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Nowhere near you...
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Originally Posted by Hydra150
Hi. You might want to find a new avatar, a someone here already uses that one.

owh sorry my mistake. hv been using this avatar for other forums though.

no prob. i'll change it.
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My name's Stefan, I'm 15 and I'm from Macedonia (south Europe).
My favorite guitar player and role model is Zakk Wylde. Even though people shit over him, I find his pinch harmonics very cool! I'm thinking of buying guitar, which is the main reason for me to join here. I hope you'll help me out which one to choose. I'm limited to 120 $ and I'm gonna be buying used guitar.

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thinkin about thos Beans
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Hi Stefan! Welcome to the forums, and good luck on your guitar search. If you need any advice or information about guitars to buy, ask in the Electric Guitar forum. If you need advice on learning to play then ask in the Musicians Talk or Guitar Technniques forums.
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Who wants popcorn?
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Whats up guys? I've been using this website for a loooong time and finally decided to properly join. I play guitar...in a band...what else is new...
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Hi forum! I'm Arthur. Just joined the forum. Been a guitarists for a while, so I'm here to share my own opinions and suggestions and also to learn something new for me Thanks, this is a really good forum
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hi. I'm Stephanie, 19 years old and I come from Austria (Europe). I play guitar for nearly 8 years now although I learned all the stuff by selfstudy (my father who played when he was young helped me in the beginning). I play an acoustic guitar but maybe I'll buy myself en electric one some day.
Like ToTheMinute I use this site very often and have been using it for years and joined because I'd like to comment on tabs and chords to share my opinion on them or to suggest what I think sounds better. I'm not someone who writes own tabs or chords for songs I hear but I never tried that so maybe I will when I have time.
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Hey what's up my names Trang (pronouced Tran like in tranny). I'm 14 and I'm one of those rare asians who have never played an instrument before. I'm a girl and I'm not sure what else to say so Hi.
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Location: United Kingdom
Hello! I'm Jhon and a new member here, well I guess so. I never played instruments but I like listening to there sounds especially when different instruments were play together it creates a good musics.
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Oh, didnt see this sticky.

Greetings! I'm Matti, 28 years old metalhead and computer geek from Finland, and I have been seriously practising a guitar for rough 4-5 months now. Looking forward to learning everything I can from you guys and hopefully share something I (hopefully) may learn.

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Cort EVL-Z4 + X2N
Cort EVL-K47B

Marshall Valvestate 8100
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Line6 Pod X3
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Hi all I'm Dave, recently picked up my guitar recently which had been gently weeping in a cupboard for years. Slowly will build up my kit as I get the hang of my scales once again, It's going to be a long process, so hoping this forum can help me along my way.
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Hi, im Corey, im new and i want to be a rockstar an i've decided to take things more seriously and get better. i love to talk about music and love sharing info. if anyone would like to just talk be music buddys i'd love that. all i do is practice, write lyrics and hangout play music or xbox. WOO!!!
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Guitar teacher person
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Hey kids! Time to log in and introduce myself. My name is Chris and I'm a guitar teacher from Plano, Texas, USA. I've gotten loads of use out of this site and those kind enough to contribute over the last decade, and it's time I started giving something back ! I'll do my best to provide quality comments, content, and stay humble as well as I possibly can, while slowly learning who the regulars are around here (and trying not to incur mod wrath!). Hope everyone is doing well!
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Location: OryGun
Hey everyone! My name is Kevin, I'm from Oregon. I've been playing guitar just over 27 years now. Haven't really put a lot of effort into my playing for a long time. But, I just brought home a new guitar yesterday and my fingers hurt! lol.
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Beginner from Sweden here.
Name is Peter, and playing on a Keiper LP-copy.
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Hi everybody!
Ive been a member of UG quite a while, but it's just now I have logged on the forum and also created my profile

I have a Starsound Stratocaster, and I am once week at a Beginner Course for Electric Guitar
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Location: Finland
Well hello!

I found my way to Ultimate Guitar as I was searching for tabulatures. I found all the awesome lessons and also that I apparently need those lessons in order to read and play those tabulatures!

I don't own a guitar at the moment, but ordered an acoustic Ibanez from Thomann few days ago. I have played guitar before, so this was no sudden idea to take on playing again.
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Hi guys I'm new here... you can call me Jose Its our Semestral Break so, I have decided to spend my time here to learn... Cheers!

Greetings from the Philippines!
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Hi! I'm Jen. I don't actually play guitar, but I've been learning the ukelele (concert) and the all the available song chord tabs have been really useful. (Much more fun to learn by playing songs I already enjoy listening to!) I figured that since I'm hanging out here, I should probably register and at least votes on tabs.
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Let me think...
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Hello people, i've been registered for some time and just wanted to say hello I've been playing guitar for a few years now so i know a little bit about that subject.
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Hi. I've just registered here in search of knowledge.
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