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Alright TS, this is how it goes.

If you want to listen to Post-Hardcore than go to the Hardcore forum and ask the Post-Hardcore thread for good examples of the music. I'm not expert on the subgenre so I won't make any claims on it aside from the fact that every band you called Post-Hardcore are not Post-Hardcore.

Now, for what you're calling Metal:

If you want Metalcore than go listen to Converge, Integrity, Shai Hulud, Earth Crisis, or 7 Angels 7 Plagues. What you're calling Metalcore has almost no baring on these bands and they get all their cues from this album, generally.

It's basically Metal music from the mainstream Melodic Death Metal bands from Gothenburg Sweden that overused pedal riffs(which is very apparent in early Metal and Thrash Metal) a long with a sense of "folk-like" tremolo picked passages and clean sections. Bands like Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Trivium, As I Lay Dying, etc. pretty much took all they could from these bands and added so more Metalcore-sounding vocals. If you want to name these bands then call them Pop Metal or something.

Now, for bands like Asking Alexandria and their horrible kin:

They took the bare essentials of the previous bands I just mentioned and turned it into heavy pop music, basically. I would regard them as garbage since there's really nothing good you can say about them aside from it's sort of catchy sometimes.
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God-tier trolling right here
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Not liking the Slaughter of the Soul bashing in this thread _
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Originally Posted by DisarmGoliath
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Originally Posted by Nietsche
The post-rock bands that I've listened to don't tend to use any of the tropes of rock music besides the instrumentation though. And complexity doesn't sound like a feature of post-anything either. Most of the time it seems to refer to bands, usually instrumental, who have an ambient/atmospheric sound.

Only in post-rock really. I think Haytham pretty much nailed it. I know what you mean though. I'm sure there are many different takes on the post-rock sound that far different than bands like Russian Circles though I couldn't name them. I think that's just a particular style that gained some popularity and happens to be within the post-rock spectrum. Post-whatever doesn't signify a very specific sound, it's just the bulk of it is made of stagnant, generic bands like everything else though the term seems like it should signify otherwise. It's similar to the word progressive being slapped on everything.
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After taking the time to read the whole thing, I thoroughly enjoyed this:

"Pretty much any band that can fill a stadium is the opposite of punk.

That means that the Rolling Stones aren't punk either, but they aren't garbage either."

I mean, I guess the rolling stones aren't punk.
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Originally Posted by ChemicalFire
Not liking the Slaughter of the Soul bashing in this thread _
It is not a particularly defensible album; while there are some songs which I enjoy for nostalgic reason to this day, as a whole, it's just not particularly imaginative material, featuring the same kinds of basic riff forms merely reset into moderately different note choice for the semblance of variance, and the songwriting is fairly prosaic in that it is shackled around transitions between points of fixed, static instrumentation like in rock/pop music and all sub-par metal, or attempted metal music.

Beyond this, it mostly seems to exist as a collection of songs and little else, with no clear, cohesive artistic statement being made, something starkly contrary to their epic debut, The Red in the Sky is Ours, which not only features clearly defined peaks of musical tension/release throughout the album, but is also based fully upon the motif-driven compositional language which is also rife within the music of Morbid Angel, Ludwig van Beethoven, Incantation, King Crimson, Kraftwerk, etc., with the songs on TRITSIO being comprised by the interplay of melodies and phrases, rather than as if the structure is formed of individual, static islands which are repeated in some basic order to form a song, moving as blocks rather than creating any sort of true narrative.

It's a masterpiece of progressive death metal, whereas Slaughter of the Soul mostly only bears relevance upon shallow music that is written by instrumentalists who only grasp music at the aesthetic level, and as such, I personally see no objective reason for one to choose SOTS over their first album (or With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness), other than subjectively derived notions of value (which is how 98% of people justify opinion).
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Originally Posted by dietermoreno

So how would you describe Lamb of God then if it is neither metalcore nor grind core?

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