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Originally Posted by durhamdynamo
I'm 19. Anything from 16-22 I'd be okay with.

Yep. Although that's becoming 17-22 quite quickly though. 16 just seems weird now.
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Originally Posted by eGraham
Originally Posted by JayT44
This made me smile cuz my two and a half year old niece loves her some Barney.

Is she hot?
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Originally Posted by Trowzaa
Yep. Although that's becoming 17-22 quite quickly though. 16 just seems weird now.

First year of college 16. Definitely not year 11 16's.
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I'm 22, and here the legal age of consent is 16, and while I don't think "yes they're legal, I'm in there" as long as I wasn't their first and I met them say out drinking that age difference wouldn't bother me. The oldest I've gone is 40ish when I was 18 but that was one of my aunts friends when I'd met them out at a bar
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I closed your thread.
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Minimum age of 21.

Upper limit is hazy. Maybe 60.
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Finding the Pattern
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Hypothetical discussion for most of the respondents...
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one of my friends starting dating her boyfriend when she was 13, and he was 16. they've been together for almost 5 years now, and i've never seen a more genuinely happy and loving relationship in my life

as for me, i'd say +/- 2 years.
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Originally Posted by FireFromTheVoid
I smoked weed with my mom once.
It was the weirdest moment of my life, and I`ve been caught with my dick in my hand, by my brother, with a giant close up of a dudes face on the tv.

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Age difference doesn't matter. Why do you think I only date eight year old boys?
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Can you guys make a 0.5a +5 exception. ,,, just for me?
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I would hate to date someone younger, but if it's by like half a year to a year, I am okay with it.
I am willing to date someone at most 10 years older, unless he just ages badly.
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Emster 23
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Once over legal age of consent, it is up to the couple I figure. It is called "age of consent" on assumption that by that age at least half the brain is working.... leap of faith and all, but needed to draw the line somewhere.
Lots of this is culture bound, and I assume most posters are in Western countries. Things are much more hazy over here in Asia. Have friend 74 with wife in late 20's. She loves him to death (which shouldn't be that far off!). Not gold digger or any of that, helps raise daughter from his previous marriage. She is Philippine and he is Dutch, btw.
The important things to me are commonality of interests, values, etc. Old farts aren't going to want to go to disco til 3 a.m.... been there, done that. I am amazed by old dudes here in 60's-70's starting family with Thai honey in her 20's.... seems foolish at best, and since probably die before kids reach adulthood, irresponsible in my opinion.
I am 63 (amazing I made it this far...) and my cutoff is 35. They just don't have enough sense before then, and if you chase in 20's, you probably don't either. Hard to find older (above 35) woman without kids. I am seeing one 47 now. She finds it hard to believe I would prefer her over some 20's bimbo, but I do. Smart, educated, good income; doesn't need me for that.
Also over here lots of values similar to USA in 1950's with more traditional roles: he is breadwinner in she housewife type thing. WTF.... where else can I tell beautiful young ladies I don't want them, and to go away?
Last comment about age etc, I used to tell my students: "You are only young once, but you can be immature forever".
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Originally Posted by blake1221
I meant it, but I wasn't gonna leave it up.

I'm betting this was a post about rapey vibes from skyler
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Originally Posted by element4433
I respect crunk.
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