul Sartre – philosopher
* Erik Satie – composer, pianist
* Helmuth von Moltke – German military general
* Isaac Asimov – biochemist, science-fiction author (I Robot)
* Theodore Kaczynski – infamous “Unabomber”
* Lewis Carroll – author, logician, mathematician
* Franz Kafka – author

* Calvin – Calvin and Hobbes
* Cassius – The Tragedy of Julius Caesar
* Clarice Starling - Silence of the Lambs
* Batman – Batman Begins
* Dexter – Dexter’s Laboratory
* Dr. Jonathan Crane - Batman Begins
* Dr. Otto Octavius (Doc Ock) - Spiderman 2
* Ellen Ripley - Alien
* Ensign Ro Laren - Star Trek: The Next Generation
* Ernst Stavro Blofeld - James Bond
* Gandalf - Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit
* George Smiley - John Le Carr character
* Hannibal Lecter - Silence of the Lambs
* Jigsaw – Saw films
* Marsellus Wallace - Pulp Fiction
* Michael Corleone - Godfather
* Mr. Burns - The Simpsons
* Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice
* O-Ren Ishii - Kill Bill Vol. 1
* Phileas Fogg – Around the World in Eight Days (novel and film adaptations)
* Professor Moriarty - Sherlock Holmes antagonist
* Sherlock Holmes
* Reed Richards – the Fantastic Four
* Stewie Griffin - Family Guy
* Tom Hagen – Godfather
* V - V for Vendetta
* Vicious - Cowboy Bebop
* Victor von Frankenstein
* Vito Corleone – Godfather
* Willy Wonka – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Some of my favorite people to ever live are on this list, so I am happy.
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Originally Posted by iantheman
INTP > your pathetic type

Originally Posted by L2112Lif
I put a ton of my capital into SW Airlines... The next day, THE NEXT DAY these nutters fly into the WTC. What the hell? Apparently no one wanted to fly anymore, and I was like "What gives? God damnit Osama, let me win a fuggin' game!"
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Six Foot Twenty
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Can't be arsed to take it at the moment, but I score INFP almost every time. I've gotten INTP twice, but INFP is a much closer fit. Master race.

Originally Posted by CoreysMonster
I still like cho0onger more than the 2 of you

Originally Posted by OneHappyCamper
joke's on you, i actually fuck my cat
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Why you mad bra?
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apparently Im an Idealist Teacher.
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Arr Harr!
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seems about right!
A metal band?
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Introverted 56%

Intuitive 25%

Thinking 50%

Judging 67%

Got the same result 3 years ago too
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donkey chains......
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I: 78
S: 1
T: 88
J: 11
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Introverted 22%
Sensing 25%
Thinking 25%
Judging 1%

You are:

slightly expressed introvert
moderately expressed sensing personality
moderately expressed thinking personality
slightly expressed judging personality
Originally Posted by BlackVoid
Every guitar and bass forum I've visited has some people chasing some magical tone that will shoot jizzing unicorns riding on a rainbow out of their amp.
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Some years ago, our chief at the time apparently became fascinated with the Myers-Briggs tests and suggested that we department members take same. It was being offered by some group here at the university.
I had no experience with the thing so I did some research, turning to my first go-to source, the Skeptic's Dictionary site.
The article was not complementary.

In essence, it compared Myers-Briggs to astrology. The descriptions given for the various "personality types" are so broadly written and vague that nearly anyone can read anything he/she likes into each reading.
(for the record, astrology is psuedoscientific nonsense)

I was not impressed, and sent a copy of the article to the chief. Nothing more was said.
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I'm not taking this again, but I've always gotten INFP.

edit: I just read the description on personalitypage.com. Holy crap that is 100% me. Except for this:

INFPs are usually talented writers. They may be awkard and uncomfortable with expressing themselves verbally, but have a wonderful ability to define and express what they're feeling on paper.

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I'm INFP. We had to take it in school a few months ago for english
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Introverted 78
Intuitive 12
Thinking 88
Judging 56

You are:

Very expressed introvert
Slightly expressed intuitive personality
Very expressed thinking personality
Moderately expressed judging personality
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CG Man16
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Moving slowly towards ENTP
Originally Posted by severed-metal
Come to think of it, my penis should've listened to more death metal.

Originally Posted by Morphogenesis26
So my question is. Can Pre-Cum fluid pass through my underwear, my jeans, onto and through her jeans, through her underwear, and impregnate her?
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nu year nu me xoxo
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Extraverted: 67%
Sensing: 38 %
Thinking: 1 % (something's funky here...)
Judging: 22%

Famous people
Bruce Willis
King David
Jane Fonda
Elvis Stojko (figure skater Olympic champion)
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I'll wank you, you dick.
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Originally Posted by soundgarden1986

Extraverted: 67%
Sensing: 38 %
Thinking: 1 % (something's funky here...)
Judging: 22%

Famous people
Bruce Willis
King David
Jane Fonda
Elvis Stojko (figure skater Olympic champion)

So your mind works like Bruce Willis' mind?

You won't even know when you're dead.

They made me do push ups in drag

I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

Don't dress as a whore, he'll thump you.

I'm a firework, primed to go off

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on a coconut estate
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I'm an INTP, but my girlfriend is an INFJ. This causes a lot of strife between us, because when she expects to be emotionally comforted I'm trying to analyze the situation, which just makes her feel like I don't care about her feelings, sometimes. But somehow our opposite natures work well together, once we learn to deal with situations like that. We compliment each other very well. Her emotion in substitute for my purely analytical outlook, and my analyzation in substitute for her emotional based conclusions. Were a pretty unbeatable team.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
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Michael Jordan was ENFJ too.

Hell Yeah!!!



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