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Join Date: Oct 2012
Beginner from Sweden here.
Name is Peter, and playing on a Keiper LP-copy.
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Location: Arendal Norway

Hi everybody!
Ive been a member of UG quite a while, but it's just now I have logged on the forum and also created my profile

I have a Starsound Stratocaster, and I am once week at a Beginner Course for Electric Guitar
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Location: Finland
Well hello!

I found my way to Ultimate Guitar as I was searching for tabulatures. I found all the awesome lessons and also that I apparently need those lessons in order to read and play those tabulatures!

I don't own a guitar at the moment, but ordered an acoustic Ibanez from Thomann few days ago. I have played guitar before, so this was no sudden idea to take on playing again.
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Hi guys I'm new here... you can call me Jose Its our Semestral Break so, I have decided to spend my time here to learn... Cheers!

Greetings from the Philippines!
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Hi! I'm Jen. I don't actually play guitar, but I've been learning the ukelele (concert) and the all the available song chord tabs have been really useful. (Much more fun to learn by playing songs I already enjoy listening to!) I figured that since I'm hanging out here, I should probably register and at least votes on tabs.
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Let me think...
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Hello people, i've been registered for some time and just wanted to say hello I've been playing guitar for a few years now so i know a little bit about that subject.
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Hi. I've just registered here in search of knowledge.
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Hey just registered. Here to help the new players and see what's happening around the world in terms of guitarists. It's a passion as it is for most of us
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Thank you thank you thank you for adding sync'ing between devices.
: )
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Hello!! Let me introduce myself. My name is Dante. I'm from Mexico and I'm actually playing the lead guitar in a band called Excellion (melodic/heavy metal). At the moment I'm starting to record some videos from the Lick Library. Hope you like my material
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Hi there, my name is San Dimitri, and i'm from Italy. I love extreme metal music, specially bands that combines Black metal with Death metal (Behemoth, Sarcófago, Krisiun, Dissection and ect..) Now i'm making and extreme metal project by my own (i'm a bassist), and i hope to record at last one CD Thats all!
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Hai, my name is October Elizabetha, name was too long, so it is 10Elizabetha. I love playing guitar and whilest I am learning that I am also learning False Chord a.k.a growling a slightly different yet similar version of screamo. I love skateboaring, even though I lost a few skills considering I haven't been able to for a while. I listen to Rock, any form of Metal, Screamo, Alternative, and mayboe some dubstep, electronic etc., depends on how well it is. I am not sure what else to say, so just ask away? :3
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Joy :-)
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Just joined today.. Feels great to be a part..
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Hiya guys, finally registered with this site, been using it on my phone for a while for tabs. Ive been playing bass about 3 months and am loving it, i wanted to learn it for years but never got around to it, so i have much time to make up for. Im into quite a variety of music from slower rock up to thrash metal and some black\death metal. But at the moment i am currently enjoying playing a lot of black sabbath and Dio tracks, and im currently perfecting rainbow in the dark by Dio i absolutley love the bass riff in this song!
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Hello All, i am new on here.
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Hello! If you are into 70-80 s hardrock and melodic guitars stop bye and listen to my clips. Im bold and ugly but im a nice guy . Looking for bandmembers too but i live in finland.. but hey, there is flights..
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Hey everyone!
My name is Alya, I'm 15 old gurl from Latvia.
I've only been playing guitar for 2 months. Still realise that I'm not good enough in it haha

I want to make new friends here, so write me- I will answer
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Howdy Y'all. xD

I'm a 13 year old future singer-songwriter and musician from Toronto, Canada and I've been playing guitar for a year, I've learned all by myself using YouTube and other various internet sources. I've learned up to the basic pentatonic scales and some extended scales but I'm not quite sure yet what do with them. I have huge dreams and I keep planning my future for what new equipment I should get, I'm planning on asking my dad to give me a new Fender BlackTop Telecaster for my birthday. I listen to a wide variety of music, mostly punk and its various forms, alternative, garage rock, melodic rock, hard rock, metal, blues rock, and a bit of grunge. My biggest influence would have to be Green Day. Not necessarily the guitar playing, but the people they are, they've taught me to believe in what I think is right and taught me to be my own unique person with their songs. They've also influenced the way I write my lyrics in my song and have helped me become a better writer. Other bands I like are Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, The Offspring, Muse, Linkin Park, AC/DC, Billy Talent, The Ramones, Foo Fighters/Nirvana, Avenged Sevenfold, Blink-182, Metallica, The Clash, Misfits, and some other pop punk, punk, and hard rock bands. I'm pretty sure there will be more bands added to this list later on. Angus Young and Jimmy Hendrix are a few of my favourite guitarists. The music I plan on making is also along the lines of Punk, Pop Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock and Hard Rock--I don't want to be limited to one genre. Playing guitar and getting into rock music has really changed me as a person, I've gone from a person who tried to fit in with others around me into a person that is his own person. Before I started getting into rock music, I was a fan of Michael Jackson, that was pretty much the only thing I was fan of. I eventually got bored and decided to start listening to what others listened to, until my friend asked me to join his rock band and I started to learn guitar and he introduced to me Green Day. We never did anything in his band but I started to get into Green Day and started getting better and better. I owe thanks to Marty Schwartz for teaching me the absolute beginner basics of guitar teaching me the first chords and they've come along way for me. The rest of the puzzle just fell into place, I knew what I wanted to be, and I'm still planning it all out. I'm learning so much. I'm learning not only about playing guitar but also about recording and audio and video production along the way and all this stuff that you don't expect an average 13 year old boy to want to learn about. I plan on getting famous through YouTube by doing covers and originals and add a little bit of me in all of them. I am just a kid with big dreams and I hope you learned something from me in this little bio.
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Hello everyone! My name's Adrian, I'm twenty years old and I play electric guitar for about 4 years. Sometimes I will upload some tabs on this website (most tabs will be doom metal, since it's my favourite genre along with black and melodic death metal)! I don't consider myself great, when it comes to play guitar, I'm far from perfect, but I'm learning something new every day (I've made my first steps in composing my own songs some time ago, maybe I'll post some of my riffs on my account). If anyone here is interested in doom metal (mostly bands like Swallow The Sun, Slumber, Evoken) feel free to message me, it would be nice to talk with someone with similiar musical taste
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hello all
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