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Originally Posted by Offworld92
@TS if you're planning on playing with other people, I'd honestly throw the thought of a dirt pedal through your amp out the window. A lot of the "oomph" of a beastly metal tone comes from the beastly power section in an amp specifically designed for that - IE, the exact opposite of your amp's design. A little 7W won't cut it at all compared to, just for instance, a 6505. The amp designed for metal will tear the dirt pedal into a little Fender to shreds.

Thanks man, kind of the best answer possible. It's what i've been thinking all this time too, but the pedals would be a good cheaper, but most likely temporary, solution. And as I'm getting slightly sick of my current tone you automatically start thinking of quicker solutions.
But from an investment kind of standpoint it would be better to save up a bit more and just buy the 6505+ 112, much more of an upgrade too, bigger speaker, pure valve high gain tone, fx-loop for the GT-8 etc.
But I will admit, some of those pedals still sound great and I would probably still like to try one some day. The Wamplers an Bogners mostly.
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Instead of implementing a stopgap, I suggest you go straight for an amp to solve your woes. A high gain pedal isn't going to give you that amp sound.

While I agree that a low watt amp isn't always going to give you the best results for metal, there is something to be said about losing low-end girth when you dial your master volume too low.

Get the amp that will suit your purposes.

IMO, most amps, do sound better with the power tubes cooking a little. Dial back your MV too much, and a lot of amps just sound weak and wheezy.

The Dark Terror definitely merits consideration.

Also look at
1. Orange #4.
2. Blackstar HT20
3. Laney Ironheart 15
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it's so cool to hate Gibson, even the federal Department of Justice hates them.

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Originally Posted by Offworld92
Come on now.... I'm pretty sure that it's pretty safe to say that the average Joe isn't looking at or considering a Kemper or a Fractal. There's no need to be pedantic...

Pedantic my ass, you're arbitrarily setting boundaries that didn't exist in the initial claim.

Not to mention that more than a few folks here have owned or currently own one or both pieces of gear, neither of which are more expensive than a good quality guitar.

If budget is really your concern, I wonder how many people could hear the difference in a blind test in a live venue if the digital unit in question was a Line 6 HD500?

Quit arguing with me dammit, I'm right and I KNOW IT!!
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
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Originally Posted by Arby911
Quit arguing with me dammit, I'm right and I KNOW IT!!

Who's the snob now?
Originally Posted by ChemicalFire
You get my first ever lolstack

The image in my head is just too funny for words at this point

Aw yeah.
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Thanks guys.
I'm going to try and see it I can play the 6505+ 112 somewhere, also to test its low volume quality settings. If that at low volumes sounds as good as running a pedal in front of my amp...
It just seems like a better idea to like Ragingkitty said, skip the stopgap. Cheaper in the long run.

I also have virtually no way of trying something like the Bogner pedals of the Wamplers, they're just not available in stores here.

I've considered other low wattage amps, and the Blackstar seemed nice, but then I found out it's not all tube, and feels a bit like a lie, because they sure advertise it as all tube. The ht-20 also costs more then the 6505 112!

And when my finances dont turn out so positive, I checked the second hand market here, for 2000 swedish crowns (lets say 220 euros) I can buy a Peavey valveking and a bad-monkey, that shouldn't be far off sound wise, and probably sound much better then my Gt-8.

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yeah the valveking would do at a pinch but the 6505 will do exactly what you want if you can stretch (i've only tried the dearer USA-made ones, though, i'm assuming the 112 is broadly similar).
Originally Posted by classicrocker01
Only on UG would I say I got engaged and bought a jet city and get congratulated on the amp

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^They sound practically identical. The sound difference is likely the headroom change, which is highly subtle.

However, the effects loop has its share of issues. Usually, putting a better tube in the scoket that controls the loop (and one of the gain stages, too, I think? I know it's split between two jobs...) and one that's lower gain usually helps that problem a good deal. I would say throw a 5751 in that slot, or something like a 12AT7 or 12AU7. Go either JJ with any of the 12A?7's and get a JAN Phillips 5751 if you go that route. You should get one of those for the PI anyway.
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