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(: dɯɐ
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Instrumental film-ish djenty / strings / glock / no idea what. (Free download)


Any feedback on the composition, recording, mixing and mastering is more than welcome. You can download for free if you wish. Also, any ideas about which genre it would fit best into? Enjoy.

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It's quite euphoric, a feeling which builds throughout.

Genre? That's a tricky question for this piece. The intro is filmic (early- to mid-80s, Chariots of Fire), then it goes near a rock anthemic type of sound, which could still work as film score for a climactic scene. I guess 'soundtrack' might be suitable.

One idea I had is that the intro glockenspiel could have a slow phaser applied so it snaked across the stereo mix a little.
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This was indeed very experimental. I like how you combined all those melodies. 1:11 instantly reminded me of Eden by Tesseract Good work on mixing this, sounds pretty juicy (that's a good thing in my opinion). The ending is now ringing in my head... Which is another good point, you've crafted something catchy. Though I think this was a bit too short to stand as an independent instrumental/soundtrack. I'd definitely polish this one some more and write some extra parts, but if it's a finished piece - so be it and good luck with your next project. I know for a fact that if I work on something for too long, I get really sick of it and start to question myself why did I ever think it was cool in the first place. Musician problems...
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It's a pretty nice idea all in all. Nice job! The guitar kick is pretty damn epic. Love all the postrockish parts.

The intro is a bit on the repetitive side for my taste, though it could get away with it if it sounded better - not that it sounds bad, but the synths are a bit, well, synthy.

One thing you can do is combine several samples (even different patches from the same libraries will help) to get a fatter sound - it also gets sounds more convincing as it's harder to pick out the weaknesses of each individual patch. That, and perhaps add in some more reverb (watch out for the low end though!), and widen the stereo image - typically in the strings vlns go left, vlas mid-right, cellos and basses right - you can play around with this of course, but a wide stereo image really makes things sound fat and nice. Also, I don't know if my ears are deceiving me but it sounds like you don't have the cellos and basses playing in octaves relative to each other - this is the standard way to combine the two, and in this setting they complement eachother nicely, the cello giving a bit of attack and mid-register while the basses give that boomy bass.

Production in the rocky section is pretty nice though! The guitar at 1:29 kinda sits way back in the mix however, also the 'verb sounds kinda tinny. I'd play around with the reverb EQ as well as possibly increase room size and reverb time somewhat. Overall, I think there's room to make the whole track a bit louder and generally fatter without loosing expressiveness - you can perhaps try a bit of parallel compression on the drums, as well some light compression in the mastering stage!

If you care to check it out: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/foru...d.php?t=1566217 (hope you can stand the watermark!)
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(: dɯɐ
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Thanks for the opinions, it's really appreciated!

@Jehannum ; It wasn't intentional when I was making it, but it does sound quite soundtrack-like. A phaser is a very nice idea, I'll have to try that.

@Martis93 ; I do love Eden. A lot Thanks, I'm the same... If I work on something for a long time it's easy to lose the initial focus and sound I had in mind. With this one I spent ages mixing it because I'm a perfectionist, and there was still plenty of improvements I could have made. In the end, I decided nobody was ever going to hear it unless I just decided to stop mixing, or I'd carry on forever. Although I will now go back and adjust the mix for my personal satisfaction, in terms of writing I'm looking to move onto something leaning towards electronica, or Spanish guitar, or classical... There's not enough time in a day!

@descara I didn't give much thought to the panning or individual instruments within the string section. I programmed some chords with the root doubled an octave below, then sent them through 3 patches in Session Strings. I'll try your suggestions, I imagine it will help things sound much bigger. Your ears are probably correct! It was the first time I've used strings really, so I have a lot to learn. I agree with everything you've said and I can't wait to try it all out, thanks so much for the in-depth opinion!

Now I shall return critiques!
LePou + Impulse Responses + a virtual pedalboard.
I love all sorts of music, especially Meshuggah, Florence and the Machine, Regina Spektor and Frou Frou. Soundcloud; I've composed a variety of songs, all for free download.
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