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Not caring no more
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I would say.....

Mike Portnoy
Mike Mangini
Danny Carry
Marco Minnemann
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Big Bang
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Dave Abbruzese, Brookes Wackerman, and the Rev (RIP). Oh amd Rikki Rockett for insane stick twirls.
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Kevin Parker.... The man's a genius..
BB.King +Freddie King+Albert King=three kings of blues!!
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I'm surprised nobody has said Mike Justian yet. I'm not a big fan of The Red Chord so I won't say anything about him in that band but it stuff in Unearth was great, especially on their III: In the Eyes of Fire album.

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Call me EH, eh?
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Nott Elling.

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Vinnie Colaiuta

Seen him play in venues big and small, he's a gracious nice guy too.
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My favorite is john.
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My favorite has to be Darren King from MuteMath. He has a style that's just different from everybody else, and does some pretty flipping crazy stuff too. Plus, you know you're awesome when your headphones have to be duct taped to your head. :~P

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jimmy chamberlin is my favourite but i also like dave grohl and john bonham and phil selway
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Mine would have to be between Dave Grohl and John Bonham. With Keith Moon close behind. I also like Matt Cameron from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam's work.
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Originally Posted by kch8cijka
Phill Collins is also my favorite drummer.........

*links removed*

damn these bots are getting smart. not a bad taste in music either
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do I "urk" you?
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Jan Hammer of "miami vice" fame.

A lot of people credit his playing to Simon Phillips on "Blue Wind" and "Star Cycle" but the guy is a true monster on the drums.

He also played drums on at least one Santana song as well.
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Anyone mentioned Carter Beauford or Dave Garibaldi yet?
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Buddy Rich
Gene Krupa
Billy Hide

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Mike Portnoy
Danny Carry
Mike Mangini
Marco Minnemann
Carmine Appice
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Thread Resurrection!

OT: Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree
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Lars Ulrich, I'm serious.
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I'm not sure I could pinpoint one single drummer as my favourite. I've got many that I try to emulate and think are great drummers. But...

Danny Carey of course
Durijah Lang from Glassjaw, EXCELLENT drummer, listen to the coloring book EP for proof, hes super creative and very dexterous
I've been listening to and playing a lot of Zeppelin lately too, realizing how incredible Bonzo really was

Those guys are probably my favourites right now, Carey maybe most of all
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It's just too broad of a question:
Technique- jojo
original-ish- Buddy
Love- Bonham (first drummer I attempted to duplicate)
and of course I love "who" Keith Moon is as a drummer... so I'd have to call him my favorite?
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