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Originally Posted by Philip_pepper
Thank you Donglover.

I needed that.

*tips hat*
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Phils' sloppy seconds.

To be vulnerable is needed most of all, if you intend to truly fall apart.

Originally Posted by due 07
You have no idea how much I don't want to tell stories about my mother's vaginal slime on the internet.

I make music sometimes.
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Play my dudelsack
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That sounds very scientific
wait, are sigs back?
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teeth. I'm pretty sure most of us would have slept with teeth under or near our pillows at some point. And thats pretty ****in weird.
Links for free EP coming soon...
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a dirty discarded condom
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I have never slept with anything weird. My bed is for sleeping and sleeping only, so I don't put anything on it except sleep-related material.
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i fell asleep with my gutiar once

i woke up hugging a panda doll that i have no iedea where it came form
..still dont still have it

stray animals love to use me a warm bed hen i fal asleep in the park
ive woken up with dogs and cats on me
a youtube link?
maybe you should click on it

Originally Posted by whoomit
You sound like an amazing friend
i sound like one...im secretly a huge dick

my bands soundcloud
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semi-related, i got an awful sunburn one day. like so bad i couldn't get out of bed and it looked like i might even have to go to the doctor. instead i got distilled white vinegar, put it in an empty spray bottle and coated myself with it. even poured it in while drawing a bath to soak in it. heard it would completely take the sting out.

all it did was make me/my room/my bathroom smell like vinegar for a few days.
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new sincerity
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one easter i slept on chocolate and woke up thinking i shit myself what with squishy melted chcocolate all over my ass
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I fell asleep next to a dead catfish one night last summer...
Originally Posted by Dreadnought
Bitch idiot children
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Will do moose stuff for $
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I've slept with my guitar before. It's the only girl that I can make howl.

Originally Posted by Axelfox
You can't spell rap without cRap

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