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Power-Melodic Metal (GP5, GP4, MIDI)

Hey guys...

Here's something I've been working on lately. I think it's finished. Of course I might change some parts here or there. But I'm pretty satisfied with what I have here. This is basically the final version.


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File Type: zip Power-Melodic Metal Song.zip (23.0 KB, 946 views)
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Dude...hot. That was really good. I think it's basically perfect how it is.
The way you had the strings backing things up was made it sound really good.
The only thing I can find that I didn't really like was bar 128 in the solo--it just sounded kind of weird to me for some reason. I think it was just the rhythm. It just sounded odd. Other than that, though, it's great. I love when the keyboard and guitar double up on the solo.

Great job, man.
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That was amazing. I can definitely tell that you listen to CoB
Great work here. It reminded me of, kissing the shadows, and touch like angel of death all in one. Amazing job.
Keep it up!
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i loved how you didnt make the intro fast just for the sake of making it fast. the solos were beautiful, equalling the beauty of follow the reapers solos :P
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That was awesome, but I didn't like the chorus that much.
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it was good at 120 but a little boring sometimes, i put it to 160bpm and woah at that tempo it is a godly song. the solo might be hard but maybe you could change the tempo back down just for that section. but every riff bar the chorus sounds amazing at 160 or there and abouts. i wasnt too fond of the chorus maybe just go for some basic held power chords or power chords with trem picking on the roots.
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I liked the intro...and those keyboards were pretty nice...and that synth piano too
To me the bridge seem too cut out....I mean, maybe you could try a better transition or smoothe it by having a instrument keep playing...anyway. I liked the simple piano stuff....and then the guitar too.
The verse was pretty nice too...
Well...the chorus wa good...but not as good as the other stuff....
The pre-verse was pretty good too.
Everything else is pretty good..nice work with the keyboards
I liked the keyboard solo better than the guitar one , but both were good...
Anyway...it was pretty cool

Thanks for the crit btw
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Dude it was all great.
Realy liked the drums in interludeII. and those orcestra hits were pretty cool.
And the solos were ****ing great, but i agree bradman2k6 that bar 128 sounds odd.

And thanks for the crit on my song.
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very nice again, its got a definite children of bodom air to it =P
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I like the whole epic feel you get off the intro. Esspecially the strings for the most part, although I tink they could be put a bit forward. The percussion also, adds a nice feeling to the track, as it's so delightfully slow. The verse riffing could use a bit of tweaking I tink, just to make it flow a bit better. But if you don't intend to add lyrics to it, it's great as it is =]

Chorus is the best part of the song I think, with the whimsicle(sp?) guitar line which really adds to the out of this worlld feeling to it. Intrelude has a nice harmny too, but the bit after that with the increased tempo (Well, drum beat) I wasn't digging so much. Guitar/keyboard solo is also immense, but I hope you can play it

Overall, a great track that with the tiniest of tweaking could be a glorious epic =]
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Two things I would do that I think would make it better:

1. Turn the tempo up to about 160. The song seems kind of sluggish at yout tempo.
2. Turn both guitars up to 13. You can hardly hear the opening riff unless you turn them up.

Other than that, the song was great. Whatever the keyboard is doing at 134 is THE ****! And then the guitar comes in and it's just ****ing sploogetastic. Good job, man.
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180 bpm ftw it sounds much better at that speed.
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I agree about turning up the tempo. The riffs are pretty sick. Cool harmonizing. The drums need some work at some points.

Overall, pretty good song you've got.
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penguin shoulde
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Thanks for a the comments =)

I like this. I think the tempo's just a bit slow, and occasionally it seems to need more in the background, like a rhythm guitar. There are a few parts, mainly the interlude I've noticed.
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thanks for the crit on my song.
very cool song you've gotr here, i really like it.
i agree with those who said the tempo should be chanded, but i dont think it should be 180, maybe 160, or something like that, and then change it back at or before the solo.
all the riffs are awsome, the solo is amazing.
i think a drum solo at the bridge would be great, or a bas one.
overall, very awsome song, just need some more work at few places (maybe drums and bass).
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Turn up the tempo. That's just about the only criticism I can make, the rest is spot on. The moldies were excellent, the solo was excellent, the riffs were excellent, and it all fit together perfectly. Very nice work.
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Originally Posted by Cameronrobson
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At first it was a little slow for me, but I started to get more into it at bar 10.

I love the bridge.

The verse was OK, but it was a little boring for me, again.

The chorus was great, and I loved the orchestra in the preverse.

The interlude was good as well, and the pitch change was pretty cool.

I liked the solos...

Yeah, I have to agree with everyone that said you needed to turn up the tempo. It was still a good song though.


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cheers for the crit on mine man,

now to return the favour..

the intro was awesome, the orchestra hit sounds a little funny, but thats just the midi..

ooohh, the bridge sounds really nice hey...love the little lead bit u got towards the end of it
goes well with the keyords

dam the verse sounds reall really good, and the bridge after it flows really well

and the chorus

love the whole triplet thing u got goin on there

alls well, again, not much to say here, but nice

oooo, the interlude II sounds rrealllllyy nice, especially when the drums come in

**** yer!! the solo sounds very very nice

then the key boards!!! reminds my of dream theatre a little bit actually...

everything flowed great, had a real nice dramatic vibe goin on with the strings

i couldnt see anything wrong with it

i give 10/10 (not because u gave mine that :p
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Maiden thread -> Barf
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agreed turn up the tempo up a little bit... definitely not my type of melodies but cool riffs, chorus was nice... uh i liked the first bar of the first guitar solo, and i liked how it led to the keyboard solo on its last measure, as for keyboard solos, they rarely work on me (vesperian sorrow -> quest of the exiled, kalmah, defeat and various others) .. well this one was no different and didn tlike the keyboards... -probably cause of the 'pad new age' or whatever was used for it -lead square?- if keyboard solos had a piano feel maybe i'd like em more... uh the key+guitar solo makes me think of kalmah's... hollow heart i think it is... or swamp hell... hm... i appreciated the riffs, the solos kinda let me down, and i disliked the melodies -a bit too upbeat for me- i also think the end of the soloing was too abrupt of lead to the chorus in a rather choppy way... and the ending was rather abrupt... pretty good song though, i like the flow of it... but as i said, the melodies are not for me not my type of melodeath... gratz though you got great responses, and i liked the riffs some, and their structure...

mind critting mine? it's not quite finished yet though

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